I looked, but did not see a Viktor Krum topic, so:

I am writing a fic about Viktor Krum (for more info, because I need help, please go to my topic in the Skele-Grow Plot section. It's called If a wall is my neighbour), and I would like to know someone else's opinion on this -

Could Viktor Krum be Russian, or does he necessarily HAVE to be from Bulgaria? My plan was to have his father be of Bulgarian descent, his mother of Russian, and he lived in Russia a) before the USSR dissolved b) before making it big on the Bulgarian National Team. My reasoning for this is mainly that I know a lot more about communist Russia than I do about communist Bulgaria, and the communism is a big part of it, because he grew up during this time. The name Viktor is common in Russia and Bulgaria, and Krum is a derivative of a Bulgarian name from someone royal, if I remember correctly. I want him to have grown in Russia, but I want to make sure that other people find this plausible.