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    Other Pairing

    Title/Link: Snape's Interlude by dreamsnape.
    Rating/Warnings: 6th-7th Years/ Sexual Situations.
    Five years after the deaths of Harry's parents, a pretty new teacher comes to Hogwarts, and falls for Snape. Can she help him overcome the pain of his past?
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: Where Are You? by Ginny Weasley Potter.
    Rating/Warnings: 6th-7th Years/Abuse, Character Death, Mental Disorders, Sexual Situations, Strong Profanity, Substance Abuse, Suicide.
    Name: Sheila Anne Rhodes
    Age: 22
    Height: 5ft 3in

    Last seen at Fistral Beach wearing an orange bikini. If found, please contact us through any of the numbers listed below.

    Someone goes missing at a beach in Newquay and apart from the grieving family members, nobody is really worried. After all, people keep disappearing like that throughout the year, right? Maybe Sheila's father or husband has unknowingly made an enemy somewhere. Newquay is still safe anyway.

    That is what Chris Stevens and his steady girlfriend, Cheryl Willis, think as they head off to Cheryl's beach house for a vacation with a few other friends. Everybody is really looking forward for the trip-- it seems to be a breath of fresh air in each of their busy lives.

    But what happens when the number of disappearances begins to increase with no trace of any of the victims? And if that's not bad enough, here's what seems to be a bigger problem. Cheryl has unwisely invited Chris's ex- girlfriend Daisy Joe to the trip and to Chris's horror, she agrees to come. So which new disaster is waiting to happen when Daisy and Chris come face-to-face again? Have they really moved on enough?

    To top it all, there is a third problem too. Daisy and Chris may have both moved on with Cheryl Willis and Emil Turner-- both well known actors who take around a lot of publicity. So how is being with such famous Muggles a wise idea, when the wizarding world risks its exposure with every wrong step that either of them might take?

    In this sequel to Killer Instincts, sit back and wear your seat belts as I take you through a ride of love, lust, jealousy and lies with a promise to keep you on your toes through every moment of it. Though the story is mainly about my own characters, it is set in the wizarding world in the era of the trio.
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: At the End of the Tunnel by Ginny Weasley Potter.
    Rating/Warnings: 6th-7th Years/Character Death, Sexual Situations, Strong Profanity.
    He knew what he liked. He knew what he hated. But he never knew what he feared until a very fateful day.

    Two encounters with Boggarts lead Anurag Krishnan to discover himself more than ever before.

    I’m Ginny Weasley Potter from Hufflepuff house and this is my submission to the October Mini Challenge at the Great Hall.

    Anurag is my OC from ‘Where Are You?’ and though all my previous companion fics about him take place before the timeline for WAY, this one spoils it. For all the readers who are reading/ planning to read that fic, I’d advise to finish reading that first, right till chapter 25, as this spoils the last chapter too.
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: "The Kiss" by Writ Encore.
    Rating/Warnings: 1st-2nd Years/Mild Profanity, Pottermore Spoilers.
    It was nothing more than a kiss.
    This is Kuri of Ravenclaw House writing for the ‘Remember Me’ prompt of the Great Hall Chapter Challenge.
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: A Black at Heart by Miss B.
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th Years/Sexual Situations.
    “Hey... Harry? I found some letters Sirius wrote. Have you ever heard of an …lisabeth LaBelle?”

    What if you loved someone, in secret, all your life? What if you had no idea if they were even alive, and you had no way to contact them? Would you still keep them in your heart?
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: Face Value by Ginny Weasley Potter.
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th Years/None.
    In life, we tend to look at things by their face value. We always want the better looking things: the more decorative and shiny objects have our undivided attention.

    However, face value isn't everything. We must learn to look at inner beauty, as that is the most important thing in life.

    This is Ginny Weasley Potter of Hufflepuff writing for the Fairy Tale prompt in round three of the the One-Shot Triathlon at the Character Clinic.

