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Thread: Soraya's LoveNotes — FILLED

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    Soraya's LoveNotes — FILLED

    I am so excited for this.


    Louis Weasley/Lily Luna Potter
    Albus Severus Potter/Rose Weasley
    Katie Bell/Oliver Wood
    James Potter/Remus Lupin

    Candy Hearts
    Spilt tea
    Speaking French
    Unrequited love
    Indian summer

    I'm okay with all warnings except those which disregard canon -- so I would prefer it if there wasn't any AU, B7D and EWE. Otherwise, I can't wait to get started

    Wishes: FILLED
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    Title: Sweet as Sugar
    Pairing: Albus/Rose
    Candy Heart used: Strawberries
    Rating/warnings: 1-2nd years; none
    Author's note: Happy, fluffy Alrose. (and 799 words. Phew.)

    “ALBUS!” she shrieked as the red exploded all over her forehead. We’d been out here behind the Burrow for hours now, blowing off some steam. Years ago, we’d discovered a clearing, and had been hiding out in it whenever our family became too much, or recently when Rose and I simply wanted some private time. It was a bit of a walk through the fields, but it was worth it.

    Rose was the one who suggested this particular weird idea. Grandmum had a very extensive berry patch in the garden, kept thriving all through the year by magic, and we’d taken two huge baskets filled with blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries with us. After a charm to make them swell further, we had started throwing them at each other. It was strangely fun, but it honestly wasn’t the weirdest thing we’d done here. And because of the swelling charm, the colour exploded all over the person who was hit.

    “I’m sorry, Rose,” I gasped out through my laughter. Her tank top was a mess of red, blue, and purple. Because of the August heat, I’d thrown my own shirt off ages ago.

    “You’ll pay for that,” she threatened, and I ducked instinctively. A giant mass of red went flying over my head. I hurled one back at her, hitting Rose in the stomach. With an odd, garbled sound, she ran at me full speed. Chucking another over my shoulder, I bolted. Until I realized I was lost in a sea of tall grass. Rose could be anywhere. For a while I crept around nervously, strawberry at the ready, but before out of nowhere a mass of red hair came flying at me from behind, smashing a handful of berries on my head after jumping on my back. Laughing madly, she let me spin her around, holding on tightly. Her laughter was infectious, so it wasn’t long until I dissolved into a fit of laughter, too, carrying her back to the clearing. Out of ammunition, she collapsed on top of me, and my arm wrapped itself around her as we leaned against a log. We stayed there for a while, breathing heavy, until I remembered there was one left in my pocket.

    “Don’t be mad,” I said hurriedly, before smashing it into her hair. The look of shock on her face was priceless, but she recovered quickly.

    “Mmh, strawberries,” she said calmly, taking a chunk of it off my face with her finger before sticking it in her mouth. The familiar flutter reappeared in my stomach, like it always did when Rose was around. It was a good kind of fluttering, though, one that reminded me how much I loved her.

    “Best berry on the planet,” I replied with ease, stealing a track off her cheek. Without hesitating, she leaned into my face, before… licking half of my face.

    “Very true.” I didn’t know how she was keeping a straight face, but Rose acted like what she had done was the most normal thing in the world.

    “Did you just lick me?” I asked, incredulous. Rose nodded absently, so I decided to retaliate. Luckily, she was now lying with her head in my lap, so it was easy to stuff one of the normal strawberries I’d stashed in my pockets into her mouth. Then I popped one into my mouth. The sweetness exploded into my mouth, and I couldn’t repress a smile. They were my favourite food; I would never get over the sugary sweetness packed into such a tiny fruit.

    “You really like strawberries, don’t you?” There was a slight tease in her voice, and I chuckled. Noticing the bit of strawberry on her lips, I seized the moment.

