This new ritual of churning out a plethora of stories in the name of romance has hit MNFF yet again, but as one of the moderators running the activity, I have noticed that some very excellent stories are not getting quite as much love as they deserve. So, naturally, we shall bring them the best kind of love we can, SPEW style.

Your task, SPEW, is to pick a Great Hall Cotillion story (there are many, so the variety is vast), leave a review, and leave a link here. This review doesn't have to be one for your monthly requirements, but you can do a full review and kill two birds with one stone, so there's no reason not to. Also, I'd like to discuss the finer points of reviewing challenge fics and stories with unconventional pairings.

As usual, ask and answer one TQ (or more, if you would like). Returning to participate in further discussion (even if you're not using this as your activity credit) is not only permitted, but encouraged. Here are a couple to get you started:

When you read/review a story that was written for a challenge, do you keep that in mind as you go through the fic? Has that knowledge ever altered how you perceive a story?

We've all seen stories that the author claimed 'were written in a hurry/in an hour/in some random location when inspiration struck', or something to that effect. Do you notice any pattern affecting the quality of these fics when compared to the amount of time spent on writing them?

This activity is due to be completed in its entirety by March 15th at the end of the day (midnight US Pacific Time/8am GMT on the 16th) to count towards your monthly requirements.