    This story is a sequel to 'Mum's the World' and I'd really suggest reading that first as it has the same OC, Anurag Krishnan, who is also a part of my chaptered fic, 'Where Are You?'
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: Bella Rosa by Fynnsmom.
    Rating/Warnings: 6th-7th Years/Sexual Situations.
    Before she became a Death Eater, Bellatrix Black was young, bored, and went slumming places no other pureblood would go. What she found and who she met was kept secret. Until now.
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: Dutiful and Disowned by Gmariam.
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th Years/Sexual Situations.
    Arlienne Lestrange never expected to fall for a Gryffindor, yet alone the one Gryffindor her family would never approve: Sirius Black, disowned and disgraced. After two months of sneaking around the castle, their secret is revealed, and Arlienne knows she must end their dangerous relationship before one--or both--of them is hurt.

    This is Gmariam of Ravenclaw writing for the Character Clinic Challenge - Original Characters.
    Points Remaining: 5

    Title/Link: Un Nouvelle Langue by iLuna17.
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th Years/Self Injury, Sexual Situations.
    Words can say many things. They can declare love, start wars, console, and hurt. There is no denying that they carry great power. But there are some things words cannot say. There are things they cannot describe.

    L'histoire de la fleur et le loup. Mon histoire.
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: Heart's Desire by Squibstress.
    Rating/Warnings: Professors/Character Death, Sexual Situations, Slash, Strong Profanity.
    It takes sixty years, but Minerva finally comes to understand the truth of George Bernard Shaw's pronouncement on tragedy: "Life contains but two tragedies. One is not to get your heart's desire; the other is to get it."
    Points Remaining: 5

    Title/Link: Breathe by iLuna17.
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th Years/Mild Profanity, Slash, Substance Abuse.
    Heavy. Emanate. Bellow. After All. Troubled Waters. Regret. Ends of the Earth. This is Albus and Scorpius's story. Where they learn to breathe.

    This is iMusic17 crawling out of the snakes' evil lair to write for SPEW 007.
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: The Voice (Rewitten) by Writ Encore.
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th Years/Character Death, Strong Profanity, Substance Abuse, Suicide.
    A man visits a friend once a year with hopes it'll become something more.

    For a friend, who gave this man a life. Please review - they're much appreciated.
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: Mary Macdonald’s Healing Garden by SnapeLives.
    Rating/Warnings: 6th-7th Years/Epilogue? What Epilogue?, Sexual Situations.
    Mary Macdonald sows healing plants wherever she goes. She studied to become a master herb gardener after graduating from Hogwarts. Now she wants to return to work there and hopes, at the same time, to heal her lonely heart. Dumbledore has finally given her a job, and Mary is hoping to capture the heart of that lonely, dark-haired boy who captured hers so many years ago.
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: I Am Prince by Eleanor Lupin.
    Rating/Warnings: 1st-2nd Years/ Abuse.
    Eileen Prince, now known as Irma Pince, has never loved anyone since her son was born 37 years ago. She harbours more regrets and heartache than any one person should ever have to bear.
    Argus Filch has no family to speak of, is relatively friendless and alone. Stuck between two worlds.
    Neither of them trust, and why should they? They have never known anything but pain and betrayal.
    But could things that tear so many couples apart bring this odd one together?

    This is Eleanor Lupin writing for the Great Hall Cotillion!
    Points Remaining: 5

    Title/Link: Definition by inspirations.
    Rating/Warnings: 6th-7th Years/Character Death, Sexual Situations.
    As You-Know-Who slowly conquers the world, Poppy Pomfrey waits from the wings of Hogwarts as her loved ones fight against the Dark Arts. She doesn't quite believe that she could lose them, though....

    This is inspirations of Hufflepuff writing for the Inaugural Great Hall Cotillion.
    Points Remaining: 5

    Title/Link: The Crush by Ginny Weasley Potter.
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th Years/Character Death.
    Not all of us experience true love, but crushes are an inevitable part of life. Unfortunately, crushes are often mistaken for love. But really, how different is actual love from plain infatuation?

    This is Ginny Weasley Potter of Hufflepuff house, writing for the Great Hall Cotillion. The pairing I’ve written about is Seamus/Lavender.
    Points Remaining: 0

    Title/Link: A Box for Your Soul by Free_Elf.
    Rating/Warnings: 1st-2nd Years/Sexual Situations.
    For years, Lucy Weasley bared her soul in the letters she wrote to Lorcan Scamander. Now, as they are in the process of moving in together, she discovers a box filled with each and every one of those letters; her essence in written form. Presented with irrefutable proof, can Lucy like the person she finds? In her turmoil, she writes to Lorcan, of course.

