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Thread: The Lions' Den

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    Quote Originally Posted by kehribar
    Um, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it was some other new Gryff who had started the TWS madness -- Nintendude? *goes to check* I remember because I had found a PM in my inbox around that time from him named "Meraba" (Hello in Turkish) and was like Then that Gryff just disappeared after making a few posts in the TWS, but the legend he left behind... *shakes head and sighes*

    Just in case one day he pokes his head and thinks "Those Gryffindor girls stole my glory!!!"

    I wake up one morning, see this thread, and after only five minutes, I feel positively ancient!!! So, hey people! My name is Allie and I am an Toaster. Just like those addicts anonymous meetings. My name is________ and I am a __________. Well, we are all crazy and random like that over in the Gryff Tower, but don't let that get you down!

    So, the reason why I was feeling all old and ancient at what some would consider the tender age of fourteen is because, I was actually there when the TWS was founded. Yes, I know. I am ancient. Nintendude (bless him, wherever he is right now) started that thread right as I became a Gryffiie all those many months ago. In fact, that's one of the first places that I posted when I became a Toaster! If you are new and just want to meet some new people and make tons of new friends, then I can't recommend the TWS enough! Even though it's not up right now due to... circumstances. *warning glare at Gryffies* Who am I kidding? I can't get mad at you guys!

    We are all extremely tight in the Gryff Tower, but we are all ready to make room for some new friends so speak up! We'd love to hear from you!

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    God bless the one who posted the the TWS. Where would we be without him?

    Yes, I feel more ancient than Allie. I've been here since the old forums! My good friend Risa introduced me, and I've been addicted ever since. I've seen tons of people come and go. Tons. It makes me sad, but then I meet new people all over the place and I feel less sad.


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    Wow, God bless us? -stunned-

    Yes, it's sad that the TWSers are missing their thread right now....Hopefully we'll get it back soon.

    As you can see, Gryffies, aren't perfect. We've had threads taken away from us multiple times, but, the good thing is, we learn from it!

    I can remember being overwhelmed as a newbie. But, like Gucci (Nutz-chan) said, you sort of have to dive right in and adjust. But don't worry, Gryffs are just so friendly, I'm sure you'll feel alright in a week!


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    A tiny warning to Gryffindor - this thread is to tell stories about your amazing house, please try not to spam. I've just gone through and pruned a few places.

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    Welcome Newbies, I'm butter_beer_drinker, BBD and Kristy and I'm old, like older than dirt! Just kidding I am only 32 but I have 3 kiddos of my own. I have been here since, umm, well lets see, err.... I don't know less than a year but after I got my first PM from Kumy I jumped right in, I actually thought she was the HoH (head of house).

    I am trying to pick up some the numerous things that Kumy will no longer be doing so you will see me post about due dates and such in our tower. I like posting pictures in my answers and I have a cheerleader one, if you see it, it will contain a message about a challange that we all need to enter.

    I love being here and helping out in the threads, I sometimes still mess up though and post in the wrong place. My specailty, Titles to stories, not sure why but I am one of those horrible people that judges a book by it's cover so here I have to judge them by titles.

    I was hesitant to join classes but I joined my first one during the fall, it was a beginners DA class and I wrote my first story that I was ever proud of. I didn't think I was a writer but somehow MNFF brought it out in me. Don't be afraid to jump in there.

    Feel free to PM me and ask me any "mom" type questions you might need answers too and I'll do my best to not get you in trouble. (on here or at home)

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    Hey welcome newbies!

    Don't worry Slytherin_soul; we won't give you too hard of a time about your username... And I guess that we can forgive Irridescent for her Slyth pride.

    Well, welcome to Gryffindor! Obviously you are all brave at heart (no matter what you might have thought before!), so don't be afraid to post in the tower and let your voice be heard! Gryffindor is fantastic--we're a crazy bunch who enjoy insanity, coffee, cheerleading, TWSing (yes, it's back and better than ever--it even makes sense this time! ) offering our not-so-humble opinions (we're rather loud-mouthed at times which has gotten us into trouble in the past, but we learn from it!) and generally kicking butt. *wink* Since you are all so shiny new I would suggest first going to post in our "Introduce Yourself!" thread! Great way to see and meet your fellow newbies and look up stuff on some of us old people over there.

    You should also check out our tower which is basically our discussion thread, where there's always something very very odd going on. I can't really explain it, like Ash (beauty and brains) said, we go from toasters to coffee machines and every other house hold appliance.

    Once you have vetured safely through the tower, the TWSers would like for you to get your butt over to the brand spanking new TWS to help us celebrate our grand re-opening! TWS stands for the three word story. All you have to do is copy/paste and add three words to join in on the general fun and insanity!

    After throughly exploring the Lion's Jungle, making sure to stop by the Gryff Snap Cup of Love where you can give your fellow Gryffs "snaps" Elle Woods' style, and our oh-so-ever revealing "Knowing You, Knowing Me" thread where you can spill the dirt on no one other than yourself, we can kick you out into the forums to help bring in some house points, build school unity and have fun--all while looking totally fabulous. *winks and flips back hair*

    Don't hesistate to PM any oldies, myself included I guess although I'm not that old yet. We're always happy to help, and like I said, we don't bite. Much... Just joking! Welcome to Gryffindor!

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    Hi, I'm Yellow_Rose and I've just been sorted into Gryffindor (I hope). The toaster sounds, really, really, really, really cool. Like just about everyone else I was suprised to be here, everyone tells me I'm a Ravenclaw, but I'm not upset, Gryffindor looks great. I'm thrilled to be here!

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    I love Grease! /random.

    Anywho! Welcome to Gryffindor RainbowSprite, Yellow_Rose, and FreddyMyLove! I'm sure that you can all now testify to the general craziness from just reading this thread, but we would love it if you could join us and see for yourself!

    I do wonder why everyone always thinks they're going to be in Ravenclaw though... It's just a thought, but it seems that everytime someone asks "Which House did you think you would be in?" EVERYONE says Ravenclaw! With a few exceptions but still...

    Welcome to Gryffindor! If you have any questions about our House or if you just need a friend to help you get going on the forums, feel free to PM me or pretty much anyone else for that matter and we'll be more than happy to help you out or just chat for a while! Good luck!

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    You don't have to do anything, Mavis. Nat (mrsgeorgeweasley), our Head of House will add you to the Gryffindor Usergroup soon and then you will be able to see the common room and all the other hidden forums. Just be patient. The modlies lead busy lives outside of MNFF and sometimes it takes a while to get added to the usergroup.

    Welcome to Gryffindor everyone! I hope you all will come to love the Common Room, the forums, and MNFF as much as all us other crazy Gryffies do. . Have fun and good luck!

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    'lo everyone.
    I new here at MNFF beta boards and recently got sorted into Gryffindor-Yay!!-
    so now...what am I to do?
    Will a moderator contact me?
    How can I visit the common room, etc?
    I'm confused....

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