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Thread: Ask a Moderator Part X

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    Venna Black, because you have not been Sorted, there are some restrictions on your posting. So, your ability to create a new thread will depend on which forum you are trying to create a thread in. Certain forums require that you be Sorted before you can start a thread. If you would like to be Sorted, you can PM me for a Sorting quiz.

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    Tyler Fowl
    How do you know you have been added to the usergroup when you're sorted?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyler Fowl
    How do you know you have been added to the usergroup when you're sorted?
    You'll notice it under your username and it will also be visible on your profile.

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    On Perfect Imagination's website it says that you aren't allowed to find two PI betas through them, but are we allowed to have two PI betas through these boards?

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    Okay, So I have applied for the sorting quiz, and I've asked to join the student group, but am I too late to take the summer courses? Do I wait for the fall courses?

    And if I am not too late for summer courses, do I just take the first year courses?


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    Vindictus Viridian
    music_of_the_night, most of our PI betas are in the Beta Guild, so check their rules to be certain. In general, two betas with different skill sets are a good idea if you can get them, and the PI test is for quite specific things, largely mechanics. Make sure each beta knows about the other, and if they don't start a kerfuffle probably nobody else will either.

    LilykinsLove, the classes haven't all started, so if the thread for signups is still open and the start date isn't too long past, go ahead and grab one. We still have a couple of new ones in the works, too. PM the professor if the class has already started and see if they'll let you catch up. Once you're Sorted, the class area should be visible to you.

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    Hi! I think I remember reading somewhere that reviews for chapters that have been submitted but not validated are not allowed. Is that correct? And, if it is correct, what should we do if our story recieves one?



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    Marauder by Midnight
    MrsRuebeusHagridDursley, I believe that is correct. If it has happened to your story, the best thing would be to contact a moderator with a link to your story so that she can delete it.

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    Quick question. I know that bestiality is not archived here and is an auto-reject. But I'm a little confused about what the wizarding world would define this as, since Hagrid is the son of a giantess and a wizard. Wouldn't that be considered interspecies?

    I ask because I see several people wanting to create new characters who are the result of a vampire/human, merperson/human, new!species/human. My first impression is that these are not acceptable, but I wanted to double check because of the issue with the giants.

    Also, may an author write about the offspring of such a relationship if they do not go into detail about their parents?

    Thanks, mods!

    ~ Abigail

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    Is there a time limit on how long stories are listed on the Featured Stories list? I know that they are Featured for a limited time, when they have the little blue ribbon beside them, and after that, they are still located in an archive and the ribbon turns red, but do they eventually fall out of the archive and lose their red ribbon? Is this based on time or is there a limit to the number of stories that can be in the archive?

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