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    Arrow Site Disclaimer

    • Please note that no money changes hands on these forums, ever. We're all afraid of Jo's lawyers and we're all just thankful that she's gracious enough to let us play with her characters and settings.
    • While several of the Moderators on this site are adults and do indeed have real life qualifications, we do not make any guarantees on our advice (aside from that fact that if you want your story to be posted on MNFF, you'd better listen to us... ).
    • The Beta Forums are a free service provided to all rule-abiding members over the age of 13. Membership is free of charge to anyone over the age of 13 and prohibited to those under the age of 13 due to Federal Law.
    • MuggleNet Fanfiction is owned and hosted by MuggleNet. All inquiries concerning this Fanfiction site should be directed at the Site Admins:

    Nicole (NikkiSue)
    Nikkimn at Fanfiction dot Mugglenet dot Com


    Terri (mudbloodproud)
    Terrimn at Fanfiction dot Mugglenet dot com
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