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Thread: Gryffindors Grab for the Gold

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    Gryffindors Grab for the Gold

    This is where the Gryffindor team will write their QWC round robin.

    Julius Jasper stood on the counter, counting the heads of his fellows. “…nine, ten, eleven… Eleven. One short,” he announced.

    “Anyone want to play a game of Kwidditch?” shouted Peter Johnson from his stool.

    “I’ll play, if it’s okay,” a girl in a red dress said quietly.

    “Sorry, love, already hit our one girl per team limit,” Peter said. “Maybe another day when Gwendolyn or Dorea aren’t here.”

    The girl nodded shyly and walked away.

    “I’ve never played before, but I’d like to. Is that okay?” asked a quiet gentleman off to the side. “I’m Isaac Walters, by the way.”
    Come on, girls! Let's rock this thing! (Please account any strangeness in this post to the fact that it is late and I am under tremendous RL pressure at the moment.)

    ~Becca, Gryffindor's May QWC Captain.

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    "Issac Walters, right?" asked Julius.

    "Yes," replied Issac timidly.

    "You're that herbologist, new in town?" asked Peter.

    "Just moved here three weeks ago."

    "Know how to fly?" asked Julius.

    "I flew a bit growing up," he said with a weak smile on his face.

    "Just because you think you can fly doesn't mean you can play Kwidditch," sneered Alexander Hogarth.

    "I've seen it played a few times, and sounds like fun. I've always wanted to play."

    Julius looked at the other ten. They whispered amongst themselves for a bit before they broke apart.

    "Sure, Issac, we'd love to have you."
    Go Gryffindors! We can do this.

    ~ Teresa


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    “Alright, everyone, hands in!” Elijah Brownstock called, holding a broomstick. Everyone immediately placed their hands on the Portkey and were whisked away to their playing field.

    “Let’s pick teams!” cried Robert Summerfield.

    “But- I-” began Isaac.

    “Jasper and Johnson are captains today,” announced Dorea James- though no one heard her. She repeated herself several times, then conjured a magical megaphone to make her announcement.

    “Red!” cried Jasper, claiming the color his team would be.

    “Then Johnson’s team is blue,” said Darius Fairchild. He strode forward to give colored bandanas to the captains, but ended up tripping over his own feet.
    Alright, ladies, I see you out there! Let's get some writing done!


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    Johnson said, “I get first pick though since Jasper got to choose his color.”

    “Fine,” muttered Jasper.

    “Ok,” said Johnson, looking at the ten people standing before him. “I’ll take Rogers.”

    John Rogers strutted up, and stood next to Johnson. Compared to Johnson, who was built tiny, Rogers looked a giant.

    Jasper said, “I’ll take Dorea.”

    Dorea James smiled brightly at Jasper.

    Johnson yelled, “Fairchild, get over here.”

    Fairchild walked over to the other two. He looked up at Rogers and nodded as a sign of sportsmanship.

    Jasper whispered something to Dorea. She nodded in agreement before Jasper yelled, “Elijah.”
    Come on. Only eight days left, and we still need to get to the Kwidditch.

    ~ Teresa

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    “Hogarth,” called Johnson. Alexander quickly ran over to join Johnson, Rogers, and Fairchild.

    “Nightingale,” cried Jasper. Arcturus Nightingale joined the red team.

    “C’mere, Gwendolyn,” Johnson bellowed to draw Gwendolyn Adams’ attention away from the flowers she was braiding into her hair.

    “Walters,” said Jasper, beckoning to the herbologist.

    “Jenkins is on our team, then,” said Gwendolyn, the only person on her team with a happy expression on her face.

    “Alright, listen up,” Brownstock called. “You too, Gwendolyn. Let’s pick positions. One Catcher, two Bumpers, and three Pursuers per team. When both teams have chosen everyone’s positions, I’ll explain the rules.”

    PS- Sorry, Megan. Was baby-sitting last night and had to attend several emergencies. With all that fun, I didn't get a chance to post.

