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Here was my question about the fourth category.

Here was my question about the fourth category.

Now, for discussion: Two of the trios I mentioned above actually have fourth members: Wormtail and Slytherin. What do you think they represent? Do Harry, Ron and Hermione have a fourth cohort who falls into this category?

You had said earlier that you didn't think it was a fourth category, but a flawed situation where four people were trying to fit into a three-part soul. But I don't know about that. Dumbledore says all the houses need to unite, and that includes Slytherin, which means that Slytherin is a part of the whole as well. But what part?
Okay, thanks for reminding me! So a fourth category to go with Mind, Body, Spirit then? I get what you are saying now. When it comes to Hogwarts, there are four Houses, not three, and I think the obvious comparisons would be Gryffindor = Spirit, Ravenclaw = Mind, and Hufflepuff = Body. So like you said, where does that leave Slytherin? I don't know. I still think when it comes to the Maruaders that Peter was that extra person trying to squish into a three-part soul formed by James, Sirius, and Remus. This flaw ultimately destroyed them. As for Slytherin, perhaps it was a similar situation, and that's why he left.

You mention this fourth category being that of one's fallen nature, which is really interesting. It could be more of a shadow than a fallen nature, though. Perhaps Slytherin (and Peter) represent the shadow of the unified three part soul, that polar opposite. I believe the Shadow is a Jungian archetype, the dark mirror image of the Hero archetype. So perhaps this fourth person is the Shadow of these famous trios.

Hm, that is very interesting to me, I may have to think about that more!

I still don't think Harry/Ron/Hermione have such a person, such a shadow, though. I think they are stronger and more evolved and will succeed because of this.

Of course, it you wanted to stretch things, you might be able to make an argument for Snape as this fourth element, the Shadow of our Golden Trio. But I'm not up for that right now, too much deep thinking already. O.o

Thanks again for clarifying!