Hey guys, this is Roxy. I didn't manage to approve your posts in time to stop others responding so Rena, you've had plenty of good responses. I've merged them all into one post because they're all good answers. Sorry, I'll try to be quicker next time.

Well, once you've been sorted, you have to wait for your Head of House to add you to the usergroup. Then you can see some other forums. Also, if you want to see the classes forum, I believe you have to join the "students" usergroup, in your User CP.

No, Rena, you just have to wait for maybe a few days for our HoH to add you to the Gryffindor usergroup. You'll know you are added when you can see the subforum 'Gryffindor' and when you have 'Gryffindor' in red under your name.

Welcome all newbies! It's great to have you here.

Rena -- Hello, and welcome to Gryffindor!

No, you don't have to have a certain number of posts. . . . Our Head of House (MrsGeorgeWeasley) has to validate you, and then you'll be able to see Hogwarts and Gryffindor Tower and such.

This might take a while, as mods *do* have actual factual lives, but it'll be worth it in the end.

- Katie
Hey!! I'm Jorie and I'm a kinda newish Gryffie!

When I got my results from the Sorting Quiz I was really happy because I wanted to be either Gryffie or Claw. After I was added I looked through all the new threads and started posting in the RoR, Tower, and TWS. To all the new Gryffies don't be afraid to just jump right in, everyone here is totally nice and friendly!
Do I have to have a certain number of posts or something before I gain access to the other stuff that's supposed to be visible once you've been sorted? *is kind of confuzzled*

Welcome to Gryffindor Rena! After you get the results back from you quiz it takes about a week for the HoH to add you. After you're added by the HoH you should be able to see all of the new threads.

-Jorie (who lovess random PMs)
Rena- No, there's no number of posts that you need to see things. What you have to do is wait for a mod to add you to the Gryffindor usergroup. Sometimes it takes a while because... the mods have lives. I know, it's shocking, but occasionally they get busy and won't add people for a bit. Once they've added you to the Gryffindor usergroup, you'll be able to see just about everything.

Katie, I'm terribly sorry about your parrot hat. Would you like another? I went to the zoo a few days ago... Actually, it might be a monkey hat, but monkey hats are pretty awesome too.