Character forms are not to be posted anywhere in this forum. . Please read this guideline post first.

Character Forms are a very useful tool when trying to develop your character. They spark ideas, they make you realise what you haven't thought of yet, they open your mind to possibilites. They also test your knowledge of the character.

When using either of the following character forms, keep in mind you shouldn't feel pressured to answer every question. Don't know any traumas that your character has been through? Don't feel pressured to make one up if it's not important. Not all real people have experienced serious trauma by the age of 16-17, which is the age of the average OC. Use the questions to help define who your character is and who they will become, answer the questions that best benefit them.

Think I'm crazy? Try answering every question for yourself. You will most likely find you don't have an answer to every question.

The Guidelines

+ Again, don't feel pressured to answer every question. Answer the ones that apply to your OC. Don't invent facts that don't need to exist.

+ Is there question on the form that you realise is pivotal to your character's personality and role within the story? Write out a lengthy answer, and post it for us as a paragraph, without the question.

+ Do it all at once -- or not Come back to it as you get to know your character better.

+ Keep it for your own reference. Even JKR has to peek in her notebooks, and sometimes the Lexicon, to check facts.

+ And have a little fun. Go ahead, pick a few of those questions that don't matter, and use them to flavour your OC. We all have our odd, trivial traits, right?

Remember, a survey does not define a person. Random facts don't either. Do what you would do when talking about yourself, and hit what's important, what truly defines you, what sets you apart. Do the same for your character and your feedback will be better quality