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Thread: Gryffindors Grab for the Gold

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    “Come on, let’s get our heads in the game!” called Jasper as he, Nightingale, and James sped closer to Summerfield. Seeing that Dorea was wide open, Summerfield passed it. The three Pursuers flew down the field, laying almost flat on their brooms. Dorea passed the Kwiffle to Arcturus, who passed it to Julius. Dodging a Blooder sent at him by Hogarth, Jasper faked right, faked left, and shot right. Confused by the constant switching of directions, Darius Fairchild lunged for the Kwiffle at the last moment.

    He had it in his hands-

    “YES!” screamed Jasper. Fairchild had dropped the Kwiffle.
    La la la.

    20-10, blue's in the lead.



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    Hogarth swore when he saw Darius drop the Kwiffle.

    "What the hell are you doing?" he exclaimed, forsaking the game and flying towards his teammate. He paid no attention to the Blooder heading right at Gwendolyn as she flew with the Kwiffle towards the Red goal.

    Rogers, Hogarth, the Blooder!" yelled Johnson, but no one heard him, and it just as Adams went to score -- Summerfield wasn't paying attention -- the Blooder hit her directly in the face.

    As Adams fell towards the ground, Johnson flew to the Blue Bumpers, murder in his eyes.
    And it's 4:50 in the morning, I'm typing about Quidditch . . .

    Is that 50 yet?


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    “What on EARTH are you doing, you idiots? You’ve gone and practically gotten Gwendolyn killed!” he screamed. Johnson cast a spell, freezing Adams when her battered body was only metres above the ground. “I’ve HAD it with you, Hogarth! Rogers, you were on the entire other side of the field, but come ON, Hogarth!

    You’ve been in a snit ever since I told you that you couldn’t be the Catcher. I’ve bloody had it! Five minute penalty! Hope you don’t mind the extra work, Rogers- not that you’ll really have to do that much extra. He wasn’t doing anything anyway.”
    100 exactly.

    Figured Johnson had the right to throw a fit. Had fun writing it, too.


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    Hogarth flew off the field and sat on the sidelines. He gave Johnson a glare before he turned around to stare at the wall around the field.

    Johnson took several deep breaths before getting back to the game. Blue had a penalty shot which Walter had taken and made with ease. For someone who supposedly knew nothing about Kwidditch, he was good.

    Dorea took the Kwiffle and flew towards the goalpost. Rogers, meanwhile, was trying his hardest to cover both Blooders.

    Dorea threw the ball quickly to Jasper as she dodged a Blooder. Jasper threw it, and Red scored again.
    30-20. Blue is in the lead.

    ~ Teresa


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    “Blue’s still in the lead! Let’s keep our behinds in gear!” cried Jasper.

    Johnson, hearing his friend, called out, “Come on, team! They’re behind- let’s keep them there!”

    Both teams were ready to fight for the lead. But the blue team was down a Beater, for Johnson was still furious that Hogarth let his pride get in the way of the game. Working together flawlessly, the red team scored another two goals before Alexander’s penalty was up.

    “Time!” Johnson called. Flying over to Hogarth, he addressed his team.

    “Pay attention. DO YOUR JOB. Play hard. Play to win. For Gwendolyn!”
    La de da.

    Only a few more days. Keep writing!


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    Madame Marauder
    “For Gwendolen!” the team cried as they dispersed further, speeding down the pitch. Red and blue were once more focused and, with the aide of Rogers, who had beat the Blooder towards Nightingale, Johnson once more gained control of the Kwiffle for the red team. When cornered by Jasper and James, he tossed he tossed the Kwiffle to Walters. Walters caught the Kwiffle deftly and raced to the goals. He could see Summerfield hovering close to the goals like a predatory bird, watching its prey intently. Walters smiled at the metaphor and went in closer as to make a goal.
    100 words; hope I'm not too late to participate!


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    After another hour of hard playing, the score was nine to nine. Jasper and Johnson locked gazes and nodded. A time-out was in order.

    “Alright, team, next goal wins it. How are you, Adams?” asked Johnson. “Did the Healer give you the okay to keep playing?”

    “Yup! Just a concussion- she healed it in a few minutes,” replied Gwendolyn.

    “Good. Now let’s get out there, play hard, and don’t let them score before we do!”

    Jasper, having just finished giving a similar speech, gave his team an extra incentive to win bh crying, “Butterbeers are on me if we win!”
    Come on, guys! Not much more now! Have to finish today!


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    Adams had the ball for blue. She was back in action, swerving in and out of the other players. She was almost to the baskets when...

    James snatched the Kwiffle from below her. She hadn’t made it five feet when a Blooder hit her from the side. Johnson had the Kwiffle now, and he was getting so close the basket. He would have made it if it weren’t Jenkin’s Blooder knocking the wind out of him.

    Now Nightingale had the Kwiffle for Red. He was focused on the baskets that he didn’t even realize that Walters had stolen the Kwiffle.
    Sorry I didn't posted sooner. I was away this weekend, and I had little access to a computer.

    ~ Teresa

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    Walters dodged in and out, moving swiftly down the field towards the red baskets. He was about to throw the Kwiffle into the basket to when Elijah Brownstock hit a Blooder towards him. Ducking to avoid the Blooder, Walters dropped the Kwiffle, which was caught by Nightingale.

    Arcturus zoomed down the field. Easily dodging several Blooders, he tossed the Kwiffle towards the blue baskets- only to have his shot blocked by Fairchild.

    Fairchild threw the Kwiffle to Johnson, who passed to Adams, who passed to Walters. Aiming carefully, Isaac threw the Kwiffle as hard as he could towards the baskets.
    Teresa- no big deal.

    One or two more, guys, and we're done! Come on, there's three of us on. We can get this done EASILY!


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    Meant to post earlier, but I was struggling with editing my Gauntlet entry.

    Summerfield saw Walters coming towards him, and he was ready. Robert dived forwards to catch the oncoming Kwiffle, knowing his save could continue the game. The Kwiffle was soaring right at him –

    “Watch it!”

    The shout – though he had no idea who it came from – tore Summerfield’s attention from the Kwiffle, and the ball flew right through his hands and into the basket.

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