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Thread: Fred/George Weasley

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    That's funny, I never thought of Fred or George as any sort of ape or niffler. I always saw them as something a little less *runs after word, which just escaped brain* flashy(?). Maybe something like big cats, or wild dogs. Whatever they are, I'd have Fred as something big and showy, where as George would be quieter, more compact, and, ironicly, more likely to survive. Ummmmm....... I think I'd have them a lion(fred) and a puma(George). Lions have a relativly low success rate in hunting, but they try alot, where as pumas are sutle-er and have a very high success rate. But if you want to do patronuses, then I would have the opposite, so George's would be a lion, and Fred's would be a puma.

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    Posted by Schmerg_The_Impaler:

    What do you think George's animagus form would be?

    I don't want him to actually BE an animagus, but I want my character's Patronus to represent George. Her animagus form (though she isn't one either) would be a giraffe.
    I kind of love the idea that George would be a giraffe as well... I don't know why - he just seems to fit an animal like that. Kind of unusual looking, a tiny bit lacking in confidence, funny, helpful(?) - a strange but nice animal. That's why I sort of agree with Phoebe Gruzelieur about the nifflers - not because of the shiny objects but because of the loveability. However, the twins have a really cheeky side to them so I would suggest some sort of monkey. One of those little marmosets, or the capuchins that are always causing trouble in movies.

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    I don't think I can add much more here because Marnae has already hit the nail (or nails, as it were) on the head. It's important to know and understand the twins' differences, especially if you're writing a story that puts particular focus on them. I've read a lot of fics where George is overly sensitive, even weepy, and I find this to be very OOC. As Marnae said previously, George is more emotionally in tune than his twin - that is to say, he is sensitive and perceptive of people's feelings, certainly not a cry-baby. Remember he can be a fierce protector of his family and is not above punching certain people in the schnozz if they insult him or his friends/family.


    Fred is the wild one, often overshadowing George in his frequent witticisms and flamboyancy. His ego/pride is a little more inflated than George's, too. He has a sharp wit, prefers to think on his feet, enjoys taking chances and, I'm guessing, puts a little too much faith in his own luck, which is probably why JKR bumped him off. Fred's specific character type more often than not dies in stories for two main reasons: 1). The age old folktales of cocky pranksters who cried wolf and thus met an untimely end have been used to warn small children for centuries, and are therefore deeply ingrained in out psyches, which probably explains why JKR knew 'instinctively' that Fred had to die. 2). Comedy is often used to emphasise tragedy. The death of the comic who so enjoyed life really hits the reader with the sheer, harsh reality of war.

    Anyway, what I truly love and admire about Fred is that, despite being a bit of a chancer, he's not so daft that he doesn't know when to stop fooling around and be serious. I've also noticed that he makes a good leader - at least, he's good at rallying the troops and people like and admire him enough to listen to him.


    I've always imagined that Fred's Patronus or Animagus would be a fox. I mean think of all the foxy connotations - crafty, tricksey, cunning, fast on their feet... ginger. I'm not so sure about George. I've used the Cheshire cat in my stories before who renowned for being sly, intelligent and cunning customers.


    Gah, now this is difficult. I'm a romance twin fanfic writer myself (GeorgexLuna & FredxOC all the way!), but I'll be the first to admit that it's hard to pull off successfully. It's very easy to see Fred and George as a pair of eternal bachelors, but when written well romantic twin fiction is fantastic. First you've got to face facts: both twins are audacious flirts and Fred is likely the worst. It's hard to imagine George, who is more aware of people's feelings, tallying up the same number of girls his twin has, although there are arguments against this theory (I'm going mostly on intuition and the fact that we know Fred is the 'crueller' and bolder of the two). The most interesting relationship is FredxAngelina. They were good friends, went to the Yule Ball together, but that was the last we saw of them. JKR appeared to be developing Fred as quite a fickle character when it comes to girls. Over the last few books, Fred appears to be more interested in a casual snog than a full-blown romance. Perhaps FredxAngelina was fated to go nowhere because she was too quick to agree to go out with him? I know characters like Fred prefer a challenge and to chase rather than be chased (lol, I've known a few). Either way, you have to wonder what happened between them. One thing we can be positive about; their relationship didn't last long. Whether he got bored, she split up with him for being too flighty, or they never got it together in the first place, itís interesting to ponder on. As for George, I can imagine him being quite a sweet romantic, the type to surprise you with pressies (that turn into rubber chickens and pants).

    Think Iíve written plenty. Hope that helps!

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    i think he would date a Slytherin. He doesn't seem like the type that wouldn't date a girl because what house she is in. As long as he loved or liked her.

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    Well, I don't think I can add much more to what has already been said, but I do have a question of my own.

