As the dreaded shopping hordes descend upon shops across the world, many of us are confronted with the inevitability of the holiday season. Several religions and cultures around the world have major observances in November and December, and many stories have been written in their name.

Your job, lovely SPEWers, is to find a story that is either focused on a holiday or is set during any recognisable holiday season and is influenced by it. The holiday in question should be set between late November and early January and have information readily available about its nature on free information sites such as Wikipedia.

As usual, ask and answer at least one TQ, but feel free to answer or contribute more than that. Returning to discussions is always encouraged. Here are a couple to get you started:

Many holiday fics tend to be on the fluffy, warm/fuzzy side, when under other circumstances, this would be a strike against a story for some readers. Do you feel like giving holiday stories automatic happy endings is to be expected or is just another cliché in the writing world?

Would you purposely read a holiday fic that depicts an observance that is either outside your religion/social view/creed or contradicts it? Would this affect your view on its quality?

With that, go forth and review! As always, your reviews are due on December 15th at the end of the day (midnight US Pacific time/8am GMT on the 16th).