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Thread: Ask a Moderator Part X

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    I was just looking at my profile, and it says that my birthday is in 1990. It's not, it's in 1992. Is there anyway I can get that fixed?

    My correct birthdate:
    Dec. 1st 1992


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    I know we're not supposed to post spoilers in our stories for a bit after the DH release, but what if we're posting, say, Chapter 4 of a future-gen story, and let's say Ron and Hermione are married in that story and they turn out to be married in DH as well, or something like that? (Or, like, Neville grows up to be the new Dark Lord, and that happens in DH as well, by sheer coincidence.)

    Would that be allowed if it's going along with things that were posted in the story before DH was written?

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    comrade little john

    Smile story spoiler

    I am currently writing a story about a missing scene from Harry Potter 6, but I can't have it in before the deadline. This story might be a little spoiler, but I don't want the Idea stolen before I can finish writing it. If I could PM someone who could help me with my problem, that would be very helpful. I don't know if it is a spoiler yet, but it very well might be. No way to know until July 23rd. It has something to do with Snape before he runs away.

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    Marauder by Midnight
    tank21 - If you edit your story, it is sent back into queue. If you do not edit your chapter after submitting, it should take no more than seven days.

    cia639 - You should be able to check your story's status by "Manage Stories." However, if it does not show up there, it means it has been rejected.

    Lilykinslove - PM an administrator privately about your issue.

    Schmerg_the_Impaler - I think it should be fine as long as the circumstances under which they're married (or which Neville becomes the Dark Lord) aren't the same. If another moderator has something to say about this, please do

    comrade little john - If you put it into queue with a note that you wrote it before DH came out, it might help =/ Again, if another moderator has a better answer, by all means post xD

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    Thank you for your response, who would I talk to about it being rejected?

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    Pepper Imp
    I know that this may be a kind of silly question, but after the release of DH, is there going to be a "Book 7 Disregarded" warning, or are all stories that don't follow canon in DH going to have to turn AU?


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    If a character gets their soul sucked out by a dementor in a story, would that qualify for a Character Death Warning? I know it's not actually "dying", but they've still left the world, in a sense.

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    cia639 - if your fiction has been rejected you should've recieved an email explaining why. If you havn't recieved an email, you can post the details of your fiction in the 'I didn't recieve a Rejection Letter' thread in the Questions forum.

    Pepper Imp - I believe there will be a 'Book Seven Disregarded' warning, we've done this for previous books, but I'm not certain on this so if any other moderator knows different please do post This warning would also be used in cases such as comrade little john's question.

    Hermione_Rocks - Technically the character hasn't died so I would say it doesn't need the warning, you may want to put a violence warning on it though.

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    This may seem like a stupid question but...

    I was looking at "The Tens" list, more specifically, the Ten Longest stories. Is there an actual limit on the number of chapters a story can have? I imagine after so many and author would just end the story and start a sequel. I was just curious!


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    I remember hearing somewhere that you're only allowed to have one banner made for each of your stories. Is that right? I've gotten a request to make a banner for someone, and I said that I would, but, as I ws looking at their author's page I saw that they already had a banner for that story. Am I not allowed to make the banner for that person?

    I hope that made sense.



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