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    Talking House Sorting - OPEN

    In order to take the Sorting Quiz, please PM SortingHat with a request, and she will send you a quiz.

    Our computer programmers are still hard at work coding the sorting quiz to interface with the new forum software. We do not yet have an estimated date for the return of the automated sorting quiz. However, we have two temporary solutions available for you:

    If you were sorted into a house before March 2006, you may send a PM to your Head of House or Prefect, and they will return you to your former house.

    • Ravenclaw: ToBeOrNotToBeAGriffindor
      Gryffindor: Karaley Dargen, muggle girl marauder
      Slytherin: NikkiSue, Viv
      Hufflepuff: mudbloodproud, Phoenix5225

    If you have been placed in a house usergroup, but can no longer read the announcements forum without logging out, please PM your Head of House or Prefect and ask them click the Registered Users box. They'll know what that means.
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