This has been an interesting topic for me since I started writing fanfiction nearly four years ago. One thing I've noticed in my tenure in the HP fandom is that certain types of stories and certain ships elicit more reviews than some others. I have even seen authors deviate from their preferred genres to write these more high-traffic story types in an effort to build an audience.

I think, as all of you are authors yourselves, that you probably have a great deal to say about this topic. I would really like a broad range of TQs for this, so dig deep and come up with one you feel strongly about.

As usual, ask and answer at least one TQ. Returning for more discussion is not only allowed but is encouraged. Here are a couple to get you started:

When choosing a story to review, do you specifically seek out certain genres, or do you read whatever strikes your fancy?

Do you read underread/reviewed stories purposefully, or only if the summary is catchy?

How much of your reading/reviewing time is taken up by more mainstream ships and tropes?

This activity is due completed in its entirety by March 15th at the end of the day (midnight US Pacific Time/8am GMT).