Welcome to the Mad March Drabble Challenge.

+Each day your barmaid will set a prompt, and you will use said prompt to write a drabble of one hundred words – no more/no less. (I will check this).
+Each prompt will stay open for 24 hours.
+There will be fourteen prompts, ending on Wednesday 20th March (unless I miss a day).
+If by any chance I don’t close at the correct time, then you may still enter that day’s prompt.
+You may only enter one drabble per day.
+You do not have to enter every day.
+The best drabble will be deemed Mad Drabble du Jour and will gain additional points. If, however, I do not feel any of the drabbles followed the prompt or were not glorious enough, then I won’t award that day.
+ All the usual MNFF submission guidelines must be followed.
+ Keep all drabbles at 3rd-5th rating – or below. If you are in any doubt about this then PM me. (Equinox Chick)
+ Points will not be awarded if your drabbles do not follow the rules.
+ Ask questions here


2 points per entry
5 additional points if your drabble is awarded Mad Drabble Du Jour.
5 extra points if you write a drabble for every prompt, providing that it meets the criteria.

There may also be points if the barmaids feel one person has risen beyond what is easy, and looked to do what is right, and brave, and good, and mad and ... Remember Cedric. Remember Cedric Diggory...

Word Count

I paste everything into MSW. If there is a discrepancy, then I hand count. My MSW counts hyphenated words and contractions as one. I will always give you the benefit of the doubt because I can be quite nice and fluffy.

Use this form for your drabble and post today's drabbles in this thread.

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Day 1 – Prompt

‘Nitwit, blubber, oddment, tweak.’

You may use these words in your drabble. They will not count towards your word total.

This thread will stay open for twenty-four hours. I will close at 8.30 AM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). I am not your time-zone converter, so pay attention to the time stamp at the top of this post.