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    Viktor Krum

    I looked, but did not see a Viktor Krum topic, so:

    I am writing a fic about Viktor Krum (for more info, because I need help, please go to my topic in the Skele-Grow Plot section. It's called If a wall is my neighbour), and I would like to know someone else's opinion on this -

    Could Viktor Krum be Russian, or does he necessarily HAVE to be from Bulgaria? My plan was to have his father be of Bulgarian descent, his mother of Russian, and he lived in Russia a) before the USSR dissolved b) before making it big on the Bulgarian National Team. My reasoning for this is mainly that I know a lot more about communist Russia than I do about communist Bulgaria, and the communism is a big part of it, because he grew up during this time. The name Viktor is common in Russia and Bulgaria, and Krum is a derivative of a Bulgarian name from someone royal, if I remember correctly. I want him to have grown in Russia, but I want to make sure that other people find this plausible.

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    I recently hosted a foreign exchange student from Ukraine (not from Russia, I know) and she was very opiniionated on the state of her neighboring countries. I'm not sure about the rest of the Russians and Bulgarians, but she had not much good to say about either. She was not hateful or predjudiced to them, but it was clear she did not like the corruption in their governments... or hers for that matter.

    I think it would be plausible to have a Russian mother, particularly if she was seperated from the father or maybe if it was done to spite their parents. She could have even been a fling of his. *pg-13*They'd have to do sometihng in Russia to keep warm . Maybe it's a long distance relationship... You'd have to explain the parents relationship fully if you wanted it plausible, but it seems like it'd work out in the end. Maybe Krum goes of to find his Dad and he's scouted in Bulgaria while searching or something.

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    Sorry Hun but it looks as if he is Bulgarian: There are links to the pages that I found and I am not sure where the Krum: Bio stuff came from. It is not clear if it is fan based info or gathered info but it could give you something to work with.

    If you Google Viktor Krum you will find tons of stuff.

    Viktor Krum

    Viktor Krum (Bulgarian: Виктор Крум)(born c. 1977) is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. In the movie adaptation of the book, he is played by Bulgarian actor Stanislav Ianevski.

    His surname is derived from the forename of Krum, a successful khan that ruled Bulgaria in the 9th century; unlike most Bulgarian surnames, it lacks the suffix "-ov". This absence makes the name look odd or unnatural to a Bulgarian.[citation needed]

    Krum is a Seeker for the Bulgarian Quidditch team. He is considered a prodigy by many, having entered the International Quidditch League while still a youth attending wizarding school at Durmstrang. Despite his success and fame, or maybe because of it, Krum appears to be unhappy and lonely, and is further characterised as being very quiet and reserved, though Hermione Granger says he is a genuinely nice person beneath the sullen exterior.

    Gender: Male
    Hair colour: Black
    Eye colour: Brown
    School: Durmstrang
    Parentage: Pure-blood
    Film portrayer: Stanislav Ianevski
    First appearance: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

    We also meet, briefly, Viktor Krum's parents in the chapter "The Third Task" in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He seems to have inherited his mother's dark hair, and his father's large nose.

    Krum: Bio

    [Name:] Mister Viktor Krum

    [Age:] 21 (1997)

    [Profession:] Seeker for the Bulgarian National Quidditch Team

    [Hobby:] Of course, Quidditch would be his ultimate hobby. Preferably as a Seeker. Due to the unavoidable attention directed his way (during appearances at dinners, public events, etc.) publicity would have to be an acquired hobby as well.

    [History:] Born January 1, 1977 (in Bulgaria), Viktor Krum is the only son of Krassimir Krum and Venelina Borev-Krum. Krassimir and Venelina were of average parantage, both pureblood with traces of Muggle relationships throughout the family?s branches. Viktor?s father, Krassimir settled in one of four of Bulgaria?s main land regions; The Transitional Mountains and Lowlands. Their lives were never defined by magic, and much of the family?s own happiness came from muggle influence and a non-magical lifestyle. The region?s Maritsa and Tundzha river valleys were very fertile for farmers to grow fruits and vegetables, in which Viktor?s mother, Venelina, had endured her labor. She was accompanied by the majority of the woman in her side of the family. Through her work on various muggle farms, Venelina decided to start one of her own, establishing the family farm upon their vast land. This family farm not only house the average fruits and vegetables (and livestock), but was also inhabited by magical plants needed for potions and remedies. Meanwhile, Krassimir found that his work was in magical efforts.

