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Thread: Weekly Challenges Return - 2

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    Name: Cwiddy
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Forgotten Locket
    Warnings: none
    Words: 173

    It lay there, forgotten in the corner. It had been dropped there by one unable to open it. Frustration causing him to fling it across the room, to lay now forgotten in the corner. Dust covered the room, left empty, except for the one silent intrusion, valuables disappearing up the cloaked man's sleeves.

    The long quiet house now echoed with a new found energy. Three pair of feet sent echoes through the long quiet house, mindful of the portrait that sent many loud bellows through the desolate house.

    Foot steps intrude into the room, the room thoroughly examined, finally light reached into the corner to the small heart shaped locket that lay forgotten there. Power radiated from it. A portion of an evil soul lay trapped in the locket, transformed from a family heirloom by a murder that night so long ago.

    Feminine fingers reach down and grasp the forgotten locket, encrusted with an emerald "S" on the front. Hermione rushed back into the hallway, excitement that one of the horcruxes was found.

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    Name: megan_lupin
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Special
    Warnings: None
    Words: 242

    At a first and quick glance, one would not notice the jewellery as anything other than nice. There was nothing that stood out about it, nothing that made it any different than just an ornate and emerald-inlaid locket.

    The locket’s emeralds caught the sunlight that streamed through the window, and he was entranced as he looked at it. Emeralds were placed perfectly in the golden jewel to create a swirling figure of an “S” in the centre, the gold polished to a nearly perfect shine. Nothing at all was wrong with the locket; its oval shape was flawlessly done and it was attached to a sparkling, golden chain. One could tell, just by close observation, that the locket would be heavy, that it was of the best of quality.

    But there was something deeper about this particular locket, something that none of its fellows had ever experienced; it alone was special. It, alone, held within its depths neither photograph nor memory, but rather it held something much greater, something much stronger, and something much deadlier. Oh, yes, there were memories, but not in the traditional sense of an ancestor’s photograph.

    A sense of self resided in the locket’s golden depths and beneath the rich emerald engraving. A piece of a young man who shared blood with the jewellery’s original owner was encased in the locket, and that alone, that small distinction, separated this locket from the others.

    It made this locket special.
    Oh, this one was a lot of fun.


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    Mind Games
    Name: Mind Games
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Forgotten Illusions
    Warnings: None
    Word Count: 485

    “It shows us nothing more or less than the deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts.” – Albus Dumbledore

    At first glance, one might have seen the mirror as extravagant, lavish, and something so beautiful one could lose their gaze in it. It was quite a sight. Standing nearly as tall as the ceiling, it was narrow and lined with a gold frame. To finish the picture, there was an inscription engraved near the top of the frame that, while unreadable to most, seemed to complete the sight of the mirror. And what a stunning sight it was.

    But no matter how stunning the mirror appeared to be, a wise man would know that the foolish extravagance was not what was displayed on the outside of the mirror. As the view of the mirror becomes more familiar, some come to realise that the tricks the mirror plays are not from what it shows at first glance. Nothing like a tall gold frame, or even a fancy inscription, is enough to capture your attention for more than a few minutes.

    The real dangers of the mirror are unknown to most. The illusions it brings come from somewhere else. Some might say it’s from the reflections it gives off, but it’s something deeper than that. When the desires only known to the heart collide with the reflections of the mirror, the results can be a dangerous thing. For it is only the mirror that can show us how deep our desires really are, presenting us with illusions and fantasy that all too many seem to lose their thoughts in.

    The young man gazing into the mirror had known this. He had encountered the mirror several times before, looking at the same visions he was staring into right at that moment. And on one of those occasions a wise man had warned him of the tricks of the mirror. He had listened out of respect, but he had returned to the mirror many times since then to observe the illusion it brought.

    Although this time the mirror would serve more purpose. After he was finished tonight, the mirror would always stand tall with a certain glimmer of his own. The item was highly complex; many could not fool it and instead were fooled by its tricks. But the man had a few tricks of his own. As time went on, many would come to gaze into the mirror, not knowing what it held. All they would ever know was what they saw for themselves, the illusions they were fooled by.

    “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live. Always remember that, Tom.”

    As he stared into the eyes of his powerful form, he thought he knew the illusions he was staring at. He thought he was one step ahead of the tricks the mirror played.

    But he had forgotten them all too long ago.
    *Beginning quote taken from page 213 of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

    ** Italicized quote taken from page 214 of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, but slightly edited to fit the drabble.

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    Well so, here is my attempt...

    Name: Disappearance_26
    House: Gryffindor!
    Title: New! The Collaborative Colour Changer
    Warnings: absolutely none.
    Words: 500

    The Collaborative Colour Changer

    Fred and George shared proud grins as they stared in awe at their latest magnum opus.

    “Care to do the honours, brother of mine?” George asked, puffing out his chest with pride.

    Fred bowed dramatically, cleared his trough, and began his speech. “Today, I declare the testing process of our latest creation, the Collaborative Colour Changer, over and done with.”

    George took over from there, “Given the fact that this new product has been proved successful, it will soon be available in the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes joke shop—number 93, Diagon Alley – for the Wizarding community to purchase.”

    The twins clapped enthusiastically as they gazed lovingly at the nifty invention they were so proud of.

    The Collaborative Colour Changer was a gummy substance that swirled and twirled merrily inside an essay tube. It resembled a multicoloured candy cane; though, it was impossible to determine its colours since they kept switching from bright red, purple and green, to vivid shades of blue, orange and yellow, et cetera.

    Georges’s smile widened as he reached for the slim, candy-looking tube. When his hands touched it, he could feel the potion’s power in the form of gentle warmth that caressed his palms.

    Fred walked to his twin’s side and pulled off the cork of the essay tube. He was met by a blast of sparkles and the deliciously sweet scent of bubblegum entering his nostrils.

