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    Title/Link: In Bloom by ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th Year/Sexual Situations
    Summary: It figures that he ignores the other side of roses. Thorns fit to draw blood are what remain after the flowers die off, far overshadowing the few months when they splay their gaudy plumage to the summer sun. They’re nice sometimes; for the most part, though, they are sharp and vindictive and unworthy of the attention they receive.

    No, Rose thinks. Roses are ugly.


    Points Remaining: 0

    Title/Link: James Sirius Potter and the Mysteries to be Solved by GinnyPotter95
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th/None
    Summary: Join James and his friends as they venture throught their first year and solve some mysteries.
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: Where They Can't Follow by Peppermint Toads
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th Years/Abuse, Mild Profanity, Violence
    Summary: Have you ever felt different? Like you didn't really belong, or maybe never had a place? This is how I felt in my first year of Hogwarts.
    My name is Lily Luna Potter. This is my story.
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: Unspoken by Maple_and_PheonixFeather
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th/Sexual Situations
    Summary: There are some things that exist without ever having been spoken out loud. Those things that you do or don't do because you know it's right or wrong. You’d think that sleeping with your cousin’s ex-boyfriend a week after they broke up would be one of those things.

    I’ve learned better.
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: Rest In the Bed by welshdevondragon
    Summary: 3rd-5th Years/Book 7 Disregarded, Sexual Situaions, Strong Profanity
    "This is the last night I will spend in our flat. I have spent sixty-nine nights here without you, and I can only manage one more."


    "I can't remember falling out of love with you. I've just--I've just fallen in love with someone else, so maybe what we had wasn't love in the first place."

    Lily is leaving the flat she and Scorpius shared for five years, in the hope that she can move on. Some things, however, are hard to forget.
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: The Most Unlikely Romance by RoseHyperionMalfoy
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th Years/Sexual Situations
    Summary: A story of how Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy evolved from being two people who never spoke to each other to being two people who broke all of their families expectations to be with each other.
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: Inconveivable Me by Kreacher Feacher
    Rating/Warnings: 1st-2nd Years/None
    Summary: Lysander Scamander isn't normal. Not one little bit. Although, what IS normal? Follow Lysander on his journey to find who he is, and what his purpose is in this world.
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: Scorpius Malfoy and the Disappearing Girl by Hotrav
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th/None
    Summary: Scorpius Malfoy, Jimber Dokes, Albus Potter and Rose Weasley are looking for a non-eventful second year at Hogwarts. However, even before the opening feast of the school year is over the entire second year Gryffindor class are called into a special meeting that will launch themselves and the entire school into a mystery.

    As the Auror office, led by concerned parents Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, search for clues. Draco Malfoy will be tested when a former school mate drops back into his life forcing Draco to choose between his new life as an honest business man and a Slytherin Prefect sworn to secrecy for members of his house.

    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: Forever in her Shadow by phoenix_tearPatronus
    Rating/Warnings: 1st-2nd Years/Mild Profanity
    Summary: Dominique had never cared about anything is her life until her older sister Victoire managed to yet again overshadow her achievement with a bigger, better and more important one. The once close sisters are now drifting apart, can these two ever fix their relationship or will the rift just continue to grow?
    Points Remaining: 4

    Title/Link: A Strange Distance by WrenWinterSong
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th Years/Mild Profanity, Pottermore Spoilers, Sexual Situations
    Summary: Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy are best friends when entering their sixth year at Hogwarts, but even before the first Quidditch match of the year, their relationship becomes strained. As they grow apart, Rose and Albus feel as if Scorpius is hiding something that could change all of their lives. With mixed feelings of hate and worry, Rose wonders just what kind of secret Scorpius is keeping.
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: Cold Feet by Ginny Weasley Potter
    Rating/Warnings: Professors/Sexual Situations, Slash, Strong Profanity
    Summary: We all know who we are. We have a mental definition of ourselves that we do not really like to change. But sometimes, small things, insignificant little snippets of incidents can change the way we look at ourselves. We may realise that we aren’t who we thought we were. Then we get cold feet. And this could be due to anything: even a cold foot running up yours on a juvenile dare.
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: The Serpent Master by Shaun
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th Years/None
    Summary: Jenny and Cleo Abel are about to begin their first term at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. But though they may be looking forward to their brand new school life, they're soon to find that its not entirely what they expected it to be.
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: Dark Fire by Pheonix Song114
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th Years/Alternate Universe
    Summary: Celesta Grey isn't expecting anything good to come out of her fourth year at Hogwarts. Why should she when her parents are ignoring her, her insufferable cousins are bullying her and her friends, and she is reminded of a secret every waking minute? Cell isn't expecting new feelings to arise, or a strange foe to come, or even a simple promise that turns out to be harder to keep as each day passes.
    Cell is in for a complicated year. Bloody typical.
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: The Difference Between Knowing and Understanding by noblefate
    Rating/Warnings: 1st-2nd Years/None
    Summary: Albus Potter has always known that his father was famous, has always known that his family was filled with heroes, but he’d never understood what that meant for his family in general and himself in particular. (This is a companion piece to “The Truth Will Set You Free”, but it isn’t necessary to read that piece in order to understand this one.)
    Points Remaining: 5

