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Thread: The Lions' Den

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    I was very much like Hadeer in the beginning of my term here, but eventually became less anti-social and more involved. I joined The Beta Guild, the SBBC (but I dropped out due to hard times in RL. I'll be rejoining. In fact, I should do that after I finish with my homework for class.), the BA, and became very active in Gryffindor Tower. I made many friends!


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    Aloha! (No, I'm not really from Hawaii. I just like saying that word. That's because I'm random. That's because I'm a Gryff. >.>)

    I'm Analisa (also known to some as Analisical ), and I joined the forums back in January. I found out who to get the quiz from, took it, and eagerly awaited the results. I was overjoyed when I found out I was in Gryffindor!

    Back in January, of course, there wasn't this new guide to the forums. So I was a little overwhelmed by all the options, forums, sub-forums, and members. And for the next two months, I explored every single forum and thread that I could open until I knew them all backwards and forwards. Only then did I start posting.

    I posted just in the tower at first--then in Gen. Fanfic Discussion and in the RoR, and suchlike. I got a PM from the wonderful Kumy/kumydabookworm (I can't even BEGIN to explain how amazing she is) welcoming me to Gryffindor House, which I really appreciated. She also sent me a PM about classes, which made me feel welcome.

    However, only a month or so ago did I become really active. I had been posting, but rather sad--because I saw how close-knit everybody was and I didn't know anybody. I was so afraid I'd never make any friends. But then Euphrates/Kate randomly PMed me, welcoming me to Gryffindor, complimenting me on my single story up on MNFF, and really just being friendly. (*huggles Kate for that*) Then she told me to come join the TWS (three word story). I was soon sucked into it's randomness and now I have all sorts of friends, because everybody's just really nice and sweet! *tacklehugs all Gryffs and especially all TWSers*

    Anyway...that was long...I just wanted to let everyone know how much fun Gryffindor is and how wonderful all the Toasters are! Don't be afraid to get involved, everyone will welcome you with open arms.

    *scurries off*

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    Hi! *waves madly*

    I'm Hallie and I, like Analisical, joined MNFF and the forums back in January. I was hoping I woud be in Ravenclaw or Gryffindor when I PM'ed songbook99 for the sorting quiz and I was THRILLED when I was sorted into Gryffindor. However, I was a lurky Gryff at first and I participated in the forums very little. I was slightly intimidated because it seemed that everyone knew everyone else really well and I felt like the odd one out. I relegated myself to the Room of Requirement and the General Fanfiction Discussion Forums and almost never checked the Common Room thread. Then, I got into bannermaking and I learned that there was a lot more to the forums than just a couple of interesting threads and also Kumydabookworm/Kumy PM'ed me welcoming me to the forums (Kumy is teh awesomeness! She is the epitomy of what it means to be a Gryffindor). I decided that the other Gryffies couldn't be too scary, I finally went to visit the Common Room.

    I loved it immediately. It took me a while, but I finally started posting more and getting to know my fellow Toasters better. As I got more and more into the forums, I started making friends and suddenly, the forums where my favorite place to be on the internet. I was here constantly (and still am).

    Then I discovered the Three Word Story (TWS). I had avoided that thread for a long time because I felt odd just jumping in. Eventually, I decided that I was being stupid and I posted. I'm sooo glad I did. Now I know most of the people who post there pretty well and I know that there is always someone there to have a conversation and be random with. The forums and especially the Gryffies are WONDERFUL and I feel so lucky to have discovered all of this. *hugs all Gryffies* I'll be here as long as there is a forum to post in.

    Sorry that was all so long, but I just love all of this so much and I love my fellow Toasters. I just wanted to share that with you all.


    PS. My PM box is always open for questions and just any random PM people want to send. I like meeting new people.


    Here's some lingo we use in the Tower and around the forums that you might need to know :

    TQ - Topic Question (this is pretty universal around the forums)
    OMGodric - Oh My Godric
    TWS - The Three Word Story, one of the threads (or currently, 22 of the threads) in the By The Fireside subforum that is basically a legal way for us to be random. hehe
    Toaster - Our "other" mascot (see earlier posts for the full story behind this)
    Kumy - Kumydabookworm, The resident Gryffindor Cheerleader, class prompter, and all around awesome person.
    Moddlies - Refers to the moderators of the site.
    RoR - Room of Requirement, one of the forums
    MoM - Ministry of Magic, another forum (where you are right now!)
    ...That's really all I can think of at the moment. If any other Gryffies want to add to this, feel free!