    “You’ve got something there.” I couldn’t keep the huskiness out of my voice, but it only made Rose smile wider, and she leaned up to meet my lips. The familiar burst of passion burst into my chest, and I could taste the strawberries, sweet as ever. It seemed to taste even better on Rose’s lips than it had alone. I wondered if she knew how I lived for these stolen moments, the time I had with her. But why did they have to be in secret?

    I shook that thought out of my head. We could talk about it later, right now I was perfectly content to sit here playing with her soft hair eating strawberries and kissing. Rose rambled on about the bookshop she was opening, and I couldn’t help but think how much cuter – if that was even possible – she was when she talked about that bloody bookshop she was so passionate about. But we heard the shriek of our Grandmum, who had obviously realised her missing berries.

    After one last kiss, we raced back into the real world.
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    Awwwwwwwww, how sweet! I adore AlRose, especially fluffy AlRose without any of the angst that the pairing usually brings, lol. It's lovely to see such an optimistic snapshot of their lives... makes me feel a little guilty for having such an angsty headcanon for them both :3 Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, O Mystery Author! I heart this drabble and you <3

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    Title: The Rose
    Pairing: Katie Bell/Oliver Wood
    Candy Heart Used: Rose
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th years/sexual situations, mild language
    Author's Note: Fluffy, fluffy fluff.

    She had a single rose tucked behind her ear when I saw her. My first thought was that it must be painful, before I realised that it would be quite simple to charm the thorns off. My second thought was that the white petals contrasted her dark hair sharply, almost too sharply. It looked lost against the luxuriance of her curls, and yet it caught my eye. Perhaps it was because my eyes were not keen to rest on this insignificant detail that it seemed too much for me. What was one flower next to Katie?

    I had hardly seen her since my last days at Hogwarts, when she was a fourth-year, and I a seventh-year. There were brief meetings after the Battle, at funerals, remembrance services, but I had been wrapped up in grief and guilt, unable to see past it to the girl I had missed so much.

    Because I had missed her, even if I didn't know how to say it for a long time. The words always got lost. If I had found them, I might have told her that I missed how she always let me know when I was being an arse, even though I was her captain and three years her senior. There aren't enough people who do that, even now. She had her thorns, and she put them to good use.

    Until that day at Harry and Ginny's wedding, I hadn't noticed that she had petals too.

    “Oliver!” Her voice wafted through the crowds to my ear. “It's been to long.” Her smile warmed me right through.

    “It has,” I agreed. I had missed her; that was when the realisation hit me, a Bludger to my gut. “Can I get you a drink?” I asked, unable to find the words I wanted to say.

    She hesitated, looking at the half-full glass in her hand. I felt like an idiot, but I wasn't going to show that. Instead, I raised an eyebrow at her, grinning slightly. With a laugh, she downed the remainder of her drink.

    “Lead the way to the bar, Captain.”

    We both drank too much that evening. It's a bad habit of mine, one that was exacerbated by the feelings stirring in my gut, and I fear I led her astray. Whether it was my fault or whether she was trying to bury some emotion too, I don't know. I do know that it didn't take long for the rose in her hair to end up in my hand, and for her to end up taking hold of my hand to get it back.

    And after that initial contact, it didn't take too long for the rose to end up discarded on my bedroom floor, buried under stiff, formal fabrics.

    Now, it lives in a vase in the kitchen, kept alive by Katie's charms. It's a mystery to me, but even I can recognise its beauty.
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    Title: Indian Summer
    Pairing: Louis/Lily
    Candy Heart Used: Indian Summer
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd-5th years: mild language
    Author's Note: This was easier than I thought it would be.

    A guttural scream tore out of Lily Potter’s lungs as she looked down at her visibly broken leg. Pain unlike anything she’d ever felt radiated from the fracture and pummelled nerves in every corner of her body. Her broomstick forgotten, she lay in the grass of the Quidditch pitch as she struggled to breathe.

    There was a commotion in the distance, but Lily couldn’t force herself to hear what they were saying over the ringing in her ears. She wasn’t sure which hurt worse: her leg or the knot on the back of her head from where she had fallen.

