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Thread: TTB FEBRUARY MONTHLY 2013: The Dear Diary Challenge

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    TTB FEBRUARY MONTHLY 2013: The Dear Diary Challenge

    TTB February Monthly 2013
    The Dear Diary Challenge

    It’s February, when the winged dwarves go out in full force and deliver singing Valentines to unsuspecting victims. This month is all about letting your love known … or is it? What about those who cannot express their feelings, for reasons that may be valid only to their foolish heart?

    Secret crushes are a part and parcel of our life! I once harboured amorous thoughts for a bespectacled guy in college who was not only an arrogant hipster, but immensely unpopular. Unfortunately, I could never stick to the habit of recording my thoughts in a journal and have now no idea why I ever liked him in the first place.

    This month, we’re going to write about a few secret crushes. Given below is a set of twenty-five crushes, with the second character being the objection of affection. The first has to write a diary entry, describing his/her turbulent feelings for the other, who is ignorant of it all. What events the entry chooses to show, whether the writer resolves to disclose his/her love at the end - your call. It doesn’t have to be written on Valentine’s Day, but it has to be written in February, when the love fever runs high.

    That’s what the drabble has to be about. Now, how are we going to run this? You will post your claim in this thread and then edit the drabble before February 28th. If you want to claim another prompt, the previous one has to be completed first. Then, you may pick another pairing in a separate post.

    Each prompt may be claimed only once. First come, first served. In the unlikely event that all prompts get taken before the end of the month, I’ll open them all again for reclaiming.

    + Padma Patil for Ronald Weasley
    + Irma Pince for Severus Snape
    + Dolores Umbridge for Amelia Bones
    + Lucius Malfoy for Molly Weasley
    + Alastor Moody for Minerva McGonagall
    + Abraxas Malfoy for Tom Riddle
    + Gregory Goyle for Draco Malfoy
    + Lavender Brown for Firenze
    + Hermione Granger for Gilderoy Lockhart
    + Pansy Parkinson for Neville Longbottom
    + Charlie Weasley for Rolanda Hooch
    + Bartemius Crouch Jr for Regulus Black
    + Terry Boot for Hermione Granger
    + Theodore Nott for Harry Potter
    + Bellatrix Black for Arthur Weasley
    + Percy Weasley for Nymphadora Tonks
    + Remus Lupin for Andromeda Black
    + Bill Weasley for Poppy Pomfrey
    + Draco Malfoy for Millicent Bulstrode
    + Marcus Flint for Oliver Wood
    + Seamus Finnigan for Ginny Weasley
    + Colin Creevey for Romilda Vane
    + Susan Bones for Seamus Finnigan
    + Justin F Fletchley for Luna Lovegood
    + Dudley Dursley for Hestia Jones

    Here are the rest of the rules, along with a few tips:

    + Please read the post carefully before posting a claim.

    + Drabbles should be diary entries. You don't have to start with a "Dear Diary", but it should be clear that your chosen character is writing a diary entry.

    + Please consider what your chosen characters are like when setting the tone of the entry. While parodies are welcome, it’d be a bit far-fetched if Goyle wrote like Pablo Neruda.

    + Drabbles should have a word count from 500 to 800 words. All MNFF guidelines are applicable, and please make sure your entries are free of technical and canon errors. So, no “Madame Pomfrey” or “Venomous Tentacular”. Or “Seamus Finnegan”. You may be a hardcore James Joyce fan, but canon is canon.

    + 5 points will be awarded per entry; 15 for first place; 10 for second; 5 for third.

    + Use the following form for your submissions:

    PHP Code:
    Word Count:

    We reserve the right to award as we see fit. Please post your questions at the Ask a Barmaid thread. Happy drabbling!
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    Hands off, girls!


    Name: the opaleye
    Prompt: Dudley and Hestia
    House: Slytherin
    Title: The Sexy Shoulder Slap
    Ratings/Warnings: Mild Profanity, Sexual Situations; 3rd-5th years
    Word Count: 798
    A/N: Let's ignore the fact that Dudley would never keep a diary or be so articulate and profanity-free.

    Just so you know, I think writing is dumb, especially writing in a diary. People who speak to themselves are freaks (thatís what Dad says anyway) and even though Iím starting to think Dad and Mum arenít always right about some stuff, Iím pretty sure theyíre right about that.

    Then again, Harry used to speak to himself in his sleep and it turns out he was decent enough.