    The twins shared excited looks. They were delighted by the potion’s charm, which was part of its success-- the fact that no one could resist it.

    George reached the tube to his lips and gulped down a sip of the wonderful fluid. Then, he passed it to his twin, who did the exact same thing. It tasted fresh and fruit-like, creating the sensation of a natural paradise for the drinker’s taste buds.

    The Collaborative Colour changer was a potion developed to make its drinker’s hair to change according to their mood for three days. That’s why the twins decided to give it that name, because the tester’s mood and his/her hair worked together.

    The Troublesome Duo waited anxiously to see any changes in each other’s hair.

    As the minutes passed by --and nothing seemed to happen-- Fred decided to voice his worries. “I fear there is no effect, brother of mine.”
    “There isn’t, my partner in crime.” George admitted gloomily.

    Their gazes dropped and their smiles faded. They both felt really sad about the failure.

    Seconds later, Fred decided to look up. What he saw made his grin return.

    “George! Your hair is blue!” He exclaimed in joy.
    “And so is yours!” George confirmed.

    Anyways, the blue colour didn’t last long, as it was soon replaced by a vivid yellow.

    “I think I know why it didn’t change in the beginning…” George mumbled, scratching his chin for dramatic effect.

    “Why?” Fred asked, still pleased that their invention really worked.

    “Well, I think red is the colour for pride.” George explained with a smirk.
    AN: Thanks to Fictiouswrighter and Kumy for their help

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    Name: kumydabookworm
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Murderous
    Word Count: 360
    Warnings: Violence

    I cannot have a weakness. He ran a hand through his hair, a gesture of anxiety he rarely allowed himself - a childhood habit.

    The texts all said the same thing. The harder the death was, the stronger the splitting of the soul. Immortality has its price.

    The door opened behind him. "Tommy."

    He turned, forcing the fond nickname from his lips. "Johnny."

    The man stepped closer, clapping a hand on his shoulder. "How are you, mate? I haven't seen you for years. I'm surprised you called me on the phone now."

    "Freak! Freak! Freak! Freak!" The children gathered closer.

    "You killed my rabbit!" screamed Mandy, streaks of snot smeared across her skin, her cheeks red.

    He huddled away from them. He knew that look in their eyes. It was the wild look of a mob, of insanity, of rage. They would hurt him now. He knew it. They looked murderous.

    "Freak! Freak!"

    "Shut up!" Johnny cried, bursting through the rank and file. "Tommy, get up. Go to your room. I'll take care of this."

    I can't control whatever this is. It killed the bunny, not me. At least Johnny understands; he can protect me from those monsters.

    He rushed away, leaving his only friend to deal with the angry orphans.

    Tom blinked once - twice. "Yes, Johnny. I did call you up. I needed something from you."

    He pulled out his wand. What can I say? "I'm going to kill you now." He shook his head to clear it. Just do it.

    "Avada Kevadra."

    The man crumpled.

    Johnny trusted me. He felt his heart rip. He stared at the ring in front of him, pouring all the energy he felt into the object. Picking it up, he walked out of the room, slamming the door on the corpse behind him.Trust was his weakness, and I've made it my strength.

    He slipped the ring on, clenching his fist against the band fondly. Father was weak, too. He left me to fend for myself, the coward.

    The tears dried from his eyes. I've made something good of their weakness. My strength.

    His eyes, scarlet lines surrounding black orbs, looked murderous.

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    Name: harrynhermione_06 a.k.a. Kelsey
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Home is Where the Soul is
    Warnings: None
    Words: 269

    It was plain in sight. That's what made it the best possible horcrux.

    Who would suspect it? It appeared much too large to be a horcrux. Only a very powerful wizard could have converted such a sacred place to a piece of a shattered soul.

    But Voldemort was powerful.

    He was also intellegent. He knew that no one would wonder whether the building itself was a horcrux or not. They'd be searching inside, not giving a second thought about it as a whole.

    Sometimes the Dark Lord would laugh at his ingenious mind. He was certain to remain immortal. Even when the Potter boy would dare duel him, he still would have a horcrux left.

    Because no one was smart enough to think of it.

    The stony walls were weathered and faded, the doors squeaked when opened. The windows were always clean, albiet snowy some days, but clean. The halls of the magnificent piece of architecture were lousy with spirits, students, and magic.

    He had always had a thirst for knowledge. Knowledge of the Wizarding world that was kept a secret from him for eleven years. Knowledge of the Founders, their pasts, and their powers.

    Their powers. The strongest magic in the history of the world, possibly. And all four of them contributed to it. It was the most unexpected horcrux, yet the most sensible. The most powerful.

    The magic that flowed through the castle was the most advanced magic anyone could wish for. It was his favorite horcrux.

    And it had been his home.

    And now his first home, Hogwarts, stored a piece of his soul.

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    Name: Gonz
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: A Simple Thing
    Warnings: none
    Words: 101

    I am a simple thing.

    I am overlooked, underestimated, and right in front of your eyes. My simplicity hides me. You never even imagine that I am more then what I seem? You aren’t even capable of seeing what lies inside me.

    Yes, something does lie within my soul. It is not what you would except to find, and if you continue to overlook me you will never know.

    So I spend my days waiting: patiently, quietly. I wait for the moment when your hands grasp me, and then when they try to use me…


    I become a rubber chicken.

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    You guys did very well this time. Alot of them weren't exactly what I intended when I posted the challenge, but who cares about that when they were well-written and interesting!


    First Place:

    Home is Where the Soul is by harrynhermione

    Second Place:

    A Simple Thing by Gonz


    Murderous by kumydabookworm

    Third Place:

    What had to be done by Sly Severus


    Ironic Ring by tc015

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