It has come to my attention that members of our community have started to feel offended or troubled by some of the discussions that are taking place on our site.

It worries me that I have to post this reminder. Mugglenet Fanfiction is a global community of all genders, nationalities and religions. Our discussions are here for educational purposes, they're designed to boost your knowledge and aid your writing. When these discussions become personal, or heated, they have a profound affect on the tone of our forums.

Please remember that this internet site is not about having a conversation or about posting one-sided views. All of your comments are written and are read by a different person anywhere in the world. This person's interpretation of your meaning may not be what you first intended so it is important to choose your words carefully.

We used to have a rule on this forum, which disappeared with old moderators and forums. This rule was "Read your post three times before submitting it: once for content, once for grammar and style, and once for tone." I feel it is a good time to resurrect this idea and ask you to think before you type.

No one on this site should cause offence, and if something is close to a crossing a line, please let the site moderators know and we will try to sort out any problems before arguements arise.

We have had threads on this topic before. Please, let us not have to make more in the future.