    Located to the east of the Krums was the Black Sea, and seated on the west and south was the Rhodope Mountains. Both were swimming with all types of dark magical creatures, as well as a source for frequent dark wizard trading.? Krassimir stumbled into the business as a descendant offering of Venelina?s father, who headed the force in charge of regulation of magical creatures. Bribed with a humble salary, and free training, Krassimir became a member of the ?Bounty for Dark Creatures Task Force?, a division within the Bulgarian Ministry of Magic. The work was physically demanding, but paid in experience and knowledge (and the money wasn?t bad either). And between in all, the two maintained a family of their own. Little Viktor Krum had two hard working parents, their efforts paying off with his success.

    Uncle Bolsivek was the shadiest of the Krums, a well known black sheep that even earned a reputation with the Borevs. Despite this ?admiring? reputation, however, Uncle Bolsivek was still a member of the family, and therefore welcomed whether the family was. It was this general hospitality that led to Uncle Bolsivek taking residence within the Krums many acres. Of course, they allowed the main to establish his own structure upon the stretch of land, and he paid for it in welcomed labor. Uncle Bolsivek?s ?business? dealings allowed for Krassimir to locate some of the more dangerous dark wizards and the fortune luggage they carried around. Uncle Bolsivek disapproved, as it cost him some generous clients, but was reprieved from a steady decline with the cut Krassimir allowed him. It was all a fair trade. Eventually, Bolsivek began side work with the task force (in which Krassimir became Head Field Agent in later experience).

    At the age of five, little Viktor was already working in the valleys (and later on their own farm) with his mother, using his energy to help with small task such as delivering carts, retrieving tools, etc. The hard labor followed as he grew in years, but not before Uncle Bolsivek let him on the fascinating game of Quidditch, purchasing his first Battle Brim broomstick with his handsome earnings. Viktor was not at all fascinated by the enchanted object, finding it boring at first, thoug several months after he turned six the action of hovering around on a broomstick became appealing. Eventualy, Venelina would put the sport to use. Viktor found that using his broomstick to carry the needed material around made things run more smoothly. Still, the enjoyment of flying made it all worthwhile.

    Fate continued. At the age of eleven, Viktor had already joined several groups of boys interested in Quidditch, even managing to take part in little league Quidditch matches hosted by the Bulgarian Ministry of Magic. Quidditch was one of the best things that could happen to the wizarding population in Bulgaria, therefore, it wasn?t a surprise that Viktor?s parents were thrilled about their son?s interest. Well, his mother was. Krassimir was not a man of play and had never tolerated Viktor?s amusement in the subject (when Krassimir heard wind of Uncle Bolsivek leading Viktor on, he fired Bolsivek , told him to pack up, and threw him out). It was thanks to Venelina?s efforts did Viktor survive those few years doing what he loved the most. But then? it was time for school. The small, yet muscular boy, only knew basic spells and charms, and those were beneficial to his early work.

    Durmstrang Institution had its eye on Krum, having heard wind of this boy and his talents with a broomstick. To no surprise did Viktor?s parents give to Durmstrang?s headmaster when meeting him at their home in hopes of his recruitment. It was clear that the institution wanted Krum for their Quidditch Team, selfishly offering all they could for his retrieval. Apparently, the sport was well prized within the castle.

    Viktor Krum was enrolled into Durmstrang, with very few questioning and immediately joined the Quidditch team as a Chaser, ultimately showing his skills as a Seeker during one of their earlier practices and moved accordingly. As Seeker, Viktor earned a name for himself, alluring the popularity and special recognition winning countless games had earned him. Krassimir was entirely displeased, and jumped at the opportunity to prove his dislike in the sport when Viktor received a blow to the head during his second year at Durmstrang. Viktor?s father did not hesitate to do his own research, highlighting the dangers of participating in such a sport. And look what package the advise came in. Krassimir was, himself, participating in dangerous actions for a career. Surely his father wasn?t that much of a hypocrite? Indeed, he was, until Venelina finally pointed this out to him and the disapproving father concluded his argument.