    Rapidly losing her grip on consciousness, she felt herself being lifted and then floating in the air before everything went dark.

    The sound of raised voices slowly dragged Lily back into the waking world, which brought with it the thrum of absolute agony. The sun streaming through the windows of the hospital wing burned her eyes; the overly warm air in the room, brought on by Indian summer, hurt; even her hair felt like it was made of pins and needles. All she wanted was to throw off her blankets and block out the sun.

    Simple enough if she could actually muster the strength to move. However, her effort to relieve her discomfort only resulted in a pathetic whimper, and almost immediately, the bickering in the background stopped. A hand took hers and squeezed lightly, and Lily was delighted to find that there was at least one part of her body that didn’t ache uncontrollably.

    “When I get my hands on that Harper git, I’m going to smear his face on the pitch and see how he likes it.”

    The vehemence in Louis’s voice made Lily want to smile, but she abstained, knowing that probably would hurt, as well. “Did we win?” she gasped, unable to take more than a shallow breath.

    “We practically had to pry the Snitch from your hands,” Louis said with a measure of pride. Ruddy loud pride, too, Lily thought with an internal groan, “but you got it.”

    “Good,” she croaked as whatever sedative Madam Pomfrey had given her began to reassert itself. She gave Louis’s hand the faintest squeeze before she fell back to sleep.

    “— and then Professor White set a twelve inch essay on comparing the functionality of a Muggle piece of technology compared to its magical counterpart.”

    Looking at the mountain of books Louis had brought to her, Lily briefly wished for more Sleeping Potion before remembering how bored she was with sleeping all day. Her injuries were still not fully healed, but she could stay up for six hours at a time before the pain of the damaged nerves in her legs became too much to bear.

    The only thing that kept her sane was Louis, who came to see her twice a day: once at lunch and then right after dinner. She made sure she was awake when he was due to come. He smuggled her dessert and even occasionally a wireless set so she could listen to the Quidditch league stats. The rest of her time was spent either doing homework or writing yet another owl to her parents, assuring them that she wasn’t dying and that everything was okay. They remained sceptical but blissfully not on the premises.

    With a sigh, Lily said, “Can we please talk about something other than schoolwork? Give a girl a chance to run away, why don’t you.”

    Louis chuckled. “Fine, then. I got Harper back for ramming you.”

    “What did you do?” she asked warily, not quite sure she wanted to know.

    A sly smile crept across Louis’s face. “I may or may not have let a box of Decoy Detonators loose in the Slytherin locker room right when most of them hit the showers. I owled James, who was kind enough to let me borrow the Invisibility Cloak in the name of justice.” With a proud nod, he added. “Of course, that there was a Duelling Club meeting on the pitch after their practice was over. A very packed meeting, which was hosting famous Quidditch star James Potter. They got more of a show than they bargained for.”

    Lily felt compelled to chide her cousin on his method of payback, but the mental image of screaming, naked Slytherins was too much for her to contain. It started with a giggle before it escalated to a veritable gale of laughter. “Th-that is so good!” she cried between staggered breaths. “You’re a genius.”

    “Anything for you, Lily,” he said with a mock bow.

    She grinned up at him, but her smile faltered when she saw his expression change. “Are you okay?”

    Shaking his head, Louis said, “I’m fine. I . . . I just had a strange thought, that’s all.”

    Though she had no idea why, Lily felt compelled to know what this thought was, but before she got a chance to ask, Louis’s head swooped down and his lips pressed lightly against hers. It sent a scuttle of pleasant warmth into her limbs, but before she could snake her hand around the back of his neck to deepen this surprisingly wonderful feeling, he moved back.

    They stared at each other for a moment, blinking in surprise at what had just happened. Not in a million years had Lily imagined her first kiss would be so . . . evocative, and definitely not that it would come from her cousin. But it didn’t bother her if it didn’t bother him. All she knew is that she hoped it wasn’t the last.
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    Title: Just the Whimsical Dreams of the Realist
    Pairing: Remus/James
    Candy Heart used: spilt tea
    Rating/warnings: 6-7th years, strong profanity, sexual situations
    Author's note: My apologies in advance.

