Well, we've had a few of these recently, so how about we use all those feelings about change and create a drabble based around it.

This must contain one canon character dealing with a permanent change to their daily lives. It can be large or small, but let's get inventive with the changes. And it cannot be the death of someone.

This can be any canon character at any time. The most important thing is that you deal with their emotional response (or lack of it) to the change they have to cope with.

And the rules...

Drabbles must be between 100 and 499 words.

All MNFF's normal standards apply, including grammar,
spelling and formatting. Points may be deducted for
badly presented drabbles.

You can earn 5 points for your house for entering no
matter how many drabbles you post. The winner will be
awarded an additional 20 house points, second place 15
and third 10.

Challenge will be extended to accomodate those coming late to their houses.

Now closes on the 26th May.

Use this form...

Author Name:
House: [you must enter this or you will not gain points]

Word length:

If you have any questions, please ask them in the "The
Question Corner" thread, NOT this one. This is for the
drabbles only.