    In the field of education, Viktor was not that bad. He achieved satisfactory grades, and was most attracted to Transfiguration (aside from the recreational class of Flying). However, his influence changed as his social group did. Easing their way closer to Krum, the foulest and most dominant of students took Krum in. He was, after all, a few years younger than they and gladly accepted the mentors. It was inevitable, if so, that Viktor became interested in the Dark Arts. A passion forced upon by peer-pressure and illuminated by the recognition within his studies, Viktor found that the subject offered several new talents. Aside from being well known, he became one of the most feared, a behaviour set-back, and one of the foulest cheaters in the sport of Quidditch. During this ?Black Age?, however, Krum discovered himself. He found that as much as he cheated and succeeded, the more he hurt himself. Worst of all was the near-fateful event. Krum had used an Unforgivable. Angered and flustered over being accused a cheater (in which he was, at one point), Viktor had satisfied his vengeful craving by subjecting one of Durmstrang?s students to the pain of the Cruciatus Curse.

    Several threats of the boy having told, fears of authority finding out, Viktor had retreated. His efforts in Quidditch were slipping, his grades were suffering, and his social life hit a bump. All the boy had to look forward to was his father?s business, in which Krum had taken part in over the summers during school. He?d use his acquired skills in magic to help manage the Black Seas population of dark creatures, often receiving nasty injuries yet useful experience. Venelina, as a mother, disapproved greatly. And then? something impacting happened. His father became accepting of Viktor?s Quidditch interest, even forgiving Uncle Bolsivek and allowing his brother to return to the family stretch. This new attitude of Krassimir sparked an inspiration in Krum, so much that he vowed to turn things around.

    Though the approach was welcomed with cowardly stares and cringes, Viktor Krum had offered his dearest apology to the boy. And with that simple apology, the boy?s Durmstrang career had changed immensely. Viktor left Durmstrang the greatest Seekers in its history, extremely well-known, one of Durmstrang?s more fateful Triwizard champions, and with several offers of Quidditch, settling with one of the best teams, the Bulgarian?s National Quidditch Team (No surprise, considering he was still a student when recruited to play for the Pro-Quidditch team). The greatest, Viktor Krum!

    [Special Talents/Info:] Aside from his Seeker duties, Viktor frequents a foreign language instructor, having become fluent in English, French, Italian, German, and more. Other information involved Hermione Granger, whomViktor finds appeal in due to her intellect and recently discovered feminine attraction. His hope is that they could continue a relationship, despite the age difference.

    [Character Personality:] ?Photogenic? ?Camera Appeal? ?Main Attraction? Characterizing Viktor Krum is generally publicity referenced. Though, he isn?t arrogant. Though it?s obvious his skills, and he does give the press something to talk about, Krum doesn?t allow himself to boast. The wizarding public does that for him, therefore, his efforts are needless. Charming, indeed, and much credit is due to his behavior experience with the public. Now, his personality differs from that of his younger years. Since he's a bit surly looking, his aloofness makes him look more like a grumpy guy. He seems to be a bit shy despite his 'rough around the edges' appearance. (

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    The last bit is a RP history, though, which means that someone else made it up. I knew about the name thing, but that could have come from just his father carrying the name over. Names are really important in Russia.

    I googled him, but nothing I found completely stated that he was Bulgarian. JKR has not, as far as I know, and neither have the books. They just say he plays for the team. In the films I know it was a little different, but I don't go by the films for fanfiction.

    I dunno, but thank you guys so much for the help. I may end up just doing it full Bulgarian, lol.

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    The last segment, including his parents names, are not canon. But Krum is a ruling name in Bulgaria.

    Acutally, Jo sort of does say that Viktor is definitively Bulgarian - not only is he playing for the national team in the World Cup, but when his parents come to Hogwarts, Harry sees them "speaking in rapid Bulgarian". Chances are good you'd speak your native language to your family, and your family will generally have as a native language whatever the language of the country you were born in is.

