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Thread: Ask a Moderator Part X

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    For some strange reason, my post count keeps going down. This wouldn't matter so much to me, but I was hoping to join some user groups and some of them require a certain post count limit.....

    Also, for one of my stories,--"The Grand Order of the Crooked Noses", on MNFF-- (Link!) it has been receiveing multiples of the same review. Is there any way that this can be fixed?

    Thanks for all your help!


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    Okay, I offically feel like a question whore and a total annoyance, and for that I'm both extremely sorry and embarrassed about. However, I'm starting to feel like I'm losing my mind about my stupid story submissions.

    So, I got another rejecton letter stating that I, again, hadn't but two spaces between each paragraph and dialogue, even though I had put three. Anyway, I followed your advice and went to email the mod who looked it over, copying and pasting the address given at the email. However, I immediately got a response from my email service saying that the email doesn't work. So, I guess I was hoping someone could help make sure it's the right email address or something?

    Again, I feel like the biggest dork for continually asking questions. I'm so sorry but thank you so much for being patient with me. I'm still getting used to this!

    Here's the email address that was given to me:


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    I have a question about for when I am writing. If I am writing in first person view, then do I also have to put thoughts in italics?

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    Ron x Hermione and hpluver365 ~ I have been having the same problem with mine. I will ask an admin about it and see what is going on.

    Eowyn89 ~ Mods go through and clean out old posts to keep the forums organized. All you can do is continue making good posts. I can go though and delete the extra reviews for you.

    bella_mia ~ Here is the link to Robin's profile. From there you can PM her. Link.

    padfoot_returns ~ Thoughts are always in italics.


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    Just out of curiousity...

    I'm considering writing an essay of sorts revolving around HP. Would I be able to submit it and have it on my author page? If you need specifics on the type of essay, I can PM them to you.

    Thanks mods!

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    hpluver365: PM the specifics to me and we will discuss it.

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    Need to change warnings

    I tried looking to see if this topic was already covered, but I couldn't find anything in the FAQ's. I'm sure something like this must be here and I just missed it.

    For some silly reason, I thought if your story had chapters, you give the individual chapters a warning. Right now my story has "None" for its warning, which will be fine for the first eight chapters, but for the ninth and tenth chapter a violence and character death warning will be needed. How do I do this, without having my story thrown out?

    My penname is DeanaZ and I just have one story up on the site so far. Thank you for your assistance with this matter.



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    Lena - You can edit the story as a whole and add more warnings and then include that the warnings are for later chapters in an author's note at the beginning. Just go to edit story, instead of edit chapter.

    Thanks to opaleye for the lovely banner!

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    Aelan Greenleaf
    Hi there!
    I'm not entirely sure if this is the right place to go, but I received a very rude review on one of my stories and I wanted to know if it would be possible to get it removed! It is not constructive criticism at all and is vulgarin nature. Here is a link.

    Thanks for any help you can offer me!

    - Aelan

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    I've deleted the review and the member in question from the archive. Thanks for bringing this to our attention and sorry you met with such a rude member.
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