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Thread: The March Challenge Ends!

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    The March Challenge Ends!

    Okay, guys! Congratulations to each and every team for getting in an entry. The way Gonz and I judged this thing was by reading through each one and writing evaluations. So before we post the winner, we're going to post what we thought of these stories.

    These evaluations aren't meant to hurt ANYONE. We were nitpicky. Why? Well, these evaluations are supposed to help to show the next round's team what they can do better, so we want you guys to improve. All of you already are at a good place in writing, but we're pushing you to do better with these evaluations. They also show you what you're doing well, too, though - so it's not all bad!

    If anyone is upset by these evaluations, kindly PM Gonz or me and we will see what we can do to help eliminate those feelings.

    *hugs all competitors* Oh and yes, we referees like the suspense of not announcing the winner until after we post these evaluations. We're cruel, we know.

    Without further ado, we present...

    The Evaluations!

    Slytherin Quidditch Team

    Flow, Focus, Characterization of Ron and Remus, Originality in Plot Setup
    Time Management Issues, Didn't Address Challenge Prompt
    General Thoughts
    We liked the description of the move that you started to give, but you were cut off. This story had a lot of potential but since you didn't get around to addressing the prompt or into the meat of the game, it was tough to judge. Try next time to get finished with a more substantial amount of the plotline. From what we saw, you guys were doing a great job, though.

    Hufflepuff Quidditch Team

    Description of Creative Quidditch Moves, Incorporation of Prompt, Good Characterization of Main Character (i.e. sarcasm), Creative Use of POV
    Lack of Flow, Communication in Team, Mechanical Errors
    General Comments
    Curse of Beater Bat was original, but wasn't carried through. We applaud you for going on and attempting this even after your original captain quit. Kudos for completing your story and the prompt. Work on making your styles consistent, because sometimes the character sounded like a different person from author to author, and make sure everyone knows clearly what's going on, so that will help with flow and focus. Also, make sure to spellcheck and capitalize as you go. Nice job, guys!

    Gryffindor Quidditch Team

    Focus, Incorporation of Plot, Use of Quidditch Moves in Setup
    Telling Description instead of Showing, Overuse of Oz References (a bit), Use of Cliched Approach
    General Comments
    We liked the quirks you put in your characters, if you could focus on your characters more you could add more flavor to the story. We enjoyed your fast pace and focus on the game. This was overall a strong story: not a lot was terrible. Your approach of a “timeout that brings everyone together/changes the game” was used by several teams in the last round, so it didn’t have the effect it would have had – it’s becoming a little cliché. We know you can write a good story; we've seen that. In the future, try to improve and show us a story that leaves us gasping for air. Start by making your characters ROCK OUT and having your plot be really, really crazy-creative. Great job, guys.

    Ravenclaw Quidditch Team

    MWPP era, Focus, Creative Interpretation of Challenge
    Some Characterization Issues, Flow, Not Enough Quidditch in the Story
    General Comments
    We loved how much you wrote. We feel like you all got carried away with the story, though, and forgot it was the QWC. We were missing the actual Quidditch. A few of your characters seemed a bit OOC at times; Sirius and Remus were really good. Your flow in the moment was very good, but your transitions were jarring sometimes. Overall, great story and great effort. The biggest issue was simply the lack of Quidditch game in there! Good job, guys.

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    Now the moment you all are waiting for, the winner of the QWC is.......


    Good job everyone, we had a blast reading all of your wonderful entries.

    Also for the winners we have a banner made by sayiansirius. Please credit and don't hotlink.

    Oh and feel free to celebrate in here if you want.

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    Ebil Gato Loco Ravenclaw
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    Congrats to Gryffindor for their QWC RR.
    Love, The Ravenclaw Quidditch Team

    So...who got second place? I thought you guys were also doing second, and third...was I mistaken?

    Edit: Thanks, Kumy.

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    Otherwise, so long, and thanks for all the fish!

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    No, sorry, dear. Because there are so few teams, naming second and third would leave a...last place team. >.< And that's never fun! So we're just naming the top team.

    I assure you; it was a close race between everyone!


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    Congrats, Gryffindor!

    You guys did a good job, well written!


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    sayiansirius has has provided us with Gryffindor QWC banner if the winners should wish to use it. Thanks sayiansirius!

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    Congrats to the Gryffies

    Watch your backs next time though

    *evil laughter*


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    Just Tink
    Congrats, Gryffindor! But next time... watch out! *copies evil laughter*

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    Madame Marauder
    Wow. This is an honor to have won this challenge. *hugs team* I am so proud of you all. And would also like to shake hands with my opposing captains and say, "Good game!"

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    Congrats Gryffindor! Well done.

    And thanks to the referees for posting the evaluations. I think they'll help future teams a lot.

    *huggles everyone*

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