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Thread: Badgers beat their way to first place

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    Just Tink
    I agree that the snidget can be dark, but perhaps what we need, then, is to write from the POV from the snidget that is saved during a match. That way, although the snidget still thinks its going to die, it's rescued, keeping the piece from being all doom and gloom.

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    The comical idea is so adorable!! Writing a story about a Snidget knowing s/he will die in the end is depressing; I don't want to write a story about the character being so pessimistic. It is absolutely adorable, in my humble opinion, for the Snidget to be all cute and happy, and then die at the end...poor baby!


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    I like what Colores is saying. I think having him all happy and excited and them him just being *dead* is comical to a certain degree but it also gives it more depth then just being "Sammy the Happy Snidget". I also like the Operation: Rescue Snidget idea Tink (I think ) propsed. It could be heading towards the chopping block,all scared and sad and then a little girl could snatch him away from the mean ol' ref and keep him as a pet.

    The Snidget also seems like a good POV because its not overly-complex, but there is some thought going on inside his little head. We also don't know much about Snidgets, so we have a lot freedom with it.

    *'tis done*

    one more: when do we start writing *is quite excited*

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    Okay, you guys convinced me
    I'm on board for the Snidget idea, but maybe we could each right from a different POV of someone at the game. The Snidget could be the very light hearted parts, while there could be darker or sadder parts on the part of those that know it will die. The heroic man/woman could exhibit bravery, and we could lace all the stories together.

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    I think keeping one POC would definitely be easier to write, but if others like the multiple POV's, I won't be the one to stop you!

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    I have to agree with colores here. While mutiple POV stories are interesting, they're complicatd to the reader and (I'm guessing) a pain in the neck in round-robin challenges.

    If we want to do a bit of a dark undertow (which I definately think we should) we could

    A) add an intro about Snidgets and how they are killed at the end of matches
    B) start out with our happy Snidget and he'll be flapping around like and mad, then get caught and as he's getting coser to his feathery downfall slowly relizes he's taking his last breaths.

    Personally, I like the second one better, it's more natural with the story flow and it will leave the reader with something to think about. Of course, we can also do both.

    Whaddya guys think?

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    Just Tink
    I like the idea of a little intro at the beginning, sort of dramatic irony (my english teacher would be so proud). I also like the idea of a little girl snatching her away- maybe the ref's daughter or something sneaks onto the field and catches the snidget, and then at the end we flash forward a few years and show her as seeker for England or something. What do you think?

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    I like Just Tink's idea. I just have a little *possible* tweak.

    As KenTuck pointed out, the Quidditch timeline at the lexicon metions a witch called Elfrida Clagg. Glagg campaigned against the use of Snidgets in Quidditch, set up the Modesty Rabnott Snidget Reservation on Somerset and banned the hunting and use of Snidgets for Quidditch. Perhaps Ms. Clagg could be our Snidget's little herione and the refs daughter(or even the Seeker's daughter)?

    Survey says? (ahh the old days of 'Family Feud' )


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    I agree with everything that's being said here. I like the idea of the Snidget being saved, and Ash, you idea to incorporate another character is brilliant. I say we get to it!


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    I second colores movement!

    Do we have a specific order? Who starts?

    *the coolset person ever*

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