    I think about him a lot now. Harry, I mean. And heís kind of why Iím writing this in the first place. Dig explained it to me the afternoon we left Little Whinging, and even though itís a bit s*** having to leave home, I get it. Harry needs to protect us, and we need to be protected for his sake, too. Iím still not too sure about what is really going on but thatís the gist of it. A maniac wants to kill Harry and so Harry needs to kill him first. Itís a bit like Wonder Boy III.

    (I could really do with some Jaffa Cakes but I think all we have is grapefruit.)

    Speaking of Wonder Boy, thatís why itís Harryís fault Iím writing this diary, itís why Iím being a freak and talking to myself. There is absolutely nothing to do here. There is no TV, no computer games, no sweets or chips or anything remotely yum. All we have are some books (gross), weird paper (what Iím writing on at the moment), a stupid radio that wonít work when I turn it on (itís magic), and my Walkman that only works when Dig and Hestia arenít around. Iím getting sick of the tapes that I brought with me, anyway.

    Mum just cleans all the time. I think sheís gone a bit mental like Dad did when Harry got his letter. Dad reads the newspapers that Dig buys for him everyday. Sometimes heíll try the crossword but he almost always ends up shouting at it, saying that the clues are wrong. I wouldnít know. I donít understand crosswords. Maybe heís gone a bit mental, too.

    Like I said, Iím starting to think that Dad and Mum arenít the people I thought they were but I try not to think about that too much. Itís tiring.

    (I think Iím going a bit mental, as well. Last week I was staring out at the garden and a hare ran across the lawn except I thought it was a muffin. A sprinting muffin.)

    Where was I? Oh yeah. I think about Harry a lot but the one person I really think about the most is that Hestia. Sheís such a cow.



    I think

    Sheís also really fit and I canít effing stop thinking about her. Even when sheís out doing whatever it is that fit witches do (my dreams have been pretty creative) sheís there in my mind, swearing at me, or moaning about broken teapots (that was not my fault). Yesterday, when I was sitting in my room minding my own business, she stormed in, shaking one of her teeshirts in my face, acting as if I was the one who used it as a face-cloth. I didnít put it in the bathroom, I didnít even touch it. Iím pretty sure I would have noticed if I had. And you know what she did? She opened the window in my room and locked it in place. I spent ages trying to close the bloody thing but it wouldnít move an inch. Itís the middle of February. Itís not the time for fresh air.

    (Mum seems to think that getting out for a bit of exercise would do me good but her idea of exercise is the horrific, running to nowhere kind that is boring and useless. I just want some weights to lift. Maybe I could try lifting HestiaÖ)

    But even then I couldnít hate her. The window wasnít the problem, at all. On her way out, she slapped my shoulder (I even have a bruise. Itís amazing). She touched me. She touched me for the first time. Voluntarily! And I nearly embarrassed myself. Like, really embarrassed myself.

    (You know what Iím talking about.)

    Iíve fancied a few girls before. Iíve had dreams. But this is different because sheís such a b**** and I still want to kiss her.

    I still want to talk to her. I want to tell her that I will never annoy her again.

    I want her to touch more than just my shoulderÖ

    Actually, this wasnít a bad way to burn some time out of my TV-free hell. I might even ask Dig to find some music on that radio.

    I still think writing is dumb, though. And I still think Hestia is a cow. A really fit, sha**able cow.

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    using rare and complicated words
    Because I have to

    Name: Croll
    Prompt: Goyle/Draco
    House: HufflePub
    Title: Gregory Neruda
    Word Count: 721
    A/N: Goyle can't spell. And the SPaG errors are his too .... whistles.

    Dear Diary,

    We’ll, you’re a book and I’m s’posed to rite in you, but not sure what to rite. Oh, you’ve got a lock, so I could rite anyfink cos no one’ll see.

    OH!! Draco won’t be able to read it. I can say whatever I want, and he won’t know.

    That’s good. It would be a bad fing if he knew cos no one should know, and if he finds out then he won’t let me near him, and I’d hate that. If I couldn’t see him every day I fink I’d go mad. It was bad enough when he was snogging that Pansy. I hated the Yool Ball. It was horrible having to dress up, sit wiv Crabbe and watch Draco wiv her. They danced quite a bit that night, and I saw them snogging. Pansy was wearing this dress that made her look like a pink pudding – a moose or blamonj or whatever it’s called. And after they’d danced, she dragged him outside. I wanted to follow, but Crabbe said I wasn’t allowed, so I sat back down and fort about all the things she was doing to him, and how she was allowed to touch his hair, and all that, and I’m not allowed to cos we’re both boys.

