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Thread: TTB DECEMBER MONTHLY 2012: The Year That Was

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    TTB DECEMBER MONTHLY 2012: The Year That Was

    The year is ending, and before long, we'll be yelling goodbye from the top of our lungs. 2012 was eventful. It started off with an unearthly bang, and it's now our responsibility to ensure it leaves us in a similar fashion. So, gather your self-refilling quills and prepare yourself for this month's challenge, where we'll celebrate some of the best moments from the four pillars of our boards: fanfiction, banners, fanart and fanpoetry!

    Here's how it will work. Each week, I will post a link to a past challenge, each chosen from a forum that corresponds to the four pillars mentioned above. You will pen drabbles inspired by any entry from the challenge. There's no limit to how many times you can enter, but you will draw inspiration from the concerned challenge, and write your drabbles as per the rules set for that week. Yes, there'll be additional rules attached, because we're going to be revisiting challenges that are very different from each other.

    Although the following will be repeated again in each weekly thread, let's see what the salient features of this monthly are:

    + Write a drabble inspired by an entry from a featured challenge.
    + Follow the guidelines provided for the respective weekly.
    + Each drabble can have a word count from 500 to 800 words; there's no limit to how many drabbles can be submitted.
    + A winner will be chosen for each weekly, announced at the end.
    + An overall winner (and runners-up) will be chosen, but only from those who participate every week without fail.
    + All MNFF fanfiction guidelines are applicable. ALL ENTRIES SHOULD BE BETA-READ AND/OR FREE OF ERRORS.

    Points will be awarded thusly:

    + 5 points per entrant per weekly
    + 10 points for the weekly winner *
    + 15 points for the overall winner, 10 for runners-up

    * If the barmaids are stupefied by the quality of the drabbles, they will award runners-up for the weeklies as well.

    Submission forms and weekly-specific guidelines will be posted in the individual threads, the first of which will be posted sometime tomorrow, the 1st of December. Keep your eyes and potatoes peeled!


    WEEK 1
    WEEK 2
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