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Thread: Fred/George Weasley

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    I don't know much about Fred or George, so I'm afraid I can't answer the questions here...

    However, I have a question of my own:

    Is there an animal associated with either of them in canon? Aside from the Canary Creams and the wand that turns into a chicken...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vorona
    Is there an animal associated with either of them in canon? Aside from the Canary Creams and the wand that turns into a chicken...
    I looked it up, and as far as I can find, the only animals that they are associated with, besides the ones that you have already mentioned, are Errol, Nifflers, the family ghoul, and the garden gnome they stuned and used as the christmas tree angel. You could also count the pygmy puffs, which they breed for the shop. Other than that however, they aren't really associated with any animals. Hope that helped!

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    One point that hasn't been mentioned:

    The difference between Fred and George. (As pointed out, discussed, and examined by me and several others...)

    Fred: fun-loving, yes, most girls have a crush on him, more willing to take risks and go for it, slightly more oblivious to the needs of others

    George: fun-loving, yes, more subtle, however, he is the one who is always more emotionally in tune to what is going on. He's there for his mom and Ginny in an emotional, more hugs, I understand what you're going through type way.

    George is the one who understands the emotional side of people while Fred just kind of assumes that people take care of that part themselves. It's a subtle difference, but very important.

    However, when it's the two of them one-on-one, we need to remember a few things.

    First, they're not just crazy jokesters who prank all the time for the sake of pranking. Yes, they are the comic relief and enjoy a good laugh, but they also understand what is happening in the real world--and they understand that people need to laugh. They will be serious when it is the time to be serious. (ie Cedric's Death, Harry emotional, etc)

    Second, they play off each other. Together, they are an instoppable team because they don't need to explain everything to understand. It just works.

    In other words, yes, I think george is more likely to get into a relationship. And I think he could like a Slytherin, but probably if he crushes on her before he realizes she's a Slythering. And... bc he's more sensitive, in the long run, girls would like him more even though Fred, initially, may be more appealing/intriguing.

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    What, in George's character, can he have "better" than Fred?
    I personally think that George is the more sensitive, serious one. Fred gets carried away much more often, that's for sure. George is the one to know when enough is enough. For one example, in Book 4 (which I was re-reading last night) Harry and co. are in the Owlery when they hear people on the stairs arguing, (they turn out to be Fred and George). One of them is saying something to the effect of "But that's blackmailing! Blackmailing is against the law!" while the other is saying something close to "It's not really blackmailing. We're just playing his own game."
    I believe George to be the first one.

    -Lady Panda, the long-winded.

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    do you believe that George would be capable of the seriousness needed for a romantic relationship?
    Yes, I believe that he would. George seems like the type of person (to me at least) that cracks jokes and is funny on the outside, but once you get to know him, he is really a softie. He also (if you are taking DH into account) may have gotten much more serious after Fred's death. Those two had a very strong bond, and I don't think George would ever completly recover from the death of his twin. As for having a sit-down conversation or comforting a crying woman, I think he would be capable of both. I think that, like I said before, there is more to George than jokes, however, the jokes may be what attracted the girl to him in the first place. She could then realize how much more to him there is, and then fall in actual love with him.

    Secondly, do you think that George would date or have a crush on a Slytherin?
    I think that that depends on the circumstances. I think it may be a good idea for George to befriend Shiloh's Gryffindor friend, and then meet her, and slowly develop a crush on her, which could lead to love. I think that like you said, George may be attracted to the rebel type, because that would bean that she would be able to take a joke, or laugh at a prank. George would also like, I think, a strong person who cold think for herself, and like Ron, I think he would be a sucker for a pretty face.

    Do you think this would be enough for him to look past their warring Houses?
    I can understand what you said about him trying to fight what he is feeling... However, I think that what is stated above would probably rule out the battle of the houses, especially if she didn't resent Gryffindors just because they happened to be sorted into that house. Once he befriended her, I expect he would see that she was not evil, that she didn't hate muggleborns because their parents wern't magical etc.

    I really hope that I helped!!

    Beth: Great help, Casey. 5 points. - awarded

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    Ryan The Wizard
    I do believe that George could convey the seriousness needed for a steady relationship for the simple reason that, although him and Fred are twins, Fred seems to be the one who stands out and gets all of the attention. Fred was the one who made the best jokes, Fred was the one who got most of the girls, he got the most lines in the series of books between the two of them, and hell, Fred even got to die at the end.

    This proves somewhat that George was always more serious than Fred. While Fred could never fathom settling down, I really believe that George would.

    However, I do NOT believe that George could start a relationship with a Slytherin. At least not surrounded by his family. Any Weasley hates any Slytherin at any given time. Even when it seems in the DH epilogue that Draco and the Trio have made their peace, Ron still insults him behind his back. George and Fred hate Slytherins so much for the simple reason that it is in their genetic code. It hasn't been shown that there was some sort of Malfoy character that annoyed Fred and George in their year, but they still hate them.

    If you wanted to have the Slytherin meet George somewhere that isn't surrounded by the teenagers in their house common rooms, and have the relationship slowly flourish by their similar beliefs to their house rivalry (or something like that, I'm pitching ideas at the wall here =D) then it would work.

    I hope I helped!


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    Phoebe Gruzelieur
    I think George could go out with a Slytherin, as long as she wasn't a pure-blood fanatic. She'd have to show him that there were lots of GOOD things about Slytherin girls. Maybe they're both prejudiced against each other and he has to prove Gryffindor boys aren't all arrogant, self-loving attention-seekers.

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    What do you think George's animagus form would be?

    I don't want him to actually BE an animagus, but I want my character's Patronus to represent George. Her animagus form (though she isn't one either) would be a giraffe.

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    Talking George's Animagus

    His animagus form?Hm... first thing that comes to mind is some sort of ape (gorilla, orangutan), but... yeah... I think that works, at least in my book. They're intelligent and mischeavious, but at the same time caring and strong.

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    Phoebe Gruzelieur
    I think maybe a Niffler. I don't know why, but they like shiny objects, and I think the twins both quite like being rich. They're mischievous and loveable. Yeah, the more I think about it the better idea I think it is!

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