    This is Free_Elf of Hufflepuff finally getting around to writing for the Great Hall Cotillion.
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: Hesitation by Writ Encore.
    Rating/Warnings: 1st-2nd Years/Mild Profanity, Violence.
    Benjy Fenwick waited too long to ask the question he'd meant to ask ages ago.

    This is Kuri of Ravenclaw writing for the Great Hall Cotillion Challenge.

    This piece contains information pertaining to Pottermore, and I wouldn't want to ruin that for anyone. So, if you haven't had a chance to experience that, please don't read this.
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: Lady in Spain by Writ Encore.
    Rating/Warnings: 1st-2nd Years/Character Death, Sexual Situations, Violence.
    Kingsley Shacklebolt offers a lonely guest houseroom and patiently waits for her to wake from the past.

    This is Kuri of Ravenclaw writing for the Great Hall Cotillion Challenge.
    Betas: Alice,
    theblacksister, and Alyssa, harry4lif, thank you, thank you for your patience and help. This would be nothing without you. And Julia, mi hermana joven. Still.
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: From Opposite Sides by LoonyLupin.
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th Years/Sexual Situations.
    Ted was a Muggle-born. Andromeda was a pure-blood from one of the greatest Wizarding families in history. Until she married him. We know them as the parents of Nymphadora Tonks. This is a story where an unlikely couple succumbs to the most powerful spell of all.
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: I never thought you’d be in my life by Shells.
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th Years/Sexual Situations.
    A Rose x Scorpius fanfic. The story is based in their fifth year, where after a series of events, a relationship develops. The chapters alternate between Rose's and Scorpius' views
    Points Remaining: 8

    Title/Link: Ways to Say Goodbye by LoonyLupin.
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th Years/Sexual Situations.
    Andromeda and Ted Tonks married nearly thirty years ago, against the wishes of Andromeda’s parents. She was disowned because Ted was a Muggle-born.

    In the same summer that Harry Potter went off to find Horcruxes, wizards like Ted are being hunted. He knows what he has to do now. It’s the most painful decision he’s ever had to make. But he’s going to make these precious hours count.

    One-shot companion to "From Opposite Sides".
    Points Remaining: 5

    Title/Link: Walk Away by h_vic.
    Rating/Warnings: Professors/Character Death, Dubious Consent, Sexual Situations, Strong Profanity, Substance Abuse.
    Lavender walks away time after time, and Dean is always there, but everyone has their limits in the end.
    Points Remaining: 4

    Title/Link: Mind by Lovemagic.
    Rating/Warnings: 6th-7th Years/Alternate Universe, Character Death, Sexual Situations, Strong Profanity, Violence.
    The vital Battle of Hogwarts is abruptly put to an end by an intruder and an incident. Opening his eyes, Lord Voldemort finds his identity has been obliterated; he is now young Tom Riddle. He and the intruder Bella Reagan, someone he knew so long ago, must find a way to live, survive—but not quite underground.
    After much frenzy, the Ministry states that the Dark Lord is gone and continues rounding up many confused, chaotic Death Eaters. Minerva McGonagall, the Headmistress, requires Hogwarts students to repeat their previous year so as to receive competent magical education. So when Harry recognizes Tom Riddle, he believes Lord Voldemort has infiltrated Hogwarts and leads an urgent investigation to find the truth of things.
    Tom and Reagan are under scrutiny of the Trio and the professors even as several notorious Death Eaters elude capture and more old acquaintances, by happenstance, are found again. Security must be built by any means, and the opposition’s threats held at bay. There are few people any one can trust.
    But it is as if they are looking through a veil, thinking through a veil. There’s a truth in the undercurrent of this unnatural flow of life in the Light, one that can’t seem to get past anyone’s mind. After all, the Light plays tricks, too.
    Disclaimer: I am not J.K. Rowling.
    Points Remaining: 8
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