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Thread: Weekly Challenges Return - 2

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    Weekly Challenges Return - 2

    Thanks to LucillaJoanna for donating this drabble idea...

    Your task this time is to describe either

    a) one of Fred and George's Inventions


    b) one of Voldemort's Horcruxes.

    I thought about limiting the word count to 300, but I'll be nice (for now) and let you have all 500 hundred. Just remember, though, 500 words of description is ALOT and could get on a reader's nerves if it's not done right soooo...

    Have fun and please use the following form for submissions:


    Oh yeah, winners will be awarded 15, 10 and 5 points respectively.

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    Name: LucillaJoanna
    House: Hufflepuff and Sparkly-poo!
    Title: Weasleys' Wheezy Tea Service
    Warnings: none
    Words: 345

    My first drabble! Having my idea so honored quite egged me on, too! Here goes, lovies!
    This is narrative-woven description. Straight description would be boring and boring is quite unbecoming to Fred and George.

    It glowed like milk in the morning light. Vines dotted with clusters of pink flowers formed whimsy curlicues on the scalloped lid. Around the belly, a belt of more pinks frolicked like tops.

    “Dearest Mum,

    We have created this special tea service just for you. The dancing flowers will assure you your tea will be kept hot, so pray don’t complain about their ruddy behavior.

    Moreover, it pleases us that whenever you use this, you will declare proudly to everyone that Fred and George Weasley are your sons.

    Sincerestly yours,
    Gred and Forge.”

    Molly rarely had cause to give a tender smile at the thought of her rambunctious twins, but she did so then. She returned the pot and the matching dainty cups in their velvet-lined caddy and decided she would use them at the first opportunity, even with Mundungus. She’ll just have to cast a Protego spell on the cup he would be using.

    “This is a very nice tea service you have here, Molly,” Minerva said afterward, having been prevailed on to sit for a moment at Order Headquarters.

    “Aren’t they?” Molly gushed. “Can you suppose which of my sons gave it to me?”

    “Bill? A thank-you for your giving him such a wonderful wedding?”

    Molly opened her mouth to answer, but she paused and so did Minerva, at the noise that reached them just then.

    They waited for ten tense seconds, but it didn’t come again. Molly recommenced pouring the tea.

    There it was again. "Heh! heh! heh! heh!"

    “I think it’s coming from the teapot,” Minerva whispered, her nose already scrunched up disdainfully.

    Molly bent down, unconvinced. But when her nose came within reach of the steam rising from the teapot’s spout, she smelled it and recoiled. Dog-breath.

    “It pants after you pour. I suppose it’s Fred and George who gave it to you?”

    Molly nodded.

    “Now, Molly, never mind; look, the tea tastes fine.” Professor McGonagall sipped and nodded graciously, albeit a little nervously, as Molly went from red to purple, hearing Minerva’s cup pant as well after the sip.

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    Name: Colores
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: You Don't Know Me
    Warnings: none
    Words: 361

    If you knew me, you would know that I am a thing of evil. I contain one of the most powerful secrets of the world: the secret of death. Not only death, you see, but also of murder. I alone hold the remainder of what used to be someone’s soul. But now I hold a different soul, the soul of a master, of an evil creator who fills me up with his own broken soul. I hold the shadow of murder within me, and yet I am nothing more than a regular object.

    I am the family heirloom of the man that wears me, the mark of a long line in my family. I am the symbol of power for the family that I serve, so to speak. I mark the passage of boy to manhood when you put me on your finger, and yet! I was the mark of the murderer. My new master murdered my old one for me. For my old master, I was nothing more than myself, but now I am something much more. I am something much more powerful, much greater, and much more terrible!

    But when you look at me, you don’t see any of that. You see me upon the finger of a man that you’ll maybe only see once in your life. Now I am perched upon the unnaturally long fingers of a man that will one day have the entire community bowing down before him. You don’t know that I am a part of that. You only see me as an object, gold and black. A symbol of wealth, perhaps, upon this man’s finger. You don’t know my history. You don’t know that I once belonged to the greatest of pureblood wizards ever to live, Salazar Slytherin! You don’t know me.

    So when you see me, don’t pretend to know. For even if you remember everything that I have just told you, I have kept my greatest secret from you. I am a ring, yes! I am the ring of Salazar Slytherin, as passed down through the family of Gaunt to where I am today.

    But now, I am so much more.

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    Name: phily
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: The Multi-coloured Facade
    Warnings: none
    Words: 505 (I know, I'm sorry! I really couldn't find those last few words!)

