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Thread: Ask a Moderator Part X

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    Um, okay, so my question is how do you delete accounts? My friend has an account on here, but she doesn't want it anymore. Can you delete it?

  2. 06-25-2007, 03:17 PM

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    What is the QSQ 2007, and where can it be found and what exactly is it?

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    musicgirlhp14 - Contact an administrator with the exact username and a polite request to delete the account. I suggest your friend to send an email to staff at with the request.

    FullofLife - The QSQ Awards 2007 (The Quicksilver Quill Awards) is a celebration of the talent that floods our database. It is our own way of recognising outstanding works here at Mugglenet Fan Fiction. It started last year, and we do hope to continue it this year. More information will be disclosed later.

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    With the challenges, where do i found out about them? As in, is there a certain page where it displays what challenges are up and running that i can enter?


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    nymphadora_tonks99 - You need to be sorted into a House before you can see those particular forums, including the forum where the challenges are given. To be sorted, PM songbook99 for a test.

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    When I manually subscribe to a thread (meaning I click Subscribe to Thread from the drop down list) and I later post in that thread, it unsubscribes me. Is this *supposed* to happen?


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    On every website I go to, the text (especially the small ones) is very small and dull and hard to read. It's really starting to get frustrating! Any suggestions?

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    Great beirniny
    I have two questions please don't delete this this time.

    1.I'm trying to check FAQ before posting my question but no matter what I search for it says no matches help!

    2. Once you have a banner how do you get it to show up?

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    Great bierniny - Your question has been answered many times and has even got it's own post in the new Forum guide under 'Creating your Signature.'

    If you want a search to work, try putting only one keyword in the search box. You have to find the right wording for the search to be successful.

    nikkiolapotter - I don't think there is a way to make other people's font larger on the forums, however if you press 'View' on your toolbar at the top of your screen and then change the 'text size' that might help.

    hpluver365 - It sounds to me like you've got a glitch. I don't know what to do about it myself though so I'll let an admin know for you.

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    If we've PMed a mod, then how long should we wait before PMing again. I've waited 3 weeks with no response. I know that you all are very busy, but I was just asking what to expect.


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