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Thread: Ask a Moderator Part X

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    bertiebott12: all mods are very busy. Every one of us takes a different amount of time to read and respond to PM's. Just be patient.

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    Technical question:
    How come on the vB Code list we aren't allowed to use a 'strike-through' code like in other forums?

    I realize it's a coding issue but other vB-powered forums have strike-through, and it's not necessary to function in the forums, but it does come in handy...

    Just a question though. XD

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    Unregistered - Hatter
    hi, i am a member on the fanfiction site and i was wondering if it is normal to get logged out when you click on some of the navigation buttons and some of the stories aswell...

    any help would be gratefully appreciated

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    Okay, I'm really not sure if this is the place to be asking, but I thought I'd try!
    Is there any way to change my Authors name on MNFF? I was wondering you lovely Mods knew, or if I should email the MNFF "staff at fanfiction dot mugglenet dot com" address?
    Sorry if I'm totally barking up the wrong tree!


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    Great beirniny
    I bet this has been asked but anyway.
    I have two poems I want to submit. One is in the queue for contest submissions and the other would just go under poetry can I submit them both at the same time?

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    mugglemathdork - Strikethrough is an optional code each forum can choose to support. I'm not sure why we don't have it though. You can try to bring it up with the admins if you feel strikethrough is essential for the forum.

    Hatter - It is normal. I myself get logged out several times. It may be inconvenient, but logging back in doesn't take too long, and you can always use the back buttons to get back to whatever you were doing before getting logged out.

    Tonks - No, there is no way to change your penname on MNFF. What some people have done in the past, however, is create a new penname, ask a moderator to delete the old penname (along with the stories and settings), and submit from the new penname.

    Great beirniny - Yes you can submit at the same time. Each author may have up to two submissions in the queue at a time as long as the chapters are not from the same story.

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    If I had a question about starting a new section (?) for the forums (much like the Character Clinic, or Refrence Desk) do I contact a Mod? (if so, which Mod would be best?) I just had an idea and wanted to know if it would be possible. Thanks in advanced!

    EDIT: Thanks Marauder! I'll figure it out!

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    AurorGirl101 - If you mean starting a new sub-forum/activity, you should contact the people in charge of the respective forum. For example, Character Clinic ideas should be PMed to either Julie or myself. Reference Desk should go to Rita, etc.

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    If we edit a story whilst it's in the queue, the version that the mod who validates it sees will be the version we've edited, right? (And not the version originally submitted...)

    *thought she'd just make sure*


    ~Suzie <3

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    crazy_purple_hp_freak - Yes, they will see the edited version

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