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    Claiming here. Will bring a drabble once Becca gets hers in.


    EDIT: Here it is, and apologies for taking awhile.
    EDIT #2: All right, it's now 100 words, exactly. (I must have missed a few when I hurriedly count it before.)

    Both teams huddled together, speaking in low whispers. Hogarth's voice could be heard as he argued.

    "I'll be Catcher," he hissed. "The last time, not a one of you --"

    "That's enough, Alexander," said Rogers, glaring at him.

    "All right, we've decided," said Julius, he and his team turning to face the still arguing Blue team. "Are you ready?"


    "Yes, we are," Johnson interrupted Hogarth.

    "Jenkins and Elijah are Bumpers," said Jasper, "and Dorea, Nightingale, and myself will play Pursuers, with Robert Summerfield as the Catcher." Julius eyed the last member of his team.

    "What about you?"

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    Can I call attention to the fact that there are three of us online at the moment? We could easily get a couple 100-word drabbles done.


    “Fairchild will be the Catcher,” began Johnson. Fire flared up in Hogarth’s eyes, and he opened his mouth to contradict what Johnson said. Johnson raised his hand to silence him.

    “Rogers and Hogarth will be the Bumpers, and Adams, Walters, and myself will be the Pursuers.” The red team nodded and turned around to tie on their bandanas.

    As the blue team tied on theirs, Hogarth drew Johnson away from the rest of his team. “What the hell, Johnson? I said I would be the Catcher.”

    “Not a chance. I’m captain, Hogarth, and don’t forget it for even a minute.”
    Megan, I'm assuming you meant Jenkins when you said Walters? Because Walters is on the blue team.

    PS- I've posted teams and positions on our brainstorming site. Go check if you have any doubts as to who's who.

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    I'll this spot once Megan and Becca are done.

    ~ Teresa

    Hogarth scoffed at that remark as mounted his broom.

    Jasper asked, “Who’s got the Blooders?”

    Hograth grumbled, “I do.”

    “Did you enchant them?” asked Jasper.

    “Do I look thick to you?”

    “Never mind,” sighed Jasper. “James, do you bring the Kwiffle?”

    “Of course,” said Dorea, smiling brightly.

    “Bumper got their clubs?”

    They nodded.

    “Then I think we are ready,” said Jasper. “Get in your places everyone.”

    Summerfield and Fairchild flew to their respective goalposts, while the Catchers huddled around the center of the field.

    “Jenkins, grab the Kwiffle.”

    Jenkins stood in the center of the pitch.

    “Three… Two… One… Go!”

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    I'll write after Teresa.

    ~Becca, who must disappear now.

    Jenkins threw the Kwiffle into the air with all his might, then mounted his broom and quickly sped after it. Adams grabbed the Kwiffle and sped towards Summerfield, who was guarding the red team’s goal. She passed to Johnson, who passed back to her, and passed to Walters.

    Walters- the man who no one thought would be much good, as he hadn’t ever played Kwidditch before- grabbed the Kwiffle with surprising ease. With a burst of speed, he flew towards Summerfield, faked right, and shot left.

    Summerfield never even saw it coming. The Kwiffle went into the red team’s basket.
    Whee! 10-0 Blue!


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    Summerfield threw the Kwiffle to Jasper, who caught it with ease. He sped towards the goalpost, dodging his opponent Adam, who was staring at an oddly shaped cloud.

    On the other end, Hogarth swung his club at a Blooder coming his way. It went flying, and hit Jasper on his weak side.

    Gwendolyn Adams snatched the Kwiffle, and sped off towards the goalposts. She threw the ball, and it sped toward the baskets. Summerfield ducked to avoid the flying ball, and it landed right into the goalposts. The Blue team cheered loudly. They had a twenty point lead on them.
    Kumy pointed out that we can't reserve spots anymore. They'll just be deleted.

    20-0 blue.

    ~ Teresa

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