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    *smiles at Kumy's post above* Our cheerleader strikes again

    Hello newbies, and welcome to Gryffindor. I'm Ayse, and I've been active since August 2006. What can be said after Kumy's post above I don't know, but I just wanted to let you all know that you can ALWAYS PM me about anything about the forums and our house. I'm around the forums pretty often so I'll hopefully return to you quickly.

    One thing I can suggest you is this: if you're planning to be active on the forums, I strongly suggest you to be open to criticism. Do not fear; NO ONE will be rude or make snide remarks about your writing/picture/banner/etc. That is taken care of by our mods. BUT, creating a Hospital Wing thread to get help, posting your drabbles in the Three Broomsticks, displaying your drawings in Dean's Corner, or anything else in this sense, means that you're opening your work to criticism. Whether you use the critique or not is completely up to you, but please know that the forums are the best place to help people promote their work. If you personally participate in giving out constructive criticism it's all the better

    For a little bit of advice; I'd suggest you to drop by the Three Broomsticks for a little warming up to the writing we do around here. You can drop by people's threads and have an idea as to how they write. The first thing I had done on the forums was to enter a Weekly drabble challenge (Oh dear, Kumy had welcomed me so warmly that I was stunned - "OMG YAY FOR NEW GRYFFIE WHO ENTERED DRABBLE CHALLENGE!!!"). It's a rather nice place to "stretch your fingers", and you can get comments on your writing from other people, too.

    Lastly, I'll promote my favourite corner around the forums; Dean's Corner. If you're an artist, or want to be an artist, or wish you were an artist, or have some sort of handicraft about Harry Potter world you'd like to share, you must drop by Dean's Corner. With the newly added sub-forums, it's the best-est Fan Art Corner in the fandom. Yep, I really think that. Besides, Dean's Corner's mommy (mod) is none other than Ravensgryff/Andrea, our lovely House Prefect. CONTACT ME IF YOU'RE AN ARTIST! I'll be sure to drop by your thread and leave some earnest critique to the best of my ability.

    That's all from me for now, and welcome again!

    ~ Ayse
    The Run of the Mill

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    Sheesh, I have no idea what to write now that Ayse AND Kumy have written in here. Thanks a lot, guys, you ruined my post. I am just joking. I love those two very much; it goes to show how close members of the houses get. These two I have known about since I first came here, in August of last year. I only started talking to Ayse a few months ago, and Kumy is always so kind to drop me a line, and tell me when homeworks are due, etc., etc.

    To tell you the truth, I am very fortunate to have made it into this house. I seriously did not think that I would make it into this house; I thought songbook99 was going to PM me and tell me that I did not make it into any houses, and that is the honest truth. Now that I have been here for a while, I have discovered how crazy moments can be, but don't be alarmed; someone will always be there to help you back on you feet, and give you advice.

    Not only that, but they will help you with whatever you may need. If I don't understand something in a class, I know, from the many times she has told me, that Kumy will always be there to help me. Even though she is busy working on eight classes of work.

    But, enough of work; let's talk about the fun side of being in Gryffindor House! I don't know how active other houses are, but in the Gryffindor Tower; be ready to laugh! I guarantee that you will have a good laugh before you exit the "Tower" Thread! There are so many giggley/crazy/random people in our house, and when they get together, they have a blast! And other members have a blast laughing at them, and with them.

    Now, away with the party scene. On to the other threads, outside the House. So, after Kumy's awesome post, there is not much else I can add. However, like Ayse said, be prepared to have your work critiqued if you post it in the Hospital Wing threads, Dean's Corner Thread, or the Three Broomsticks thread. There are so many helpful, kindhearted people zooming around in those threads. Their only intention is to help you with whatever you need; not attack your work. I remember the first time I posted in the Excerpts of Murtlap thread, I got mad because someone completely tore apart something I had written. I got so mad, I ignored their post. I saved the changes, just in case I calmed down later. But now that I look back, I see that what they put was indeed very useful, and I edited my story with the person's corrections. Don't be afraid to post in these threads. If you want help with something, you had better believe that you will get help with it. I have not seen a single thread in my whole time of being here ignored.

