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Thread: The Lions' Den

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    Thank you!
    But how will I know that i've been added ot a usergroup thingy?

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    When you click User CP, there's Group Memberships at the bottom of left hand-side. Click on that, and again, at the bottom, there's "You're a member of the following groups". You'll see "Gryffindor" there when you're added. Welcome!
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    Hooray! I found the tower!!
    Dip de dip de dop....
    Thank you!

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    What is there to say about the mighty house of Gryffindor that hasn't already been said?

    We're a rather diverse group. You've got people like me to people like (Sorry, Katie! You know what I mean!) harrypotterfangirl21. We've got loads of crazy junk going on in our CR, and so much love! And there really aren't as many of us as people think.

    Although, I must say, I think more people fudge (no pun intended) their answers to get into Gryffindor than any other house. Please, please don't do this. It'll only end up hurting your forum life more than it helps.

    See you around!

    -Stubby (With a short message: maybe I'll be back with more.)

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    Hello all!
    *is new and a bit clueless*

    I love these forums because you are all really friendly and it is much less cliquey (is that even a word?) than other forums. And I am so proud to be in Gryfindor! I am sorry but we are the best house!

    BTW I love random PMs!

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    hey all oldies and newbies !

    just popped in to say GRYFFINDOR ROCKS!

    and i'm manu by the way ...

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    Hi everyone!!
    I'm Maria, a proud member of Gryffindor House!

    I was absolutely delighted at being sorted as a Gryffie, I was hoping I would be but I wasn't really sure of my result...

    I guess I'm a semi-newbie now...sorry it took me so long to post here...

    Oldies! All you guys are great you know...*hugs oldies*

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    Hi! I think this is my first ever post here at To be honest, I haven't really been sure where to start posting at! I just received the results of my Sorting, and I'm a Gryffindor! I'm really looking forward to being able to access all the forums that are awaiting me (as of yet, I can't. ). I really enjoy writing, and I have one HP fic in progress at my own website (one that is for writing in general, whether fan fic or not). I'm sure I'll be introducing myself again in The Great Hall or something, so I won't say too much more here. Just thought I'd take a few moments to tell everyone that I'm looking forward to being an active member here!

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    Hello, Rena!

    Welcome to the forums! All of us Gryffies look forward to having you in our wonderful Toaster house! Feel free to PM anyone of us with question, or just random discussions. I know most of us love it. *glares at Katie*


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    Do I have to have a certain number of posts or something before I gain access to the other stuff that's supposed to be visible once you've been sorted? *is kind of confuzzled*

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