    This plot bunny hit me yesterday in the form of a Fred/Hermione ship. I've come to realize that George would probably be better suited for Hermione, but I really can't make the F/Hr thing go away. So this little fic would take place right after George got his ear cut off in the chase to the Burrow. Hermione was staying at the Weasleys' at the time. I should mention that nothing serious happens between them, just a casual thing. *cringes* Urgh, just writing this makes me think about how tacky it is. Well, you get the idea. So the point of this ramble is that I know how to justify Hermione's action (or at least, I can come up with somethings that could make sense). How do I justify Fred going after Hermione when he knows fully how Ron feels about her? He likes his adventures, that's for sure, but would he go that far?

    Note: this is a rough plot, which will almost certainly be changed to be more canon. And yes, I might have to make it slightly AU.

    Comments and ideas are appreciated!


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    How do I justify Fred going after Hermione when he knows fully how Ron feels about her?
    This might not help any, but it is what I truly think: you cannot justify it. I just cannot see Fred as the sort of person that would try to get with a girl that his brother is so obviously in love with. In addition, I think Fred would sense that as the funny guy who knows how to flirt, he might surpass hot-tempered, awkward Ron, and I do not think he would want to impose this advantage.

    This does NOT mean that any Fred/Hermione cannot occur: you just might have to do it more subtly than Fred simply "going after" Hermione. This would start with simple conversations, with neither Fred or Hermione feeling anything for each other. However, little by little, Hermione would learn to love the way Fred could make her laugh. Fred would learn to love the way Hermione always listened. If you build the relationship little by little, they will both be suddenly in too deep, and Ron would then provide a smaller obstacle.

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    I agree with Striped_Candycane. A Fred/Hermione relationship really isn't justifiable. Fred knows that Ron has feelings for Hermione, and as a brother, especially an older one, I just can't see Fred wanted to ruin either relationship. Fred, being the older brother, should be more concerned with girls in his own year, I would think.

    To take the possibilities in a different direction, I can see Fred intentionally hitting on Hermione, with the intent of making Ron get a move on it. He told Ron in Book 4 during the weeks before the Yule Ball that if he didn't get a move on it "all the good ones would be taken". You could make it so that Fred is just pretending to like Hermione to make Ron jealous and more able to approach her in a romantic sense, but then things go too far and he realizes he actually *does* like her.

    Just a thought!


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    Quote Originally Posted by mspadfoot89
    How do I justify Fred going after Hermione when he knows fully how Ron feels about her?
    Agreeing with the last two, I also don't see Fred going after Hermione. More likely it would be George. You could make a good case for him having more than "the emotional range of a teaspoon" in contrast to Ron. But back to Fred. As flighty and outgoing as he is, Fred is extremely loyal. He would never do something that he knew would hurt his brother. Ever. However, you could make it that he slowly builds up feelings for Hermione (emphasis on the slowly), but keeps them a secret. Until of course something unexpected happens and everything comes out into the open. In any case, if its supposed to have a happy ending (i.e. they stay together), then it can't work the same way as Fred would normally go after a girl. Because he is a flirt, he is blunt, and is usually after a fling instead of anything long term.

    So to answer your question, no. You cannot justify him going after Hermione because he simply wouldn't. He may develop feelings for her, but he would not be open and obvious about it. Hope that helps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mspadfoot89
    So the point of this ramble is that I know how to justify Hermione's action (or at least, I can come up with somethings that could make sense). How do I justify Fred going after Hermione when he knows fully how Ron feels about her? He likes his adventures, that's for sure, but would he go that far?
    Honestly, as much as I think that Ron & Hermione are one of the most horribly mismatched couples in existence, I honestly don't think you *can* justify it and keep it canon.

    The Weasleys, if nothing else, are a VERY *tight* family. Fred could be head over heels in love with Hermione and if he knew Hermione was "Ron"'s, I really don't think he'd even *consider* doing anything with Ron's "girl" (or "woman"), and honestly, I don't think Hermione would either.

    UNLESS: they were A) under the influence of some kind of potion, B) under the influence of some kind of spell (in which case for both of those you'd have to slap a dubious consent warning on there) or C) highly intoxicated on something (in which case you'd have to slap a substance abuse warning on there).

    Or you could just be gone with canon, and make it AU. That's what I'd *personally* do, as I agree that either of the twins is a significantly more appropriate partner for Hermione than Ron.

    Beth: A good explanation for what the other three were trying to say 5 points

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    Jade Potter

    How would George deal with a battle of the heart when it's not truly his own?

    The title most likely doesn't make sense, and i apologize for that, but I can explain!

    I'm writing a fic where this girl, Vista, is the 'Girl-Who-Lived'. She lived Harry's life only as a girl, and she and George began to have a thing going on between them after the Yule Ball in fourth year. It got to the point of them having a secret ingagement (*Would George keep something like that from his family?**).

    Then George is "killed", but comes back as alive as can be but he is then dragged through a vortex by Voldemort as their world dissolves. Vista then ends up in the world of our Harry Potter and now has the problem of a completely different George.

    Would George try and make what they had in her world work? Could he see what the alternate George saw in her?

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