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    So I just got sorted into Gryffindor a few weeks ago, and I was very excited/surprised. I had hoped to be sorted here, but as I was taking the quiz, I had a feeling I might be sorted into Hufflepuff. So I was extremely happy when I got the PM saying Gryffindor! Anyway, I'm just really excited to be in this house and i've already gotten a few welcome PM's, which is just great!


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    Hey, I've been a member of Gryffindor since May or April or June 2008, and I really wanted to be here! I was nervous to be in any other house, because i was too gryff, all my friends say so. Except for the fact i hate scary movies. (blush) but i have gryff flaws (temper, pride, too loyal, impatient) and i just wasnt feelign ravenclaw. they are sooo dedicated to school!!! and hufflepuff are patient! ironically, my mugglenet buddy is a slytherin! how weird!!!

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    Yeah, Gryffindor came as a surprise to me too. I was almost sure I was a Hufflepuff, (very friendly, nice, and stuff like that...) but then I got into Gryffindor! I've always admired Gryffs for their total recklessness and overall scariness (in a good way) All of my friends say I'm in Hufflepuff, and compleatly deny that I ever got into Gryffindor. So I just keep being persistent in changing their minds, although they would probably drag me away to an asylsm if I obsessed over all the little things that prove I'm a Gryffindor too much. I'm sort of a Huffledor. Actually, I pretty much am. But whatever.

    But for some reason, I've always had some sort of prejudice against Hufflepuff. Maybe it was because it was the, "house for all the rest" and I never liked that catogorie for me. But I think it was because my friends and I one day decided that we hated Hufflepuffs because One of us was a so-called "Gryffindor", the other was a "Slytherin" and I believed I was a "Ravenclaw". So since no one was Hufflepuff, we decied we hated them. And that stuck with me all these years!
    Sorry if I'm rambling. I do that sometimes.

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    Hey guys! i'm the new Gryffindor. Radcliffefan07 but you can call me Ashley. i'm very new to this sight and this is only my second post. i'm excited to be in Gryffindor. its what i hoped for from the time i found out that i could get sorted so yay for me. well i'll stop boring you all now. hope to make you proud and help you win the house cup.

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    Getting Used to My New Gryffindor Status


    I'm not quite sure how this message is going to turn out. I'm entirely new to online groups
    (I utterly failed at facebook). I'm really excited about this site, though I was a little bit
    disappointed when I was sorted into Gryffindor.

    I really wanted to be part of Slytherin, but I'm ready to join my new house. I do intend on keeping my Draco avatar though, afterall I can't give up my favorite character so quickly. Here's to trying new things and getting on with my new brave and adventurous house.

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    Hi! I'm Aislinn and new to the boards. I like to read stories on MNFF and clicked through to the Beta Boards out of curiosity. When I got here, I think I got a little hooked and am excited to see what I can get in to here. I love to write and am looking forward to sharpening my skills and making some new friends! I'm very friendly and easy to talk to, so message me any time. I'm also so glad I was sorted into Gryffindor and am excited to be added to the house.

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    Gryffindor, Baby!

    Wow I haven't posted things before I'm more of a behind the scenes person, but that is totally not my point right now. I was super-excited to make Gryffindor! When I went to the DH release party, they had a "sorting" (pull out a card from the sorting hat) and I got Gryffindor! On here, I thought I was going to be Ravenclaw or maybe Hufflepuff. Even though Gryffindors were waaaaaaay overworked in the books I still think that it is the height of dishonor to betray a friend. Always stand up for what you believe in and keep being Gryffindorrifficlyfantastical!

    [[I apologize for my cheeziness]]


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    Hi, everyone! I've been here in Gryffindor for... *looks at calendar* almost a year! I think it'll be August for my one-year anniversary. I was introduced to the forums, and to mugglenet in general, by my dear RL friend who resides on the forums as harryginny4eva61. I had always been in love with Harry Potter, and am ecstatic to be here.

    As MadEyeMaddy said, there was a "sorting" at the midnight release party for DH (at least where I went, too) where you pulled a card out of a hat. I, naturally, was a Slytherin. My reaction to that was "Cool!" because Slytherin has always been made out to be the "evil" house. I was sort of disappointed to be a Gryffindor, though. I'll admit it. But as of now, I'm very happy with that. I've met amazing people here and I wouldn't re-take the sorting quiz even if I could.


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    HI!!!i'm LuNaLoVeGoOdLoVeR (who would have guessed, like it doesn't say that at the top since i posted ) You can call me Andrea. I've been sorted into Griff twice, once on the test on the fanfic site, and then hear. I was glad about that, since I love the griffendors!!! they are so cool of couse, as i'm in it!!! just kidding.
    well, even if I was excited to bein griffendor, I would also have been glad to be in another house. when i first started reading Harry Potter (a long time ago ) i liked ravenclaw second best to Griffendor. now, i actually think the Huffs are cool, since they have a lot of good traits and they are also portrayed in a better light as the books develop, so that kind of changed my mind...
    well, I've been reading fanfic for a while, but only joined the forums a couple of weeks ago. I love Harry Potter, and always have!!! I've read the seventh book over 10 times and could spend hours on the mugglenet site, -
    well... good bye!*looks dreamaly into the sky and sings at the top of her voice*

    sorry if I bored ya!

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    help help help

    Hi all,
    I'm new to Gryffindor, really don't have any idea what i'm doing!
    I've been told i have to use capital letters otherwise ill get into trouble from a mod?
    I'm only here because my friend signed me up, don't get me wrong i'm a HUGE fan of harry potter, AND twilight !
    And another request, could someone tell me if we celebrate Wednesdays?
    And why that may be ?
    that would be absolutley peachy.

    - taylor, x

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