    Oh, Diary, I don’t know what to do. Like Pansy, she gets everyfing. Draco’s even paying some Ravenclaw creep to rite poems for him to send to her. And it works. Pansy’s always down here now in our room. Draco tells us to go out when she’s here.

    It’s not fair.


    Dear Diary

    I’ve been finking. What if I rote some poetry? Can’t be that hard.

    Draco Malfoy
    is a really great boy.
    Let me be your toy,
    O Draco Malfoy.


    Dear Diary

    I put my poem in Draco’s potions book, but when he saw it, he just screwed it up and said something about Potter being an idiot. Like, why would Potter be riting him poetry? Why would Draco fink he’d do that. He hates Potter and Potter hates him.

    Do you fink, Diary, that my poetry was that bad?


    Dear Diary

    I hope Draco like this one.

    I always stop and stare
    at your golden hair.
    You’re like my teddy bear
    I really wish you’d care.


    Dear Diary.

    Draco screwed up the poem. I’d put it in his bag after Care of Magical Creatures, and he found it when we was packing up. He looked at everyone, scowled at Potter, and then stomped back to the dungeons. For the rest of the day, Draco was in a really bad mood. I wanted to make it all better and asked if he wanted anyfing but he just told me to go away. He said something ruder actually, but I’m not sure I can spell it.

    I fink I’ll stop trying to rite poetry. It’s making my hand hurt and my brain ache. I might get that Ravenclaw to rite me somefing. But what if he tells people?

    I know, I’ll go to the library and nick a book.


    Dear Diary

    I found a book and tore out a poem. Don’t fink anyone will notice. No one looks at these Muggle books. I don’t understand it, but I copied out two lines and I’m going to stick them in a card and get an owl to deliver it on Valentine’s Day.

    I fink Draco will like the lines I rote, cos he likes the dark, and he likes sneaking about in shadows. I know cos I've seen him.


    Dear Diary

    I stuck the lines in a card and was really careful not to stick them upside down. Then I went to the Owlery, grabbed an owl and told it to go to Draco. It didn’t want to and pecked my finger, but I freatened it, so it did.
    Draco got my card at breakfast. He opened it, looked at the owl and then ran across the Hall to where Potter was sitting and started reading out the lines I'd copied.

    "I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
    in secret, between the shadow and the soul."***

    Then, in front of everyone, he snogged him.

    And they left the Hall togevver.

    The owl pecked my hand again. Bloody fing. I should never have used a white owl. I knew they was unlucky.

    Life sucks.

    ~Madam Carmerta

    ** - Lines from Sonnet XVII by Pablo Neruda

    (BTW, as I can't get anything for this, then this claim is still active. Any fellow Grecos out there, go ahead and write)
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    I have a biochemistry test tomorrow, but whatever.


    Name: majestic_ginny
    Prompt: Hermione and Lockhart
    House: Huffity-puff Hufflepuff
    Title: Dear Diary, I Am In Love With Professor Lockhart.
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd years; none, I think.
    Word Count: 594
    A/N:Tee hee.

    12th February.

    I realize that I haven’t really written in you before, but I can hardly confide in anyone else at the moment. Harry and Ron would definitely not understand what the fuss is about, and Parvati and Lavender would just giggle and wink at me. Besides, I’m pretty sure they like him too, and I don’t want them to know I fancy him. Diary, this is ever so important! I must tell someone about this.

    Diary, it’s just that… oh, Professor Lockhart is absolutely gorgeous! I don’t understand why Ron and Harry look at him life he’s off his rocker – I mean, he might have done some wild things like letting off a few Cornish pixies, but anyone could have done that! – but he is a really good teacher. I’m sure he’ll be teaching us something useful ever so soon to prove his competency. I’ve read all his books and he sounds so fascinating. It was so brave of him to take on the Werewolf by himself! And of course, the Bandon Banshee must have been ever so hard to tackle by oneself. I’m sure that with him as a teacher we’ll grow up to be as fearless as he is. I’m sure Harry would love that – it would definitely help him take on You-Know-Who.

