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Thread: March madness ~ the 100 word drabble challenge

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    March madness ~ the 100 word drabble challenge

    IS ON ITS WAY . . .

    Your barmaid likes to tease

    Friends, Drabblers, Countrywomen, lend me your ears (extendible, naturally)

    Tis March and the living isn't that easy because it's cold and blustery, the end of Winter but the beginning of Spring. (Well it is here in the United Kingdom. Our Antipodean friends are no doubt sweltering round a BBQ, drinking ice cold Butterbeer, and casting Cooling Charms).

    ANYWAY ...

    March is month of contradictions. Julius Caesar was murdered at its ides - despite the warning from his very own Seer. The hare in Alice in Wonderland was deemed mad. Three Gryffindors roar their birthdays at this time of year (Messers Potter, Lupin and Weasley). And ~hem hem~ it is the month of the Vernal Equinox.

    So, what does this have to do with the TTB and the March Madness Challenge.

    Very little.

    And yet ... EVERYTHING.

    Starting from March 7th, and lasting for two weeks, your barmaids will post a prompt. This might be a word, a phrase, a picture, a song lyric, a name. You will take your inspiration from the prompt and write a drabble. The drabble will be one hundred words ~ No more. No less. 100 words.

    There will be tears.
    There will be laughter.
    There will be points.

    See you then, barflies
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