    Title/Link: Casts by Maple_and_PheonixFeather
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th Years/Sexual Situations
    Summary: It was the New Year's Eve party, and after last year, I didn't really want to have to talk to either Rose or Andrew. But there was no way to avoid it. This is a sequel to Unspoken and Lost In the Stars. It is highly recommended that you read those stories first.
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: Jar of Hearts by Lost_Robin
    Rating/Warnings: 1st-2nd/Mild Profanity, Sexual Situations
    Summary: Lily thinks about her relationship with Benedict
    Points Remaining: 4

    Title/Link: Tongue-Tied by Maple_and_PheonixFeather
    Rating/Warnings: 1st-2nd Years/None
    Summary: I was never one to be at a loss for words. But in my fifth year, all of that changed when I began to spend more time with Scorpius Malfoy. This is the story of how I, Lily, began to fall apart over Scorpius.
    Points Remaining: 6

    Title/Link: Lost In the Stars by Maple_and_PheonixFeather
    Rating/Warnings: 6th-7th Years/Sexual Situations
    Summary: A month ago, if you had asked me if a boy and a girl could ever be best friends without it becoming complicated, I would have told you yes right away, no questions asked. I’m not sure if I believe that anymore.

    This is the story of my greatest regret. The story of how I, Lily, lost my best friend.

    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: Transcendent Affection by Ginny Weasley Potter
    Rating/Warnings: 6th-7th Years/Character Death, Sexual Situations, Strong Profanity, Substance Abuse, Violence
    Summary: Scorpius Malfoy, Rose Weasley, Albus Potter and Brianna Flynn, after a very eventful fifth year at Hogwarts enter their sixth year, hoping to have a peaceful time at last. However, their hopes remain just hopes, as new, strange events start occurring at Hogwarts, putting all their lives in danger. A dangerous game begins and once again, trust and faith are shaken at their very roots.

    Will they escape again this time? Will they come out of it unharmed? Not everyone is lucky every time, after all. And this could just be one of those unlucky times where guilt conquers innocence…
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: A Year of Endings by roseandscorpius4ever14
    Rating/Warnings: 6th-7th Years/Suicide
    Summary: It's Rose's last year at Hogwarts, and she's feeling really down about it. The idea of leaving her home for so many years has really put her down in the dumps! But with the crazy year she's having, it becomes something she hardly dwells on. From boy troubles to impossible pasts, Rose has grown overwhelmed. Can she shake the dread she's feeling, while still keeping all her relationships (but most importantly, the one with her boyfriend!) intact?
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: Never the Same by foreverandalways14
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th Years/None
    Summary: Albus and Lily Potter, Rose Weasley, Scorpius Malfoy, and Thomas and Alaina Longbottom spend most of their time at Hogwarts together. But when an evil plot is unveiled within the depths of the ancient school, they all may be torn apart as their bonds are tested and they're cast from their irregular regular lives.
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: The Victory of the Lions by ThatHPFan
    Rating/Warnings: 1st-2nd Years/None
    Summary: Albus Potter is in a tight position. Faced with the possibility of being kicked off of the Quidditch team and losing the Cup after eight years, Albus turns to his cousin Rose Weasley for help. Can the two of them work together to save the Gryffindor team, or will Albus be forever remembered as the Boy Who Lost?
    Points Remaining: 6

    Title/Link: Teenage Kicks by Alice Mac
    Rating/Warnings: 6th-7th Years/Sexual Situations, Strong Profanity, Substance Abuse
    Summary: Aged sixteen, their parents were being relentlessly pursued by Voldemort and attempting to deliver the Wizarding World from an evil tyrant. They fought against far older and more experienced wizards to bring about their victory and create a safer world for their children; to give them the normal childhoods they were deprived of.

    Aged sixteen, their children are fighting, but against themselves. They battle against their own self-destructive nature and their foreign, inexplicable feelings. They wrestle with the pressures of friendships, family, relationships and work. They fight to keep secrets buried and to keep their friendships once the secrets are revealed.

    Whoever said 'normal' was easy?

    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: Juxtaposition by sas__x
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th Years/Mild Profanity, Sexual Situations
    Summary: Where you can fall for chains of silver you can fall for chains of gold**

    Follow Lily Potter as she struggles through her OWL year. She pulls pranks, brings down the queen bee of her year and tries to cope with her past, but will a certain Malfoy distract her? From different worlds, they were never meant to be. Lily/Scorpius.

    **Dire Straits- Romeo and Juliet lyrics.

    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: Seven Years and Counting by ginnypotter19
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th Years/Character Death
    Summary: Who said once Lord Voldemort died the wizarding world would be safe? Molly Weasley II and Albus Potter find out it isn't firsthand nearly as soon as term starts.

    In this multiple POV story we see the daily lives of our favorite characters' children and how different their lives are. When they are finally back at Hogwarts and with their friends, we see that their lives really aren't as different from their parents as we think.

    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: Crush by Maple_and_PheonixFeather
    Rating/Warnings: 1st-2nd Years/None
    Summary: My sixth year is not something I'm particularly proud of. Maybe it was the fact that I had never had a boyfriend or maybe it was simply a stupid teenage fantasy. All I know is that I, Lily, was falling for my best friend's dad, and it was not something I was ready to handle.
    Points Remaining: 5

    Title/Link: Science and Faith by Padfoot11333
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th Years/Mild Profanity
    Summary: You and Al, you were best friends until the end. It didn't matter that you were a Gryffindor and he was a Slytherin. It just didn't matter.
    Points Remaining: 6
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