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    As ambiguous as that could be, I'm certain you're right. So he's definitely Bulgarian.

    Viktor's family (in my story)
    Mother - Tattiana Kulbak
    Father - Boris Krum
    Brother - Leonid Krum

    His brother dies in the first chapter, and the entire story kind of spans from that.

    Also - I want him to have grown up in a Muggle surrounding. His father, Boris, schooled at Durmstrang but was expelled and had his wand snapped. His mother is a Muggle. Do you think that readers will accept this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiriuslyMental
    Also - I want him to have grown up in a Muggle surrounding. His father, Boris, schooled at Durmstrang but was expelled and had his wand snapped. His mother is a Muggle. Do you think that readers will accept this?
    Durmstrang does not admit Muggleborns.

    And given some of the pureblood family's take on half-bloods (Bellatrix, for example), I'd imagine that Viktor would have difficulty there if he were a half-blood. You could probably do it, but address the issue of blood status at the school.

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    Yes, I want him to have a difficult time. I knew about Muggleborns, but I think Halfblood would have to be accepted, or they probably would not have had enough students to populate a school. If not, his mother could be a squib. That way he could be of magical blood on both sides, through bloodlines.

    But I want him to be an outcast, very lonely. He always seemed like he was terribly lonely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiriuslyMental
    Yes, I want him to have a difficult time. I knew about Muggleborns, but I think Halfblood would have to be accepted, or they probably would not have had enough students to populate a school. If not, his mother could be a squib. That way he could be of magical blood on both sides, through bloodlines.

    But I want him to be an outcast, very lonely. He always seemed like he was terribly lonely.

    Or maybe it doesn't have to be his mother, but his grandmother or great-grandfather, or something. Or maybe someone could have been born with magical power but had it stripped somehow.

    The Wizarding World seems a bit strange. It seems like Squibs are even lower on the proverbial status totem pole than half-breeds, who are lower than Muggles and Muggle-borns, who are lower than half-bloods, who are lower than pure-bloods. Even Hagrid, a half-giant, who gets all kinds of flak from everyone, has no qualms about being derogatory toward Filch. And when Ginny sets the basilisk loose in Harry's second year, Neville, Pureblood though he may be, is terrified he'll be attacked because he's "almost a Squib" - even though he knows the basilisk is targeting Muggleborns.

    I always got the impression that the Krums were purebloods, but they don't have to be. And I will agree that Viktor always seemed out of place and lonely. He was in the library alone, and although he had tons of people fawning over him, he chose Hermione. I suspect that, aside from his brilliant talent as a Quidditch player, he's also quite bookish and clever, and probably couldn't find anyone to relate to on his level.

    He's kind of got Hermione's intellect and Harry's athletic ability. Hermione doesn't have Harry's athletic ability, though, and Harry doesn't have Hermione's intellect, so you can imagine how it is for someone with both.

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    Mind Games
    But I want him to be an outcast, very lonely. He always seemed like he was terribly lonely.
    Actually, it's very unlikely that Viktor would be an outcast. Keep in mind that he's a famous Quidditch player, an exceptional student, and I'm sure he's very well-known at Durmstrang. He isn't going to be overlooked. I'm sure people try to become friends with him simply because of his status. They want to brag about how they're friends with someone famous. It must be terribly annoying for him because a lot of people only want to be friends with him for those reasons.

    I think we can also assume that people are jealous. I'm sure some people treat him badly because they are jealous of his Quidditch skills and intellect. He's incredibly talented, definitely one of the best in his year. Not only the people in his year, but probably most of the school, notice this and have different opinions of Viktor. I highly doubt he is an outcast.

    However, I could definitely see him being a loner. I always pictured him having very few or no friends. As Cmwinters said, he doesn't relate to very many people, so that would be one reason. I could also see people only wanting to be friends because of his status, as I mentioned above. It would be hard for him to make true friends and I definitely agree that he acts very lonely in the books. Writing him as a loner really seems in character to me.

    People really don't give Viktor enough credit. He's a great character. Good luck writing him!

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