Hey there Taylor and welcome to Gryffindor!

Because we write stories for the main site, in which we have to use correct grammer to avoiud being rejected, we find that using correct grammer in the forums, gets us into the habit. Mod's won't shout at you for the occasional comma or spelling mistake or not captialising. By "correct grammer" we really nean no Text speak. so no "U, R, etc."

A Mod, is a 'Moderator' they control the forums and moderate the posts that we all post. They run the challenges and have to power to edit and delete other peoples posts. They are here to make sure we all get the most we can out of the forums and trying to avoid the deadly curse of "SPAM!" The mods also moderate the categories on the main site, they chech through each chapter of eacj story that is submitted for correct grammer, good characterisation and a good plot. They also check for canon errors.

In our tower, we do celebrate wednesdays. This is because of a prominant member of the house "A.H." AKA Ari. She is probably one of the most random people you will ever meet and one day she decided that she wanted to celebrate Wednesday's and because everyone loves her, we all followed suit. Unfortunately Ari has gone on a sort of hiatus we occasionally try to keep up with the Wednesday celebrations, but it isn't the same without her

I hope that helped! If you have anymore questions, feel free to PM me

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