    Edit: Sorry, I forgot to add this little note! This would be around the time Ginny is only 11 or 12 so it should explain the more child-like figure. Just thought it needed explaining otherwise you may wonder where on earth my characterisation has gone! Hehe! Thanks!

    Ginny crept down the stairs, descending one flight until she reached the second floor landing. There was a creak from beneath her feet as she stepped on the loose floorboard but she was sure they wouldn’t hear her. They were too busy with their secret project; the secret project she was looking to discover.

    The door was open a little but she couldn’t simply walk in. Instead, she knelt down by the door’s hinges and peered through the gap. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the dim light inside but when they did, she could clearly see them.

    Fred and George stood shoulder to shoulder in front of something Ginny couldn’t quite see.

    “What do you reckon to it then, George,” Fred asked boldly.

    “It think it might need a bit of tweaking, but we’re nearly there,” George answered, turning to face his brother.

    As he turned, the crouching figure behind the door was suddenly exposed to it: ‘The Sock Sorter Thirty-two hundred’. She read the gold lettering and muttered the name back to herself. It puzzled her.

    Fred and George disappeared from view and Ginny adjusted her position to get a better view of the contraption. It was a large box but it had chimneys protruding from the top of it; ten or fifteen in all. What was more; the box-like thing was decorated with multicoloured stripes that flashed like neon lights.

    Suddenly, Ginny became aware that the twins were much nearer the door than before. She began to retreat but…

    “Gotcha!” said Fred triumphantly. He had opened the door, grasped Ginny by the arm and hauled her into the room.

    “Trying to sneak up on us were you, little ginger?” asked George, grinning.

    “No, I… I was…” she spluttered, still in shock. “What on earth is that?!”

    “It’s ‘The Sock Sorter Thirty-two hundred,” the twins replied together.

    After a look from Ginny that showed she clearly still did not understand, Fred added, “It sorts socks. You know, when you have all those odd socks? Well, this invention of ours puts them into pairs of the same colour and pattern. Handy, huh?”

    “I suppose it would be…” started Ginny uncertainly.

    “Well, it would be interesting for you if you actually did the washing,” finished Fred hastily. “But, as your forte doesn’t seem to be in that department, you’ll excuse us for kicking you out now. See you!” And before Ginny could protest, she found herself out on the landing once more.

    The twins watched as their sister scrambled back up the stairs to her room. Once she was safely out of the way, they turned back to face their multi-coloured invention.

    “Think we fooled her, don’t you?” George said, grinning again. As he spoke, Fred reached out, grasped the surface of their invention and pulled off the multi-coloured layer which was in fact, material. And there it was; gleaming in dim light.

    The invention that was soon to make to them famous: ‘The Ultimate Locker Locking Safety Safe Four thousand.’

    Okay, so it's perhaps not exactly what you were looking for, but I had an idea and decided to run with it! Thanks!


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    Name: GinnyPotter
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Please?
    Warnings: None!
    Word Count: Uh...512? I'm SO sorry, but I couldn't cut it down!

    You know, sometimes it's hard to have Fred and George as Brothers. Why? Hmm....well, they are twins. Why's that a problem? They are ALWAYS together! Anyway, they also make really weird inventions. For say, they are making thundering footsteps right now. Oh no, here they come.


    Whenever I hear that word like that, it means they want something to do with their pranks. I know them long enough.

    "No." I said, turning away.


    "Our dearest, favorite sister...."

    "Your only sister." I said, rolling my eyes. Fred and George looked at me.

    “Ginny, we need your help. We need you to test out newest invention for us. You see, we tried testing it on ourselves, but Mum caught us. She went mad!” They told me.

    “Is that why she was in a foul temper the other day?”

    “Yes, now don’t interrupt; we are being nice about this. Anyway, we had the chance to try it out this morning. It worked pretty well. But we need a second opinion. Since you were the first one we saw, we are asking you.” They finished.

    I sighed. Should I accept this horrible challenge? I mean, I could do it and be nice, or just say no. This only took me a second to answer.




    “I’ll let you buy anything you want in our shop for only a Knut the next time you visit.” George said. I knew he was bribing me. I actually had to think about this.

    “Ok.” I said. “But if I die and become a ghost, don’t expect any sympathy. Now, what the heck is it anyway?”

    Fred pulled out a blue and green ball. This was the famous project?

    “This is the bouncy ball disguiser 3300! Ever wanted to trick someone and changing apperances? Want to be a Tonks? This is just for you! Just touch the ball, whisper who you want to turn into, a BAM! You are the person (s)! Warning: May result in looking half like your self, half like the other person.” My Brothers said together, holding it out.

    I looked at it. “How do you change back?”

    “Umm…we haven’t figured it out yet.”

