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Thread: Ask a Moderator Part X

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    Hi, Mods!

    I have a question regarding a fic I am beta'ing. Is it acceptable to have a flashback of sorts with the dialogue written as a play?


    Harry: [Then what he says]
    Draco: [What he says]

    It isn't like this throughout the story, just a part of it. Is it okay or should I tell the author to revise it?



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    Eowyn89: Click on Tools and select Internet Options. Under History, click on Clear History. Under Temporary Internet Files, click on both Delete Cookies and Delete Files. That should work.

    Unflinching: Plagiarism is a very fine line between inspiration and theft. All fan fiction here at MNFF is inspired by what Ms. Rowling has written. Anything borrowed from her (or any other source) must be appropriately quoted and cited. If you are inspired by a particular plotline, write your own version of it. Make it unique and make it your own. If there is any doubt, you can contact me directly by PM and we can discuss specifics.

    jecleaver2: No. There are users who are not mods who wear penguin avatars.

    pheonixflame: Depends on the nature and structure of the story itself. Is the whole thing written as a play or script? Then it would make sense and flow better. I usually prefer that the dialogue be treated as a part of the story. It should be clear by the characters actions and words who is speaking without the writer having to indicate it as you've demonstrated below.

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    I've been having this problem where I would type out something for my on the site, and when I'm finally finished and hit 'submit', it shows the log-in form and I lose the stuff that I lost. Is this a glitch, or am I doing something wrong?

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    nikkiolapotter: this just means you've timed out when you were editing your bio. Usually you just have to press refresh when you get the login page. If that doesn't work, I'd recommend c & ping what you've edited, then log back in and paste it over your old bio and save it before you can time out. That is, assuming that you're editing your bio.

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    I'm having some technical difficulties. For my story Brother of My Blood, I am unable to reply to my reviews. I just wanted to know who do I contact about this problem?

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    Thoroughly confused.

    Hey there,

    I'm really frustrated at the moment trying to get my fan fic accepted on MNFF. I was told to get a beta which i did, currently i have three betas gonig over my chapters and they all returned my first chapter with adjustments which i made and then submitted.
    Now I've been sent this in an email

    The story you submitted to the MuggleNet Fan Fiction database has not been approved at this time.

    I would like to see you work on characterization and plot development at this point. A strong story needs balance between characterization, action, and plot. Ideally each aspect of the story overlaps. The action lends more clues to the characterization. Characterization can be exposed through actions and plot developments. Donít rush the story Ė allow your characters and plot to develop naturally.

    What do i do??? I don't understand how i can be told to develop the plot and characters at the beginning of the paragraph and then told the opposite...not to rush the story at the end and to let it develop naturally, and in the first chapter as well.
    If i have three betas who found it satisfactory but i'm still getting emails like this how am i ever going to get my story up?

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    Evilevergreen - It sounds to me like you've got a glitch. I'll pass your concerns on to an admin and see if they can sort it out.

    Lillikins - I think your moderator wants you to balance your story slightly more. Either because your characterisation is weak or varies through the chapter, or because most of the action is drawn to the end. If you want more help with your story, you should reply to the moderator who sent you the letter or post in the Plot or Character help sections of these boards. This is not the place for fiction help.

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    I know we are not allowed to post off-site links, but is Chamber of Secrects considered off-site?

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    I know this is not the place to ask about codes for italics, lines across pages, centered text, etc. in a fiction, as of course so many posts like that by newbies like myself would clutter everything up and people would get tired of answering. So, where do you find that stuff out? Is there a thread that lists them all or something? Sorry, I just really need that for a fic I'm going to submit...


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    Quote Originally Posted by hermy_loves_ron
    So, where do you find that stuff out? Is there a thread that lists them all or something?
    There's a page covering all of it in the Help Section on the main site. Good luck!

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