Recently one of my minor characters rioted against me until I finally focused in on her story enough to reconsider her minor character status. As I am pretty sure she's going to convince me to write her own fanfic some time soon, I thought it best to get to know her a little more and round out the kinks in her story and personality. Give me the best questions you can think up!

Good evening. It's a pleasure to meet you. My name's Claire Worthington. I'm not accustomed to talking to strangers, but I am feeling a bit lonely sitting here by myself at the Three Broomsticks. I was actually just about to convince myself to head back to my dormitory instead of wasting time here.

My house? Of course, I should have realized. I'm not in my uniform, so you obviously couldn't have known. I'm a Slytherin, a Prefect as well. I caught that look of surprise on your face. Don't worry. I was surprised as well. I mean, I'm a muggle-born. My parents don't understand anything about magic and don't even bother to learn how to owl a letter to me. I know that everyone's heard the poor little rich girl story, but it is real. It's not just a made-up tale.

How do I like Hogwarts? Well, it's much better then my muggle school. Those aren't very fond memories that I enjoy lingering on. To sum it all up, I had nearly no friends and had quite the reputation for always being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Not even the bullies bothered with me since something always happened to anyone who upset me. At the time, I had no idea what was going on, but obviously I later learned it was the magic. Even that couldn't keep me happy when I was sitting at lunch alone, though.

It's a feeling I've never experience again until recently. As soon as I arrived at Hogwarts, I thought everything would be different. Circumstances changed. Being sorted into Slytherin was the best thing to ever happen to me. There were only five first years, and only a few over twenty students in the entire House. We are all very close, especially the five of us Sorted in 2017. Caroline Nott and I naturally became friends as the only two in our dormitory. Scorpius Malfoy instantly became one of the closest friends I have ever had in my life. Aaron Jordan stole my first kiss under the mistletoe our third year. Then, fourth year, Tyler Zabini stole my heart.

We never meant for it to turn into a year long relationship, and we were both a little shocked to find our relationship still in tact after our OWL exams. Well, at least, I though everything was fine. During the summer, Tyler became distant, even more so than usual. I was used to him not talking about himself much, but his letters became formal and impersonal until he finally broke it off in July.

You can see why I was a bit put off by his sudden change of heart, and why I attempted to discuss it with him when school began again, but the beginning of sixth year brought me back to my primary school days. Caroline acted as if we'd never met before; Scorpius shot me looks of pity but barely spoke a word; and Tyler always found a way to leave the room whenever I entered. The only person who still talked to me was Aaron, and he told me he felt out of the group as well. Aaron found ways to let go, socializing with the fifth and fourth years more then his once best friends, but I couldn't bring myself to move on as easily. I had to find out what had happened over the summer.

Scorpius eventually shut me out completely, and Caroline would simply ignore my presence if I pushed to hard or tried to mend our friendship. Naturally, I tried to reach Tyler, thinking something must have happened with his family. I knew Blaise and Daphne Zabini were being whispered about, and not in a kindly way, but Tyler just told me to stay out of his business before I got hurt.

It's sort of ironic how he told me that as if he were trying to protect me. After all, no one's hurt me as much as he has. I don't know why I do it, but I keep pushing him and chasing after him. I can understand why he gets so frustrated with my attempts at getting him to confide in me. I know I crossed the line that time he pushed me to the ground. And when he grabbed my arm and yelled in my face. And when he knocked me away with his hand. The bruise around my eye has gotten a lot better; I can barely see it anymore.

But don't you see? I have to keep after him. There's something going on, and I suspect whatever is happening is dark. I don't know what Tyler has gotten himself into, but I promised that I would not give up on him a long time ago. I can help him if he'll just let me.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to talk for so long. There's been a lot of things on my mind lately, though, that I just needed to say out loud. If I've kept you, don't feel the need to stay any longer. It's about time I returned to the castle anyways.