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Thread: TTB DECEMBER MONTHLY 2012: Week 1

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    Welcome to WEEK 1
    TTB December Monthly: The Year That Was

    Our chosen pillar for this week is fanart, so we'll be using a past challenge from Dean's Corner as our plot bunny production house: Illustration for Inspiration. This is how things are going to go down. Play close attention O..O

    First, click on this link to get to plot bunnies. You'll learn that this DC challenge was set in collaboration with the Great Hall. There's fanfiction already written for some of the entries on this thread. Ignore those. Give us your own version of events!

    Here's a list of guidelines to remember:

    + Choose any artwork from the Illustration for Inspiration challenge and write a drabble inspired by it. The connection between the artwork and your drabble should be obvious. For e.g., if you pick my Hipster Fred pic, the drabble should be about Hipster Fred doing what he's supposed to be doing as described in the notes. If he chooses to tickle somebody at the publishing house or suggest they market a range of nailpaints instead, that's up to you. But make sure you aren't writing Fred going to Diagon Alley to buy a new pair of plaid trousers. It'd help to read the artist's notes carefully, wherever they've been provided.

    + There is no "first come, first served" rule here. An artwork can be used by more than one drabblist, but not more than once by the same drabblist. We're interested in seeing different interpretations by different people.

    + You can write more than one entry; all entries, however, must be edited into the same post to avoid clutter.

    + Your drabble(s) should have a word count of 500-800. Make sure it's devoid of errors. It's safest to get it beta-read or looked over by another pair of eyes.

    + Your drabble(s) should follow MNFF guidelines. No Professor-rated fic. We're willing to see 6th-7th year, with all applicable warnings mentioned in the author note.

    + Your drabble must be submitted in the default font format. It's uncomfortable to read a weird assortment of font colours (especially if it doesn't go well with the background) and bolded/italicised text that jumps out at me/shies away from me. Formatting should be used for a reason, and I can't see any reason not to use the regular fonts for entries. It makes the judging process smoother. Yeah, we barmaids reserve the right to use whatever font we want in whichever way because... because GOYLE RULES!

    + You have until 5 a.m. GMT, December 8th, to post in this thread. Remember that if you participate without fail every week, you will get a shot at winning the Overall Winner title.

    + Try not to get Cake-Womaned. Good Lord!

    + Use the following form for your submissions:

    PHP Code:
    Word Count:
    Link to Post Containing Artwork:

    Any questions may be directed to the Ask a Barmaid thread. For more information regarding the monthly, go here. NOW, GET YOUR QUILLS OUT AND COOK US SOME TASTY DRABBLES!

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