    Lastly, don't be afraid to PM someone if you have a quesiton about getting around! I am sure the person you PM will not tell you off if you ask where something is. My PM box is empty, if you ever want to learn more about my experiences on here, or if you just want to become friends. I look forward to hearing from you!


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    *pokes head out of cave*

    Well, I may as well speak up . . . I still feel relatively new here and am still trying to feel my way around . . . ugh! Is anyone else out there as petrified as I am for being here?

    Sorting . . . I really had no clue where I would end up - I could see bits & pieces of myself in each house (yes, even Slytherin . . . must be from my father), so when the results came back for Gryffindor, it was okay. I will admit, I lurked around quite a bit before taking the plunge and joining . . . but lurking is one thing I'm good at. (What else am I good at? Um . . . not sure.)

    Miss Kumy Cheerleader here gave a rousing welcome - I think I still have that PM somewhere - which did help, but there's a big part of me that is just plain petrified. You'll usually find me in my little cave, cautiously watching everyone else, but not really having the courage to participate.

    Otherwise, I've been writing for a number of years (I just realized that number is in double digits, ugh!) - well before I knew fanfiction even existed. However, it's only been within the last couple of months that I've allowed my writing to be posted for others to read - it still frightens me that I have a one-shot on MNFF that people can read!

    So, that's me . . . *slinks back to hide in cave*

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    H'allo new Gryffies.

    My name is Erica and I have been here for at least a year and ten months. And yeah, I am one of the few "old Gryffs" still hanging around here. I kind of expected to be in Gryffindor if not Ravenclaw because I have a tendency to be both brave and smart.

    I am probably going to tell you about a thread that I am really well aquainted with and its called the Three Word Story. Back in the day, several Gryffindor girls (namely Euprhates, HPluver365, Disappearance_26, and Hansolophrk) got together to start a thread called the Three Word Story, where contributors post three words to a story and then the next person would post another three words. I joined several pages later and have regularly contributed to it. It is more than just a silly game. The posters like to add in a little bit about their day or their lives or just about themselves. I have learned more about my friends here that I have on anyother place on MNFF.

    *Makes sure Kumy isn't around*. By the way, this is just a warning for all new Gryffs. Kumy has a tendency to get a little psycho around the deadline for challenge entries. So don't be suprised to find a frantic PM in your box one day from Kumy telling all Gryffs that they should submitt something.


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    Random Gryffs randomly posting? That really dails my boat! (Btw, WELCOME MARAUDERSWOLF!!! *tacklehugs*

    Okay then, here I go!

    Reasons why I am a Gryff (and didn't expect to get Sorted anywhere else, but Slytherin... maybe):

    1.- I'm reckless. I really have no idea of when to shut up or take a seat, I always do what my heart tell me to- which isn't always something good.

    2.- I'm outgoing, cheerful and loud! The twins ot the Marauders anyone? I love good jokes and a nice fit of laughter!

    3.- I'm a Ron-like lazy person... oh well, that's what I get *shrugs*

    Now, reasons why I love my house:

    1.- Kumy, CJ, Kate, Analisical, Jamie, Ash, Farwa... well, all my beloved TWSers and all the other awesome Gryffs! *tacklehugs*

    2.- Our randomness! Trust me, it's tons of fun

    3.- Our House Spirit! Godric, we are really spirited and united!

    ... I could go on for ages, but I might bore you lot to death.

    *squishes her Toasters some more*

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    Hey Newbies!

    I'm a Gryff, too, and have only been here for about 2 months!

    You come to know everybody really quickly! I was very surprised at how many people I already knew the first week! Wow! If it's your first day or week, NEVER hesitate to ask me or any of the other Gryffs about how things work in the Lion's den or anywhere around the forums.

    If you really want to get to know people, the best way in my opinion is to participate in groups like the Review Crew, challenges, and even classes!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Erica
    Back in the day, several Gryffindor girls (namely Euprhates, HPluver365, Disappearance_26, and Hansolophrk) got together to start a thread called the Three Word Story,
    Um, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it was some other new Gryff who had started the TWS madness -- Nintendude? *goes to check* I remember because I had found a PM in my inbox around that time from him named "Meraba" (Hello in Turkish) and was like Then that Gryff just disappeared after making a few posts in the TWS, but the legend he left behind... *shakes head and sighes*

    Just in case one day he pokes his head and thinks "Those Gryffindor girls stole my glory!!!"

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