    Oh, I think I am going to send him a letter expressing how much I adore him and his bravery on Valentine’s day – which happens to be day after tomorrow! Oh no, I have to get to work and prepare a draft first. I wouldn’t want to gush the same thing over and over again, that would be so silly, and it’s probably something Lavender would do. I have to make it look very thoughtful and neat. Maybe he would know it’s from me then, for I most certainly cannot sign my name. That would be highly improper, and I’m sure Professor McGonagall would expel me if she ever found out. But if it was insinuated…

    Oh, how I love Professor Lockhart! His eyes are so beautiful, and his hair too. I believe I know what shampoo he uses. Maybe I could get it for him for Valentine’s day along with the letter? But it’s not just his looks, oh no! I believe I’m not that shallow to just like him for his looks. It’s his bravery and his honesty that I really like. I’m sure he’ll be able to find out who petrified Mrs Norris and Colin Creevey in a jiffy. He just needs a break from all that teaching – it’s bound to be stressful to teach such a huge number of students.

    Oh, Diary, I hope I don’t sound silly. It’s not just me, though; I heard Susan Bones talk about it with her friend Hanna Abbott in the girls bathroom yesterday when I went in there between Charms and Transfiguration. I can’t imagine what Harry and Ron would say though; they’d probably look at me like I was one of the slugs coming out of Ron’s mouth a few months back. Boys are so insensitive.

    I wonder what Lockhart’s morale booster is going to be. Harry things he’s going to hang pictures of himself all over the castle, but I digress. I think it’s going to something fascinating as well as educational, like an outdoor class in the sun. That would be lovely, indeed.

    Now, I must run off. I have to finish that essay for McGonagall. It’s due day after tomorrow and I haven’t even started yet. I’ll write soon again… hopefully.


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    Oh gosh, what's wrong with me? I shall soon regret this -
    *hides* let's just hope I remember to do this :P
    EDIT: I DID IT!!!!

    Prompt: Pansy/Neville
    House: Ravenclaw (meaning I really should know better than to pick this pairing)
    Title: Dear Diary, I Think I've Gone Mad
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd years, I guess you could consider mental disorders are hinted at...
    Word Count:637
    A/N: I'm actually kinda proud of this! I was surprised (Okay, more like thinking that I was insane) at myself for picking this pairing (if you consider it that), but I did it and I was (hopefully) able to get myself into Pansy's head! Then again, I really don't know what Pansy's head is like, so maybe I'm wrong... :P

    Dear (you stupid, messed up) Diary,

    I honestly can’t believe myself at the moment. For more than one reason. One, I’m writing in this stupid diary. I’m ELEVEN years old, I should not be doing this at the moment. But my mother gave me this for my birthday and told me that I should write in it. For a while I just ignored it, but now, I guess I need it to let out my feelings. Apparently these stupid lined books are supposed to help people ‘connect with themselves more’. Mum and her crazy theories. Well, I hope this one works.

    Well, since you’re supposed to be the one I can tell everything to (though I seriously doubt you won’t be unlocked and read by someone at some point, which does worry me a bit, but I suppose it’s a lot better than telling this to someone in person), I’m going to tell you... that I have a serious crush on Neville Longbottom. No, I’m not joking. I know I’m mad - the fact that I’m telling my thoughts to you like you’re a real person has given me that information quite easily.

    I’ve been denying my feelings for him for the longest time, and I don’t think I can do it anymore or I’ll explode! I thought that writing my thoughts down might help me, but apparently not - I think this is the most worked up I’ve gotten in the past few weeks, and that’s saying something. I don’t know what I should do! I think I’ve officially gone insane. Someone needs to take me to St. Mungo’s like his parents. Maybe I’ve turned into Mrs. Longbottom, that must be it. That would explain everything, how I seem to not be able to speak, how I’ve fallen madly in love with Neville. But of course I haven’t, even in the magical world, that’s a crazy thought. At least I still seem like the same person...

    It’s just... oh, you lifeless book, I can’t stop thinking about him! Every time I see him I feel my face burn and I have to walk away quickly before I stop babbling. His face, his round, cute little face looks at me with confusion every time I walk over to him, as if he has no idea. Oh, I wish he had an idea... but I don’t. He’s friends with Potter, he would tell him, and where would that lead to? My uttermost embarrassment for the rest of my life. No, that couldn’t happen. But those eyes... those eyes that have the hint of sadness but go so deep, like you can see right through them...

