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Thread: Heather25x's Draco/Hermione Drabble

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    Heather25x's Draco/Hermione Drabble

    Here's a little drabble i wrote just to "stretch my writing legs" and have a go at a Draco/Hermione fic. I've never tried it before, but i wrote the beginng stages of Draco starting to like Hermione. Maybe i will write more one day... I'll do a little summary thing...

    Name: Heather25x
    House: Hufflepuff!!
    Title: Draco's Library Trip
    Words: 566
    Warning: None

    The sun was beaming onto the Hogwarts grounds, and all of the students were lazing around by the lake, talking about subjects that didn’t matter, reading books, playing Gobstones or watching the Whomping Willow sway innocently in the breeze. All of the students, except Draco Malfoy.
    Draco thundered around the school, looking in classroom windows and turning down each new corridor, taking each staircase, searching for another student. Anyone would do, just a real Slytherin, someone to talk too, not someone who just wanted to lie around all afternoon. Those people relaxing in the sunlight, acting like there’s nothing to do, mixing with other houses, purebloods talking to mudbloods, it was disgusting.
    Draco turned abruptly down another corridor, up another staircase, down another corridor…he lost track of where he was going. The castle was empty; everyone was either in the common room or out in the grounds. Draco would have joined them, he would never, ever, mix with filth like those mud-bloods out there.
    He decided to take refuge in the library: maybe some of the Slytherin’s would be in there. He quietly opened the door and sat down at a table near the back of the library, pulled out his parchment and quill and looked around the library for the book he needed.
    He could feel Madam Pince’s hawk-like eyes follow him as he searched the shelves. He hid himself behind the “R” section so that he wouldn’t have to have her watching him all the time. Draco turned and dropped the copy of An Advanced Guide to Transfiguration, by William Ramble. He could hear a scratching…a scratching of a quill. He walked silently towards the end of the row, to where more table’s were, and saw someone sitting at it, their head bowed, surrounded by books and parchment. Someone else who had a lot of work to do…but there was something familiar about that bushy hair…
    Draco wrinkled his nose and leant on the table, disgusted with himself. It was just the mud-blood Hermione Granger, working as usual, surrounded by books and ink, piles of parchment with drawings on and essays written on some of which the ink was still shining. Her usual place to spend her sunny days.
    A beam of sunlight shone down onto Hermione’s face, illuminating her eyes. She swept her hair back and fanned herself with a piece of parchment.
    She looks fairly attractive from here, Draco thought. Then he realised what he was thinking, ‘Well, about as good looking as a mud-blood gets’. He watched Hermione for another few seconds, just watching her write…lost in his thoughts, losing all awareness of where he was…
    ‘Are you going to get a book or are you just going to stand there all day?’ came a sharp, cold voice. Draco gasped and turned, Madam Pince was standing directly behind him. Hermione was turning around, trying to see who had spoke past the shelves. Draco hurried back over to the table he had been working at, picked up his things and rushed out of the library as fast as he could.
    It’s just because you haven’t seen anyone all day, he told himself. Anyone would look attractive when you’ve been alone all day…but he found that throughout the rest of his day, his thoughts kept drifting over to Hermione, sitting in the library, the light shining on her face, he hair brushed back…

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    Come on!

    Come on people! Give me some opinions, some criticism, nit-pick my piece, correct any grammer mistake, do anything to it! I would just really like some responses, i really like this piece i wrote, even if it's not that good Thanks!!

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    red and gold
    It’s just because you haven’t seen anyone all day, he told himself. Anyone would look attractive when you’ve been alone all day…but he found that throughout the rest of his day, his thoughts kept drifting over to Hermione, sitting in the library, the light shining on her face, he hair brushed back…
    *sighs happily* I absolutely adore that last bit of your drabble! I am such a Draco/Hermione shipper.

    I only noticed a few punctuation/spelling errors such as "table’s" instead of tables and "talk too" instead of talk to. Things like that are pretty minor and easily corrected.