    “D***it!” Remus explained, trying desperately to mop up the pale brown liquid off his essay. If he had bothered looking in a mirror, he would have seen the dark circles under his eyes pleading with him to sleep, or how pale his skin had gotten. There was just too much he had to do, and with the full moon being two nights ago, sleep simply hadn’t been in the cards. He had all of his N.E.W.T. work, plus extra because of his furry little problem, and prefect patrols, and with James and Lily practically shoving it in his face…

    No. James loves Lily, he’s always loved Lily. That was it; Remus didn’t even fit into the equation, and besides, they all knew James was as straight as can be. But knowing that just made everything harder, because Remus wanted James to be happy – which he was – and that’s all that should matter, right? If he really loved James, then his feelings wouldn’t matter, that he would just want the best for James.

    In all honesty, though, Remus just felt empty inside. He was alone in the common room at Merlin knew what time with spilt tea on the essay he had spent four hours on. Brilliant.

    “Bloody hell, mate, what are you doing up? Shouldn’t you be sleeping after… you know…” Remus didn’t even have to turn around to know who it was.

    “Great. F***ing great, James,” he replied icily, before waving his wand to rid the table of the tea. His heart sank when he looked at his writing, realizing his work had been for nothing.

    “You need sleep, Remus,” James said calmly, his voice filled with concern. This was what sent Remus’s heart fluttering, along the normally unruly hair now sleep-tousled, and seeing how his glasses were slightly askew. “Apart from, I don’t even know if you wrote that in English.”

    “I’m fine.” Mustering every ounce of conviction he had, Remus forced a smile at James. It wasn’t bloody fair how Remus could look at James and feel so empty, but still want him. It was like he was guilty for doing nothing at all, but for what he wanted to do.

    “You look like s***, Moony,” James said, not backing off. Instead, he just sat down next to Remus, before waving his wand and sending everything into Remus’s schoolbag.

    “Oi! I still have-“ The protest was immediate. There was just too much to do, and it kept Remus from thinking. Thinking was bad, because then it would lead to James, but James loved Lily, and he was just Remus’s friend.

    “No. You need sleep. Not to do Transfiguration, or whatever the bloody hell that was. You haven’t been to the dormitory since the full moon, and you are going to march up there now.” There was something in James’s voice, and in the way he was sitting so close to Remus, staring into his eyes, that set something off. It was the f***ing Gryffindor inside of him that made him do it, the impulsive idiot buried inside that possessed Remus.

    Leaning in, he pressed his lips on James’s. It was nothing like Remus expected; in fact it was quite the opposite. Remus didn’t feel anything at all… except guilt. It wasn’t normal guilt either, not like the normal kind, but a twisting, sickening kind that made Remus hate every fibre of himself. He shouldn’t be doing this, not with James, and not like this. He has a girlfriend.

    But that was before James started kissing back.

    Something tugged at Remus’s gut as James took control, running his hands through Remus’s hair. Wrapping his arms around his best friend, Remus bit down slightly onto James’s lip, causing him to emit a low groan. Then his hands explored James’s chest, muscular from Quidditch training, while James hands slowly moved their way down Remus’s back.

    For the first time in a while, Remus’s mind went blank. He was lost in the moment, in the feeling of James pressed up against him, that it took a minute to remember where he was when James pulled away.

    There was fear etched in every grain of the hazel irises, and immediately Remus knew what was coming. He always knew, but the tiny little voice inside his head refused to believe it for so long.

    “I… I can’t, Remus. Lily,” James stuttered, trying to explain, but Remus just nodded. As much as he hated to, he understood why it would never work, and just waited for James to leave him alone once more. It was always better that way; the emptiness would squash any nonsensical ideas Remus’s head would come up with.
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