(Alright, I attempted to post a thread along these lines earlier, before I was Sorted, but it never showed up and it was several weeks ago. So I decided to post a new one, because I didn’t see one already here [which surprises me]. I hope I don't get in trouble for this.)

My dilemma is with George. In my slightly Alternate Universe fanfic, I have him paired with an OC. Yes, I chose George and not Fred though it was difficult--speaking as they are identical twins. But, though I'm entirely attached to my ship, I have a few quirks to work out. And I hope you’ll help me.

The first thing is, do you believe that George would be capable of the seriousness needed for a romantic relationship? I know it’s possible for him to be serious as we saw when his father was bitten, and when he grew angry at Malfoy. I can also seem him protective for the one he loves/likes, because he’s extremely protective of Ginny and the rest of his family. But would it be possible for him to have a serious, sit-down conversations about emotions or be able to be supportive and comfortable when someone he cares about is immensely upset maybe even crying? Also, do you think he would be stubborn enough to pursue someone who’s pushing him away (or, at least, attempting to)?

Secondly, do you think that George would date or have a crush on a Slytherin? Shiloh, my OC, is a Slytherin, but she’s friends in a group of girls that consist of the following--two Slytherins (counting Shiloh), a Ravenclaw, a Hufflepuff, and a Gryffindor. Shiloh is also very popular, in the aspect that everyone knows who she is, because she’s sort of a rebel. She’s not going to back down from a fight and she’s not going to do something just because some idiot person told her she should (especially when it comes to hating Gryffindors, just because they’re Gryffindors). I believe these are traits that would attract George to her. He also witnessed her standing up for a Gryffindor when he was being bullied by a fellow student. Oh…and did I mention? She’s REALLY pretty.

But do you think this would be enough for him to look past their warring Houses? I sort of see him trying to fight against his feelings, maybe allowing himself to befriend her, but not letting himself do more, though eventually he caves into his emotions. What are your thoughts, because I’m still not sure how to make this work?