    I'm relatively new to drabbles and I think the difficult thing is keeping a drabble to 500 words or less- but that's also what makes it so fun! You only had 566 words, which is great - I sometimes find I'm at 869 words and my drabble's become babble. Then I have the heart-breaking task of cutting and chopping out lines and words I love, but don't really add much to the piece, plot-wise or pace-wise.

    Anyhoo, I liked it and hope to read more of your drabbles in the future!


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    Thank you I wanted to shorten it down to make it exactly the right length but the only thing i could cut without making it lose plot was the last sentance, and we love that lol. Yeah, i wrote that in a rush, that's why there are so many typos. I'll be sure to typo-check next time Thanks for reading it!

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    Another Draco/Hermione Drabble

    OK, Draco is just about the take a PolyJuice potion, because he wants to find out how he could get Hermione to like him. Harry is currently locked in the Room of Requirement, but that's a whole different drabble lol. Anyway, he is a short exerpt of the story.

    He took a deep breath, raised the potion to his mouth and swallowed it quickly. It tasted strangely of copper. He sighed as he swallowed the last of the potion, and waited a moment.
    It happened so suddenly. He was shrinking, inches at a time, his hair was lengthening slightly, he could feel a fringe sliding down his face. He was becoming very skinny, and he felt his feet getting smaller. It was extremely painful, he could feel his blood bubbling, his skin rippling, it hurt so much…
    And then it all stopped. Draco looked down at himself and remembered he needed to make his shoes smaller. Using another spell he had learnt over the past month, prepared as he had been, he made his shoes two sizes smaller. He changed into the Gryffindor robes, put on the shoes and the glasses, picked up his bag and stepped out of the cubicle.
    He faced himself in the mirror. He gasped. There was Harry Potter, standing right in front of him. He had jet-black hair and – his hand quivering – he slowly lifted up the fringe, and there was the scar, like a lightening bolt, engraved on his forehead. He pulled his hand back down angrily, hating the sight of the scar and the hair and the glasses, he hated being four inches shorter than he usually was.
    Draco checked his watch. Three minutes had passed, and he only had an hour. He ran towards the Gryffindor common room and stood outside the portrait of the Fat Lady, waiting expectantly for it to open. Then he remembered he didn’t know the password. He stood there, gazing around, hopelessly. But almost immediately, help came. Hermione Granger emerged from the portrait. Draco jumped, forgetting he looked like Harry Potter.
    ‘Oh, hi Harry! You’ve been gone a long time, I wondered where you’d been.’ She smiled at him.
    ‘Yeah, er…’ Draco cast around for an idea. ‘I was in the library, I really needed to get some work done.’ Hermione nodded understandingly. ‘So where are you going?’ He asked her.
    ‘The library,’ she said predictably. ‘I have a few things I need to get done, Ron’s gone out too, he’s down visiting Hagrid, he couldn’t find you so he said to tell you he would see you at dinner.’ She said all this extremely quickly and Draco tried to look as though he was used to it.
    ‘Oh, well, why don’t you leave that work till later? We could go for a walk?’ He held his breath. Hermione looked at him, she seemed to be thinking hard.
    ‘OK, why not? I need a break anyway.’
    Draco sighed and then realised that he needed to go somewhere where no one would see them, maybe Hermione would come up with somewhere… ‘So where do you want to go?’ he asked her.
    ‘I don’t know, just…around? I haven’t had a chance to just roam the school in a while,’ she laughed. The set off, leaving the Fat Lady snoring behind them.
    Draco found it hard to contain his excitement. The plan had worked, it had really worked, he resembled Harry Potter and was now walking around Hogwarts with Hermione Granger, open to ask her any question he liked.
    Please tell me what you think! I had a lot of trouble with this one, i would like a lot of opinions on how to improve it! Thanks.

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    I'm normally not the girl who'll read Draco/Hermione, but if it's well written I'll make an exception. Good job! Hope to see more from you!

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    Thanks for that ! I am working on a few more now. I would hate to see Draco/Hermione in the book but it's so much fun to write lol. Thanks for the comment.

