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Thread: Gryffindors Grab for the Gold

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    “YES!” screamed the blue team. They all piled around Walters, amazed that someone who had never played Kwidditch before had just won them the game. They landed, their limbs tangled and their victorious screams mingling in the air.

    The red team, slightly disappointed, landed beside them. “Good game!” they called.

    “We’ll meet you at the pub!” called Dorea. The blue team, still thrilled, waved at their friends to signify that they understood.

    “How’d you do it, Walters?” asked Johnson after a few minutes. “I thought you hadn’t played before. How were you our lead scorer? How’d you pull it off?”
    Megan- no worries.

    Only one or two more, everyone! We can SO do this!


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    Walters blushed slightly, unused to the adrenaline that ran through his veins. "Well . . . I . . ." In a stalling effort, he turned and looked at everyone; he also noticed as the Red team raised their wands to Disapparate.

    "You're buying the drinks, Peter?" called Julius as he left for the pub.

    Isaac saw Johnson scowl slightly, but then nod. "Sure," he said. "See you in a moment."

    Everyone's attention focussed back on Isaac.

    "Well?" said Hogarth. "How did you do it?"

    "Why don't I wait until the pub, and tell the others?" he said.
    Rushing through as fast as I can, and hurrying to get fifty characters.


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    Once everyone got to the pub, they looked expectantly at Isaac. “Well?” asked Summerfield. “Are you going to tell us how you are so amazing?”

    Isaac cleared his throat. “Well, the thing is… I wasn’t always a herbologist. I- I used to be a Pursurer with Ilkley.”

    “Unbelievable! You’re THE Isaac Walters? I thought your names being the same was just a coincidence!” exclaimed Nightingale.

    Gwendolyn stood up. “Glad you could play with us, Isaac. Now, Johnson, you said something about buying drinks?” Whispering to Isaac, she said, “No worries. They’ll forget about you being famous in about ten minutes."
    WOOT! Only one more (ish). Let's do steps 4b and 6, and then we're done! AMAZING job, girls! Even if we don't win, I had a lot of fun. Hope you did too!


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    Well, here's the next part.

    Johnson wandered up to the counter and began chatting with the woman behind it. She smiled as he tried to grasp twelve different bottles, before turning around to the rest of the players.

    “Adams and Rogers, come here!” Both the other two players ran forwards to help their captain bring the drinks back, where everyone took a great sip from the bottles and chatter broke out among the twelve individuals.

    “Well, that was quite fun,” said Julius, setting the bottle down. “Is everyone free tomorrow for a rematch?”

    Everyone nodded their consent.

    “Okay, we’ll meet here at eleven," said Jasper.
    And there needs to be fifty characters.


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    Ah, the days when we played Kwidditch.

    Rogers and Hogarth moved away after that- no one’s quite sure where or why. Gwendolyn and Dorea married Brownstock and Summerfield. Jenkins, having been badly hit in the head by a Blooder, became permanently addled and now lives in St. Mungo’s.

    Johnson, Jasper, and Fairchild all got significant job promotions after about ten years that required them to move to London, and Nightingale caught Dragon Pox and died at age 32.

    And myself? Well, I still live here, acting as a herbologist. But everyone knows Isaac Walters never declines a game of Kwidditch…
    *screams* Oh. My. Godric. We did it! We finished!

    Oh, I am SOOO happy right now. Thanks so much, you guys. Again, I had a LOT of fun with you guys and I almost don't care any more if we win or not because the fun / craziness that happened was amazing and I wouldn't have traded this experience for all the house points in the world.



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