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Thread: Ask a Moderator Part X

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    Hi! In the Three Broomsticks all of my smilies have been disabled. I don't want them to be, and I never chose anything that turned them off. Has it always been that way?


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    Is it possible for us to have a fic on the main site called drabbles and have each chapter be a different drabble that we've written? My guess would be no since its only 500 words, but no harm in asking!


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    Smile Question for the Mods

    When you click on someone's user profile, it normally says below their information when the last time was that they've been on. What does it mean if there isn't anything there?

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    Edit: Never mind this post, it suddenly started working again. Thanks again though!


    Hi mods,

    I'm not exactly sure if this is the right place to ask, but I couldn't find any other place that seemed more suitable.

    The thing is, when I type my chapter into the text box to "Add Chapter" and click preview or add story, it only shows me the first three words of the chapter and says I haven't fulfilled the minimum word count. Is this a common problem? Is there a way to fix it?

    Thanks for your time!


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    While submitting a new chapter, when I previewed it, extra letters and punctuation had been added. And I didn't do it. Is this a bug? I just thought I should check incase it's something I'm doing. Thanks Mods!!

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    I just submitted the second chapter to my story, After the War, and it got validated. However, that isn't my problem. You see, when you are in the main section, and you click on my story, it shows you my chapters. But, the second chapter is in front of the first chapter. It caused someone to read the second chapter first, and then the second. It is very confusing.

    Is it my fault, or the systems? Please, let me know how I can fix it.


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    Silver Rain
    How do I gain House Points, Also how do I become a prefect or an unspeakable?

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    MrsRuebeusHagridDursley: I believe it has always been that way, dear.

    hpluver365: Sorry, but chapters must be at least 800 words. Prologues can be 500 words.

    bertiebott12: That means they are in invisible mode.

    AurorGirl101: Huh! It may be a bug. I will check with the archive admin to see if anything has been messed up lately. If it doesn't work itself out, PM me.

    honeydukes_10: You can changed the order of chapters. Go to your account info and then click on Edit next to the fic you want edited. A list of the chapters should be there, there are arrows next to the chapters, those can be used to change the order of the chapters. PM me if you still have problems.

    Silver Rain: You can gain House Points by making good and helpful posts. You also make House Points by entering challenges on the forums. You must be in a House to gain points though. An Unspeakable is a mod. When we need new mods, we advertise asking for applications. You must apply and if we decide you are right for the team, we hire you on. It is a volunteer service, no pay. Mods validate stories that are put on the archive and some help run the forums. A Prefect is a mod who helps run a House on the forum.

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    Guest one answered my question so I'll post it again: I know we are not allowed to post off-site links, but is Chamber of Secrects considered off-site


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    padfoot_returns, a link to the Chamber of Secrets forum would not be considered an off site link as it is also part of MuggleNet.

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