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Thread: TTB FEBRUARY MONTHLY 2013: The Dear Diary Challenge

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    TTB FEBRUARY MONTHLY 2013: The Dear Diary Challenge

    TTB February Monthly 2013
    The Dear Diary Challenge

    It’s February, when the winged dwarves go out in full force and deliver singing Valentines to unsuspecting victims. This month is all about letting your love known … or is it? What about those who cannot express their feelings, for reasons that may be valid only to their foolish heart?

    Secret crushes are a part and parcel of our life! I once harboured amorous thoughts for a bespectacled guy in college who was not only an arrogant hipster, but immensely unpopular. Unfortunately, I could never stick to the habit of recording my thoughts in a journal and have now no idea why I ever liked him in the first place.

    This month, we’re going to write about a few secret crushes. Given below is a set of twenty-five crushes, with the second character being the objection of affection. The first has to write a diary entry, describing his/her turbulent feelings for the other, who is ignorant of it all. What events the entry chooses to show, whether the writer resolves to disclose his/her love at the end - your call. It doesn’t have to be written on Valentine’s Day, but it has to be written in February, when the love fever runs high.

    That’s what the drabble has to be about. Now, how are we going to run this? You will post your claim in this thread and then edit the drabble before February 28th. If you want to claim another prompt, the previous one has to be completed first. Then, you may pick another pairing in a separate post.

    Each prompt may be claimed only once. First come, first served. In the unlikely event that all prompts get taken before the end of the month, I’ll open them all again for reclaiming.

    + Padma Patil for Ronald Weasley
    + Irma Pince for Severus Snape
    + Dolores Umbridge for Amelia Bones
    + Lucius Malfoy for Molly Weasley
    + Alastor Moody for Minerva McGonagall
    + Abraxas Malfoy for Tom Riddle
    + Gregory Goyle for Draco Malfoy
    + Lavender Brown for Firenze
    + Hermione Granger for Gilderoy Lockhart
    + Pansy Parkinson for Neville Longbottom
    + Charlie Weasley for Rolanda Hooch
    + Bartemius Crouch Jr for Regulus Black
    + Terry Boot for Hermione Granger
    + Theodore Nott for Harry Potter
    + Bellatrix Black for Arthur Weasley
    + Percy Weasley for Nymphadora Tonks
    + Remus Lupin for Andromeda Black
    + Bill Weasley for Poppy Pomfrey
    + Draco Malfoy for Millicent Bulstrode
    + Marcus Flint for Oliver Wood
    + Seamus Finnigan for Ginny Weasley
    + Colin Creevey for Romilda Vane
    + Susan Bones for Seamus Finnigan
    + Justin F Fletchley for Luna Lovegood
    + Dudley Dursley for Hestia Jones

    Here are the rest of the rules, along with a few tips:

    + Please read the post carefully before posting a claim.

    + Drabbles should be diary entries. You don't have to start with a "Dear Diary", but it should be clear that your chosen character is writing a diary entry.

    + Please consider what your chosen characters are like when setting the tone of the entry. While parodies are welcome, it’d be a bit far-fetched if Goyle wrote like Pablo Neruda.

    + Drabbles should have a word count from 500 to 800 words. All MNFF guidelines are applicable, and please make sure your entries are free of technical and canon errors. So, no “Madame Pomfrey” or “Venomous Tentacular”. Or “Seamus Finnegan”. You may be a hardcore James Joyce fan, but canon is canon.

    + 5 points will be awarded per entry; 15 for first place; 10 for second; 5 for third.

    + Use the following form for your submissions:

    PHP Code:
    Word Count:

    We reserve the right to award as we see fit. Please post your questions at the Ask a Barmaid thread. Happy drabbling!
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