The Janus Challenge

For the first challenge of 2013 in TTB, your barmaids would like you to try invoke the spirit of Janus into your drabbles.

Janus, as you know, was a two-faced god in Roman mythology, who saw in the new year, whilst waving goodbye to the old one. So, to celebrate 2013, we would like you to write not one, but two drabbles.

Here's the deal. The two drabbles have to be about the same incident, and you can go two ways here (I'm really pushing the Janus theme, I know)

Option 1 - Two drabbles about the same incident from two different characters.

For instance, Cedric dying from Peter's POV will be vastly different from Harry's.


Option 2 - Two drabbles about the same incident but the perspectives are affected by time.

This option involves writing the same character, so you could write Harry stabbing the Basilisk, and then write him recalling it years later. For this option, there has to be a time delay, and it must be one of at least a year.


+Each drabble must be at least 250 words, and not more than 500.

+ The incident used must be canon. (I will allow Pottermore if you let me know, or any other JK books, but not movie canon.)

+ With option 1, both people must witness the exact same incident. You cannot use Cho and Peter talking about Cedric's death, because Cho wasn't there when it happened.

+ You may enter more than once, but please post both sets of drabbles in the same post.

+ 5 participation points per entrant.

+ The usual 15, 10 and 5 points for winners and places, but this can and will be amended if there aren't enough entries or if the entries aren't up to scratch.

+ The competition will close on 31st January at 8pm GMT.

+ Use the form below.

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Have Fun!