    Then I noticed that Fred looked a bit like Hermione, and George looked a LOT like Percy. I made another decision.

    “See you!”

    “GINNY! Wait up! We do know actually! All you have to do is say their name again, and you turn back into yourself.” They yelled as I walked away.

    I sighed. Since I felt that I should be nice because it was their birthday, I agreed.

    “Fine. I’ll try it. Where is it?”

    George grabbed it out of Fred’s hands, and gave it to me. “Here!”

    I wondered who I wanted to be. Harry? EW! Hermione? Eh. I chose my person. I held onto the ball, and said, “Nymphadora Tonks!”

    Suddenly, I felt myself changing. I ran to the mirror, and saw myself! AHH! I grabbed onto the ball again. “Tonks!”

    I didn’t change a bit. I screamed.

    But I never heard Fred say, “April Fools.”
    Agin, I am SO sorry! But, only Hufflepuff's have entered so far! W00t!

    ♥ Gin

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    Sly Severus
    I have no idea if this is what you had in mind. Actually, I'm guessing that it wasn't, but here's my take on it:

    Name: Sly Severus
    House: Slytherin
    Title: What Had To Be Done
    Warnings: None
    Words: 255

    Holding the chain in his hand, he could not believe what he had done to get it. It was beautiful; any woman would have been proud to wear it. Even his snobby cousins would appreciate the fine locket, but none of them would ever see it. He knew what had to be done.

    However, he was reluctant to do it. He found himself rather drawn to the object. Unsure of rather his reaction was because of the locket’s beauty or a spell; he was not clear on what to do. So he did what felt right. He sat on the rock’s ledge, studying the ornament.

    The locket felt heavy in his hand as he raised it to his face. For a locket, it was slightly larger than normal—larger than anything his mother or aunts had ever owned anyway. He traced his finger over the flamboyant S on the locket’s cover, made of rubies. They felt rough beneath his fingers, yet welcome.

    For a moment, he wished to keep the locket. It was make an extraordinary gift. With it, he could win the heart of any woman. Shaking his head, he became confident that his insane thoughts were indeed coming from a spell. He couldn’t let that get to him. He knew what had to be done.

    Dropping the locket into a pouch, he stood and walked away from the ledge. He had come this far. Nothing would stop him now. He would do his part to kill the most evil wizard to ever live.

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    Name: FenrirG
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Whispering Pages
    Warnings: None
    Words: 351

    Dear Diary,
    My name is Ginevra Molly Weasley...

    I drink in the words as quickly as they come; I can feel them gently traced across my “body,” for lack of a better word, like a soft breeze among the treetops. Finally. This so-called Ginevra Weasley may indeed become my key to resurrection.

    I’m eleven years old, and a first year at...

    Perfect. Young, impressionable Ginevra... Little does she know, her life--her soul--is about to be destroyed.

    My mind (for a mind is all I possess) begins to wander as little “Ginny” rambles on. I have no concern for her sordid, private affairs, but I let her speak her piece--I must know more about her in order to gain her confidence. Six big brothers, one absolutely amazing crush... A normal, foolish little girl--until, that is, her next words capture my attention.

    Harry is simply... wonderful. When he was just a little baby, he destroyed You-Know-Who all by himself, even though his mum and dad died. I really, really wish, Diary, that he would just talk to me...

    Destroyed the Dark Lord? Impossible. I am Lord Voldemort, and I survive. Perhaps this means that I have lost my body, been temporarily vanquished by this Potter boy? No matter--for I shall survive as long as I still have my soul. But I must regain power, and little Ginny Weasley is suddenly much more important than ever before...

    There is a pause in the writing, presumably as Ginny dips her quill into the ink pot. I draw in the dark ink she has been using to write, hear her gasp as she stares in disbelief at my clean, blank pages.

    I begin to speak to her.

    Hello, Ginny. My name is Tom--Tom Riddle. If you’d like, I can help you win over your Harry for good. All I ask is a little favour...

    I feel fierce satisfaction well through me as she shakily writes back her reply. Ginny Weasley is no longer. The little first-year girl who pours her soul into my ghostly pages is the Heir of Slytherin.

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    Name: FlightofthePhoenix
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Mirror, Mirror
    Warnings: None
    Words: 331

    The cottage was nearly falling apart. Moldy boards covered the windows and the garden out the front was no longer existant. Where there was a rotting and half destroyed cottage, once stood Rowena Ravenclaw’s home, in the long deserted village called Shaleton.

    Three young people entered the house cautiously, their eyes glancing over the rotted furniture and possessions. Hermione brushed away dust of a pile of books.
    “Amazing, books actually written by Rowena herself, these should be in the Library at the Potter Manor so we have access to them Harry,” Hermione breathed in amazement.