    Where has the Slytherin in me gone? I want it back! I don’t want to be one of those shallow, ditsy Hufflepuffs who fall in love with the first guy they see - and at least their boyfriends are, for the most part, good-looking. What would Draco think if he knew? I’d rather die than tell him, he’d probably either put the Cruciatus on me or drop dead. I know he’s had this huge crush on me for the whole year, and this would not be the best way to give him what he wants. Oh, Merlin, Valentine’s day is coming up and I don’t want to know what’s going to happen then... I’m just hoping he won’t ask me out, but I know there’s a big chance he will.

    I’m done writing and this hasn’t helped me at all. Thanks a lot, Mum. Hopefully by the next time I write in this thing I’ll have regained my mind - then again, if I have, I probably won’t be writing in this. So, for my sake, please hope that you’ll never hear from me again.

    --Pansy P.
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    Nagini Riddle
    Name: the nagging riddle
    Prompt: Lucius Malfoy/Molly Weasley (laughing hysterically)
    House: Gryffie

    *Edit: I have absolutely no time to do this... I am so sorry. If anyone wants to claim this pair before tomorrow, go ahead!
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    Name: BrokenPromise
    Prompt: Bartemius Crouch Jr for Regulus Black
    Word Count:
    [@Bannermaking] [@Poetry] [@Writing] [@Drabbling] [@Duelling]

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    Name: hestiajones
    Prompt: Remus Lupin for Andromeda Black
    Word Count:

    Pairing still available for claiming!

    OOOH, sneeeeeakyyyyyyyy
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    YAY!!!!!! I finally finished! had to stay up until 2 in the morning, but it was worth it!
    Really shouldn't be doing this *bangs head on table*
    Name: Draco7052
    Prompt: Colin Creevey/Romilda Vane
    House: Hissssssses
    Title: Pictures of Beauty
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd
    Word Count: 566
    I'm actually quite happy with this. I found that really like writing a diary. I don't know much about Colin, but he seems interesting. As for Romilda, well, she's just annoying.

    Dear Diary,

    I told Mum not to get me a diary. I specifically said I wanted a journal. Diaries are for girls. They like to write about their feelings. Boys write facts, but I sometimes have feelings, particularly for one beautiful girl. But, hey, what am I saying? She doesnít even know I exist, let alone know my name. I really donít know why I bother following Romilda around. Itís obvious she like Harry Potter, except he really doesnít like her. Hopefully sheíll soon realize who truly loves and appreciates her. After all I worship the very air she breathes.

    No more stalking Potter for his picture anymore. Now, I like to hide behind library shelves and take pictures of her. The other day I got quite a nice shot of her laughing with her friends. Of course, I pasted it in my Romilda vane scrapbook. That album is filling up quite nicely. So far, I have twenty moving photographs. I tell you, it is so nice to have pictures that more. It makes for a much more interesting album. I can watch Romilda twirl her hair and smile beautifully any time I want. She really is gorgeous to look at.

    My favorite picture though, is the one of her in Hogsmeade. I took it last weekend on Valentineís Day. I only wish I could have been the one who took her instead of that stupid Anthony Goldstein. At least I got a picture of her. She was wearing a black skirt and a bright red sweater. It made her look even prettier than usual. I followed her all day, and was very glad to see that she didnít kiss him. I think that might have about broken my heart.

    Some people think that Romildaís just a spoiled girl, but I know sheís intelligent. I mean, she studies all the time. Thatís why Iím in the library so much. If only we were in the same year, then we could study together.

    There is one way to get to know her better, though, since itís OWL year for me, I have a lot of homework to do. Maybe I could convince McGonagall to let Romilda be my tutor. After all, she is always saying I need to study more. This would be a chance to improve my grades and be with Romilda at the same time. Itís a win-win either way. Of course, sheíll soon realize she really loves me, plus Iíll get better scores on my OWLs. I would like to do more than just study with her though. Maybe a few late night strolls on the grounds, or even weekends in Hogsmeade. The possibilities are endless. Iíll be able to take even more pictures of her when weíre a couple. She might even pose for me!

    First thing tomorrow morning Iíll ask McGonagall about studying with Romilda. Sheís bound to say yes since I do need help with my school work. I just have to convince her that only Romilda can help me. If she found out my real reason, sheíll automatically say no. Iíll have to be very careful.

    After I ask McGonagall, Iíll go see Romilda and tell her the (hopefully) good news. She should be very excited about it, since I am, after all, a pretty nice fellow. She canít help but fall in love with me then.

    Until tomorrow,
    Georgia Duels!Georgia Drabbles!Georgia writes poetry!

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