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Thread: Ask a Moderator Part X

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    Hello mods (again)! I don't know whats with me, I have so many questions!

    1) I know how to make links say stuff on the boards, but how do I do it on my authors page? I've tried the same format, but it didn't work. I think I tried it with < and > instead of [ and ] but that didn't work either. Help

    2) What exactly is a validated author? What is the point? Are the mods validated authors? Are any regular members validated authors? If so, how do you become one? (I don't want to be one, I actually like the suspense while its waiting in the queue and the feedback if it gets rejected, I was just wondering!)

    3) Has the cut off inbox problem been addressed because mine is still cut off?

    Thanks guys!

  2. 05-18-2007, 05:10 PM

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    Okay. Question.

    Do we put the AU warning if our story has something that we know will happen in book 7, but it didn't because the book didn't come out yet. For example, we know the final battle will happen when they are 17, but in my story, it happens when they are 21. Do I need to put the AU warning?

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    hpluver365, here are the answers:
    1. I do not know about adding images and things to your author's page. I will let another mod with more experience on that take a shot at this question.
    2. Only those who are validated authors really need to know the information you are asking. If you were a validated author, you would already know the answers.
    3. The inbox problem has been resolved. If you are still experiencing problems, please contact me via PM.

    padfoot_returns, we really don't know exactly what will happen in the next book. Any stories taking place after the end of the sixth book will not need AU warnings unless they have some topics that are based around 'what if' situations. However, if you are unsure, it is always better to be more cautious and add the warning than to not include the warning and be rejected for not including it.

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    I'm reliably informed that the way to add links into your bio page is by using the following...

    <a href="">what you want the link to say here</a>

    I hope that solves the problem for you.


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    Umm. This may sound really stupid, but...

    Okay. I just signed up, and I may sound really stupid, but I was wondering where you could find the monthly fanfiction challenges? Are they not happening anymore? (See- I told you I'd sound stupid..)

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    What happens to the old House Points threads when the term is over? Do you guys keep them somewhere?

    I know it's kind of a pointless question (no pun intended); I'm just curious.

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    siriusly: You must be Sorted to see the area with the monthly challenges. PM Songbook99 and ask for the Sorting quiz.

    butterflykisses: Well, you see, in every threads life there is a time when they must leave this forum and go to a place called the Graveyard. After they have been there for some time, they are then deleted forever...and ever...and ever.


    Threads are sent to the Graveyard, an area only Mods can see. They are then deleted. This keeps the sites severs from slowing down.


  9. 05-22-2007, 12:53 AM

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    I have another question: the category for the Gauntlet submissions is still locked for, I know that sometimes that means I have to clear cookies, but for some stupid reason, probably my computer illiteracy, I forget how to do that---could someone help me? I want to be sure I have enought time to submit my story before the deadline....thank you!


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    I was wondering... I read a good FanFiction, and I especially like the point of the story; I liked what happened to the characters. I wanted to submit a similar story of my own-that I wrote by myself-but I do not want to be rejected for plagiarism. Is that considered plagiarism?

    ^^^ It is most likely a dumb question, but I just want to make sure...

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    Do you have to be a Mod to have the penguin Avvie?

  13. 05-23-2007, 03:11 AM

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