I poke the Babble back to life with news of sadness. Long-time member, Lily/Padfoot11333, will be leaving SPEW, so I would like to send her on her way with all the huggles we have to offer. Also, one of our incredible newer class of reviewers, Helena/goldensnidget92, is taking an extended hiatus due to university. She will be missed, and we eagerly await her return.

But let's have some fun while we're here, shall we?

What is a TV series you've watched that you thought you'd hate but actually love? One you thought you'd love but can't stand?

Does what you pick to read in your free time depend on your mood, or how good you think the story will be? If neither, what factors do play a part in your selection process?

What book did you read in school that made you want to burn every copy in existence?