    Harry ventured into another room and gazed around. Something glinted on the far side of the room and he felt drawn to it. A mirror sat, long forgotten on an old desk, covered in dust.

    His green eyes surveyed his surroundings before blowing the dust off the Horcrux. The back of the mirror was a deep blue colour. The words Rowena Ravenclaw were etched onto the back in golden lettering and below it, an eagle with its wings outstretched, in mid-flight.

    The edge had tiny but beautiful jewels of a delicate shade of blue around it. Harry stared down into his reflection. He could almost see the merciless, red eyes that haunted him constantly through out his journey, in the mirror.

    Hermione and Ron appeared behind him suddenly as they waited nervously.
    “Harry, we must hurry, he’ll find us,” Hermione spoke softly, her voice breaking the silence. “He knows we’re after them.”

    He was captivated by the beauty of the mirror. How could something that came from someone so good be used for so much evil? He would never know the way Voldemort’s mind worked.

    He had to destroy it, no matter how precious and special it was. It contained part of Voldemort and it was the only way.

    He brought his wand down on the mirror and there was a flash of light.

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    Name: butter_beer_drinker
    House:Gryffindor of course.
    Title:The Commercial
    Warnings:Mean thing done to Hermione
    Words: 355

    Hope this is ok. I got the idea from the movie "Remote Control".

    “Welcome.” Fred grinned widely at the camera.

    George jumped into view. “We would like to show you our latest invention….”

    “Well we didn’t really invent the thing…” Fred turned to George as he corrected his twin.

    George shrugged and amended his comment. “Okay so it was a Muggle item that our dad found.”

    “This item here is called a control remoted” Fred held up the odd item and waved it at the camera.

    Harry chimed in, “remote control guys, remote control.”

    “Yeah right, what he said. Anyway this here gadget will help make your life totally enjoyable.” Fred continued his monologue.

    George pointed his wand at the large red button on the top. “Push this button labeled On/Off to get it started. Once it is on, point it at what you want it to control.”

    “Fast forward will speed up everything from the dishes washing to your lazy kids.” Fred aimed the controller at Crookshanks who sped past chasing a slower moving gnome.

    “Reverse does exactly what it says, screw up something? Reverse back to that time and start over.” Fred pushed another button and Crookshanks spit out the Gnome and ran backwards to the fence.

    “Trying to listen to your favorite song and the hubby is talking, pause him till the song is over.” George took the remote, pushed a small button, and watched as the Gnome stopped running mid stride.

    George pointed the remote at some birds chattering in the tree, “Rug rats screaming too much?”

    “Mute them!” Both young men smiled and said in unison.

    Fred chimed in, “No side effects, no worries, no problems.”

    “This has been tested and retested on many subjects and is absolutely, 99% safe.” George grinned and winked at the camera.

    “Wait, wait, wait, your saying that this thing can control things with no side effects? I don’t think that is wise. Don’t get me wrong the concept is really good but I just don’t think you should ……” Hermione looked stunned for a moment then started silently screaming at the twins.

    “I’ll take one!” Harry and Ron both yelled at the same time looking at Hermione’s furious face.

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    Name: tc015
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Ironic Ring
    Warnings: None
    Words: 265
    AN: There has been much speculation about the Peverell coat of arms found on Marvolo’s ring. One of crests that might be on it is one that has a lion. For the sake of the drabble, I used this one.

    Albus Dumbledore held out his hand. The new addition that lay on his finger was worth all the pain and suffering he had to endure for it. Losing his hand was horrible, but necessary. They desperately needed this piece of the puzzle, if Voldemort was going to ever be defeated.

    He hadn’t been able to get a closer look at it. With all the events of the evening, he was lucky that he was even alive. Even though the nature of it was dark and the legacy it carried unmoral, Albus did have to admit that did have some sort of strange beauty.

    It was large and rather poorly made considering its origin. The gold was molded to fit a person with a rather finger. After looking closer at the gold, he could make out the shape of several tiny snakes slithering around the outside. It seemed to fit the original bearer well, considering that person’s history with the serpent. In the center of the ring sat a black stone. The stone was one of the nicer aspects of the ring. It picked up the light nicely, and the engraved Peverell coat of arms showed the craftsman’s talent nicely. It was ironic that the crest had a lion in the center, knowing the owner’s feeling towards the creature.

    The ring was rather nice after all, filled with a certain irony that Albus could appreciate. The two enemies houses, combined together to form a ring that would be used by one to thwart the other. It was an interesting idea, or at least Albus thought so.

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