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    My next piece - Draco and the Polyjuice Potion

    Hi! I've been working on this for some time. It's another Draco/Hermione piece, and we kind of see Draco in a different light. I'll post it bit by bit so that you don't get bored, and i'll stop at a good bit lol. Critique if you have anything to point out or change (i'm sure there's TONS!) and please remember i tried by best on it. I know it's not very good, and needs a bit of fine-tuning lol. I haven't finished the whole thing yet but i'll keep posting parts and would dearly appreciate comments and opinions. This is the beginning of the story, and is not really the most exciting part, which has yet to come!

    Name: Heather25x
    House: Hufflepuff!!
    Title: Draco and the Polyjuice Potion
    Words: 705 (sorry it's so long!)
    Warning: None

    Draco stormed up and down the corridors, looking into empty classrooms and peering down more corridors. He slowed every time he came across people, wanting to appear to be casually walking around the school. He had searched everywhere he could think of. They must both be in the common room.
    Draco, disgusted with himself, had finally accepted that he liked Hermione Granger. He had spent days trying to force himself to stop feeling that way about Hermione, trying to think of her bad points, reminding himself that she was a mudblood, she was off limits! He knew that it was such a bad idea to like a Gryffindor, a mudblood, and Harry Potter’s best friend! His worst enemies best friend…
    Of course, he was aware that this meant he couldn’t tell anyone. He had managed to shake off Crabbe and Goyle for a few days. He just had to shout at them and tell them he wanted to be alone and they would go away. He hadn’t told any of his fellow Slytherins’… if it got around the school…
    So he had come up with a plan, it was a risky one, and had taken about two months to prepare. The Polyjuice Potion took about a month to form, let alone the amount of time it took to steal the ingredients from Snape’s cupboard. But it was ready, simmering away underneath his bed; it was lucky that the potion was odourless. Now all he had to do was get rid of Harry Potter for an hour and he’d be fine, if he just remembered to keep his cool…
    He finally came to the conclusion that Harry and Hermione was in the Gryffindor common room, after searching the school for an hour. He headed that way, and three floors down, he waited behind a statue of Norris the Nosy outside the common room, made sure he was well hid and watched the portrait of the Fat Lady.
    He must have waited half an hour before he sat up, immediately alert, the one person who he wanted to see emerge from the portrait hole. He had no idea how he was going to do this, but he decided to have a go anyway.
    ‘Potter!’ Draco called, and Harry turned, a look of dislike upon his face.
    ‘What do you want, Malfoy.’ Harry said wearily. Draco paused for a moment. What did he want? He did some quick thinking.
    ‘Professor Snape sent me to get you,’ he invented, in a pretend annoyed voice.
    ‘Why? What does he want?’ Harry asked.
    ‘I don’t know, I was just told to bring you down to the dungeons. Follow me.’ Draco began walking, Harry behind him. He knew where he was going, but he wondered wildly whether it would work. He and Harry walked up and up to the seventh floor, until Harry spoke.
    ‘Malfoy, where are you going?’ He said, suddenly realising where he was. ‘The dungeons are down the stairs not up!’
    Draco began walking past the tapestry, thinking hard. ‘I need a place where I can keep Harry for an hour…’ he thought. ‘Where he can’t get out or communicate with anyone…where no one can hear him…’ Draco turned to Harry.
    ‘You’re right, I lost track of where I was.’ He turned and gasped at the door of the Room of Requirement in mock-surprise. ‘What’s this?’ He said, approaching the door, ‘I’ve never seen this before…’ Harry ran up to Draco and put his hand on the door. This was exactly what Draco wanted, he quivered in excitement. Harry opening the door and stepped inside.
    ‘Wow! I wonder who wanted the room to be like this…’ And without even looking inside the room, Draco pushed Harry into the room even further and slammed the door. There was no lock, but he had a feeling that Harry wouldn’t be able to escape. He couldn’t hear banging on the door…it must be soundproof.
    Draco turned and ran at top speed back to the Slytherin common room. He dashed up to his dormitory and, after checking it was empty, pored the potion into a container and ran out of the common room, ignoring all the strange looks he received on the way.

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