We've all done it: stayed up to ridiculous hours of the night, caught in the throes of a riveting chaptered fanfic, ensnared in its tractor beam of feels. Whether it be romance or suspense or angst, long stories have the unique ability to capture our attentions and emotions not unlike a great novel. This creates a quandary for some reviewers in that the story elicits many thoughts and opinions, yet how to express them seems to be difficult.

With that, we shall be exploring the depths of chaptered fanfic and how reviewing can present a unique challenge. Do we review the story as a whole or chapter by chapter, and how do we choose which to do when leaving a SPEW-quality review? Most of you by now have reviewed a chaptered fic for SPEW, and many of you have written stories of that ilk, so the amount of insight and discussion available should be stimulating.

I will leave you with a TQ or two to get started. As usual, please answer and ask one TQ for this activity to count towards your monthly requirements.

When leaving reviews for chaptered fics, do you prefer to leave reviews chapter by chapter or a longer, more summary review at the end of the story?

Does the presence of a larger quantity of information upon which to base a review help or hinder the process of reviewing?

This activity is due to be completed by the end of the day on February 15th.