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    The Navy Directory

    The Navy Directory

    Welcome to the Directory. This is a list of all of the members of the Navy who are here to help you on your exploration of the forums. You can send any of these people a PM asking a question about the forums or the groups that they are part of.

    To make your quest to find a specific group easier, each member has been given badges depending on their groups. The groups are:

    Betas. These members are part of the Beta program which is here to help members with their writing and editing.

    Hogwarts. These members take part in the Hogwarts writing classes at the bottom of our forums.

    Bannermakers. The Bannermakers are the elite members who design and create fantastic author and fiction banners for everyone to use.

    Poetry Anyone. The forums' poets have their own group to improve and set challenges for the other poets.

    Susan Bones Book Club. This is a book group who read and discuss MNFF's best fan fiction.

    SPEW is the Society for the Promotion of Evaluations for Writers. They work hard to produce good quality reviews for the fictions on our site.

    The Navy Are -









    I hope you find this list useful. Feel free to send a message to anyone here.
    ~ Roxy

    Nicole's Edit: List has been (severely) edited effective 12/15/12.
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    You'd like to know . . .
    Name: NikkiSue/Nicole
    Organisations/Groups that you participate in: Slytherin HoH, Gauntlet Guide, School Students, QWC Referee, Duelling Club, Excerpts of Murlap
    Ways to contact you: PM, e-mail, AIM . . . in that order.
    Your top tip about surviving on the forums: Make sure you don't resort to netspeak when posting on the forums as it annoys the Mods to no end, hehe. (They are very nice, by the way.) If you participate in any of the writing challenges, always try to find a beta to proof it first.
    *was trying to think of original ideas. I hope I didn't repeat.*

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    Name: inspirations/Spire
    House: Hugglepuff
    Organisations/Groups that you participate in: I am a SPEWer, school student and poet. Plus I lurk in the Duelling club, Three Broomsticks, and the Fiction Junction.
    Ways to contact you: Go ahead and PM me - I will try to help as much as I can.
    Your top tip about surviving on the forums: Just dive straight in. Introduce yourself in the appropriate place in your CM [common room] and ask whatever you're not sure about. In Hufflepuff we love newbies and are always willing to answer questions, and I'm sure that's the same in Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. And, also, get involved. Participate in challenges - they earn your house lots of points. They are a great way to improve your writing, but they're also a lot of fun. The challenges range across all sorts of things aswell - bannering, drawing, drabbling, writing longer chapters. Seriously, there is something for everybody. And I would also recommend getting a drabbling thread. A drabble is a piece of writing between 100-500 words, and they're a great way to get feedback on your work and be noticed on the forums.

    Okay, so that was more than one tip. But yeah. The main message was get involved really - MNFF is a welcoming community, and you'll fit in as if you've been there all along. Really. You do.


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    Name: Sitara
    House: Gryffindor!
    Organisations/Groups that you participate in: Well, obviously the Navy XD The Bannermaker's Association, The Beta Guild and Hogwarts Students.
    Ways to contact you: PM/ Email. I'm always here.
    Your top tip about surviving on the forums: Ask questions! Explore! I sure as heck wouldn't have been able to find my way around if I didn't bother various people So, yeah, bother people is my main advice. But not Snape. Don't go Bothering Snape.



    Nicole's Edit: Sitara, hehehe . . . there is actually a Navy member by the name of botheringsnape. Her name is Ashley and she's a fellow Slyth. SHE would be a wonderful person to bother . . . just no other Snape!]

    Hah! I was really referring to the Potterpal's show XD But, by all means, bother botheringsnape

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